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By public transport and on foot in Phuket

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By public transport and on foot in PhuketWe have long thought to write this article or not?! It is useful to someone or not?!

On reflection, I decided to write a small post about how you can own, on public transport and on foot to get around the island of Phuket. This post is based on personal experience, all the routes that are described in the article, we walked and rode public transport.

Why are we writing this? Preparing for an independent trip to Phuket, we naturally learned a lot of information: "What to see, where to go". After what amounted to a list of places, beaches and attractions they planned to visit Phuket.

Also, on the Internet, spread the warning around Phuket is not necessary to walk, first, it is dangerous, and the second one in Thailand did not go on foot, all moving either by taxi, or by rented bikes. Strange, we thought, it is necessary to check this information on personal experience! After all, not everyone has the opportunity to hire a bike, someone just doesn't know how to drive, someone is afraid of renting in a foreign country and intense, often chaotic, traffic on the roads of Thailand, and someone simply does not like this form of transport. As for the taxi/tuk-tuk then no problems with it, but for many, the bite.


Preparing for a walk around Phuket

Hiking in Phuket can really be somewhat dangerous, but not in all cases. It is not necessary to wander in the jungle walking in the dark or go with the traffic and tourist routes and enter the narrow streets of the local residents on such streets meet dogs that are aggressive to treat outsiders.

But if you go in the daytime, on carriageways roads or paved trails/roads, to the sights and beaches, it is not dangerous.

Besides, walking on foot on Phuket, we were surprised by seeing a considerable number of people walking, running, some riding bicycles. Basically, it is European tourists.

Speaking of the bike. Yes, in Phuket you can move around and such, but many attractions of the island are the hills, the road that goes up the hill, and in the hot sun to pedal, occupation, suitable not for everyone.

If you are going to Hiking, you are advised to wear closed clothes, the exposed areas of the body smear sunscreen and don't forget the headpiece. The hot Thai sun, mercilessly to light skin. It is better to go in the morning or in the evening.

We would not advise to go for long walking in the first few days after arrival on the island, skin burns easily. It is better to wait and get used to the local climate and the sun to give the skin to adapt and to tan, then to travel around the island will not cause discomfort. In the first days of arrival, like walking, we endured with difficulty, and after three weeks of travel, easily walked through the midday heat. (Personal experience, is not suitable for all)

It is necessary to have fresh plain water, sun cream, money and phone, which will be downloaded maps (Navigator). Swimsuit, or put on, and to bring a change of clothes, if necessary, if you plan to visit beaches.

On foot and by public transport on Phuket

Public transport in Phuket

Public transport in Phuket is developed quite well. To get from beach to beach and to many sites you can use the local buses - songteo. Buses to the beaches blue travel, on average, costs 40 baht. Such a small bus without doors and Windows with benches in the cabin.

Phuket Buses, Songteo

Direct routes from the beach to the beach a little, mostly you have to go with a stopover in Phuket Town. Buses from Phuket Town start at the streets of Ranong.

As such the stops of the buses no. To get on the bus, you need to stand by the road on the way trace the bus, seeing your route, wave and the driver will pick you up. To get off the bus you have to press a button in the bus, most of such are located on the ceiling.

Tourist bus to Phuket, which connects the main beaches of Phuket Town

Phuket Town - Patong beach. The fare is 30 baht. Passes Central Festival Phuket, where you can change, following on from Patong beaches, Karon and Kata, and Chalong temple.

Phuket Town to Karon beach, Kata beach. The fare is 40 baht. Passes the ring Chalong, where you can make a change, if you go to Kata and Karon beaches Rawai and Nai Harn. Also, this bus goes past Wat Chalong and Central festival shopping centre Phuket. On the ring at the shopping center you can change if you follow from the beaches of Kata and Karon on the Patong beach. Before reaching the Kata beach, you can walk through on the highway or through the Kata Noi beach to the viewpoint Karon View Point. With Karon and Kata you can walk to big Buddha.

Phuket Town - Rawai beach - Nai Harn beach. The fare is 30 - 40 baht. Passes the ring Chalong, where you can make a change, if you drive from the Rawai and Nai Harn to Kata and Karon beaches, as well as in the temple of Wat Chalong and Central festival shopping centre Phuket. On the bus to Rawai beach, and then walk on the famous Promthep Cape with the same viewing platform (View Point) and beach Yanui. Or, drive to Nai Harn beach and walk to visit the scenic beach Yanui.

Phuket Town Rawai beach Surin beach Kamala. The fare is 40 baht. With the beach on the beach you can walk there. And in between Surin beach and Kamala, a small and lively beach of Laem singh.

The buses run until 16:30 - 18:00 PM.

Our Hiking trails

Big Buddha beaches of Kata and Karon

From Kata and Karon beaches, go out on the carriageway of a wide road Patak Rd, passing above the line of the beach. Follow this road, Kata beach towards Karon beach and Karon beach towards Kata, the path will be to move the streets up the hill, landmarks pointers "BIG BUDDHA". To these cuffs can also be reached by public bus "Phuket Town - Karon - Kata". Path to the Big Buddha from Karon beach is approximately 8 kilometers from Karon beach a little less - somewhere in the 6.5.

Walking distance to Big Buddha, BIG BUDDHA signposts

Further, the signs will need to go "through the jungle". On the map the road is cut off, but in practice you can walk. The road is unpaved but wide and quite comfortable for walking. Along the way there are houses and renting accommodation to tourists.

Walking to Big Buddha

On the way to Big Buddha

Walking distance to Big Buddha with Kata and Karon beaches

Moving along this road, go to the elephant farm Elephant Station. A small farm offering elephant trekking, photo + feed elephants, and also to drive through the jungle on ATVs.

Elephant Station Elephant Farm Walking to Big Buddha

Further, in the asphalt, the dirt road to the serpentine, with some of the points which will open up stunning views of Karon beach and the surrounding area

Road to Big Buddha

Karon Beach, views on the way to Big Buddha

we come to the end - The Big Buddha Phuket

Big Buddha Phuket, The Big Buddha Phuket

Viewpoint Karon View Point

To reach the observation deck Karon view point is possible from the beaches of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. Kata beach can be reached by bus.

From Kata beach on the road track Kata-Say Yuan Rd about 2.5 miles. Along the way encountering cafes and hotels, as well as admiring the views of the Andaman sea from the height of bird flight.

Walk to Karon View Point

Road to Karon View Point

On the way to the observation deck Karon View Point, view of Kata Noi

Next, we pass the elephant farm Khok Chang Kata Safari. Farm will be on the left side of the road. At the farm you can ride an elephant through the jungle

Khok Chang Kata Safari Elephant Farm, en route to Karon Viv Point

and, after 850 metres, be on the lookout Karon View Point, which offers spectacular views of three beaches - Karon, Kata and Kata Noi.

Karon, Kata and Kata Noi beaches, view from the observation deck Karon Viv Point

You can also walk to the viewpoint of Kata Noi beach, it's even faster. With Kata beach is 900 metres from Kata Noi beach.

Further, from Kata Noi beach, follow the street which goes from the main road near the beach. The road on the map ends, but the walk was very real. Here is the entrance to this road with the carriageway of the street by the beach.

The road from Kata Noi beach to Karon View Point

Follow this road up the hill, first along a concrete road, then the road becomes dirt. Without turning, for 10 minutes, you can get out on the road wide road Kata-Sai Yuan Rd, then turning right, to be almost elephant farm - Khok Chang Kata Safari. And then, as in the first embodiment, in 850 metres and there we are.

Road from Kata Noi Beach to the Karon View Point

The Cape Promthep (Promthep Cape) and observation deck

To yourself to visit these two amazing and located close to each other attractions, the easiest way to get, get on the bus "Phuket town - Rawai - Nai Harn beach" to the South of Rawai beach, the landmark hotel Rawai Palm Beach Resort, and then to proceed on foot.

Hotel Rawai Palm Beach Resort, walking to Promtep Cape

Walk along the dirt road about 2 miles.

Road to Cape Promtep

Promthep Cape lookout

Promtep Cape on Phuket

Observation deck near Promtep Cape on the island of Phuket

Beach Yanuy

You can walk from Rawai beach and Cape Phomthep. Distance from Cape to Yanui beach is 900 metres away.

The road from Promthep Cape to the beach Yanuy one of the most beautiful in Phuket. Approaching the beach, the eyes appear beautiful.

Road to Yanui Beach

Walk to Yanui Beach

Yanui Beach in Phuket

Behind the beach Yanuy is an observation deck of the windmill - Windmill view point where you can see the beach Yanui, part of Nai Harn and the surrounding area.

Observation deck windmill - Windmill viewpoint

Yanui Beach view, Windmill viewpoint

Also, further, you can walk to Nai Harn beach. The distance of 2.5 kilometer. Near Nai Harn you will need to make a small detour around part of the lake.

The beaches of Karon, Kata and Kata Noi

The beaches of Karon and Kata there is a bus "Phuket Town - Karon - Kata".

From Kata to Kata Noi beach all the way nothing is 900 metres away. The path runs along the side of the road. This road is very popular among hikers, many living on the beaches of Kata and Karon to go to the beach at Kata Noi beach.

Walking distance from Kata Beach to Kata Noi Beach

From Karon to Kata beach about 2 kilometers. The path passes through the Dino Park Mini Golf. Convenient road, past cafes, shops and hotels.

Walking from Karon Beach to Kata Beach

The pros of Hiking trails around Phuket

- to stay in interesting places, noticing and discovering something new and unusual. It can be small areas from which to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beaches and surrounding area. Or, on the way to admire the flora and fauna of those mysterious places. And then, sit down in one of the cafes and enjoy a refreshing cocktail or shake, enjoying nature and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of Phuket's beach life;

- and most importantly, Hiking, health, and bring peace and harmony.

Phuket Island, Thailand

Active holidays in Phuket, Thailand

In between Hiking in Phuket

Cons of Hiking trails around Phuket

Of the minuses, we see only one for someone is a minus, for someone not to go several kilometers in the heat, sometimes under direct sunlight.

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