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From Prague airport to the city center (from the center to the airport) can be reached by buses, express buses, car, taxi, transfer with a city tour.


For families with children, Prague provides a lot of interesting places, entertainment and museums that are suitable for a family stay in the Czech capital.


Bridges cross the Vltava, boats cruise along the river, festivals and markets take place on the embankments, sights are located along the river, and gorgeous views of the Vltava open from the lookouts of Prague.


The National Gallery Prague is an art gallery in Prague, which has the largest collection of works of art in the Czech Republic and is located in several historical buildings.


The Wallenstein Garden and Palace is a beautiful Baroque palace and park complex in Prague, which is a place of parliament, tourism and recreation.

The halls of the palace and the garden can be visited.


The Prague Loreta is a complex of historical buildings in Prague, which is a place of pilgrimage and a museum that can be visited.


The article presents a list of the main and most striking sights and museums of Prague, which are worth visiting first of all or if there is little time for the city.


The abundance of observation decks and observation points in Prague give stunning panoramic views of the city from a bird's eye view.

In Prague there are paid and free viewing platforms, as well as cafes, restaurants and hotels.


Rudolfinum is the most prestigious Czech concert hall located in Prague.

The Rudolfinum hosts concerts and exhibitions, there is also a gallery, a panoramic terrace and a cafe.


The Church of St. Lawrence is a Baroque cathedral in Prague, to which the Way of the Cross leads with chapels on Golgotha and the Holy Sepulchre.