Sestri Levante is a city (municipality) located in the Liguria region, in the Eastern part of the Italian Riviera (Riviera di Levante).

Currently Sestri is one of the most charming and popular resorts of the Italian Riviera, visited annually by hundreds of tourists.


Direct ground transportation from Sestri Levante to Portofino no. You can get a transfer to Santa Margherita Ligure, located approximately 5 kilometers from Portofino.

To get to Santa Margherita Ligure from Sestri Levante you can...


There is no airport in Sestri Levante itself. Nearby airports are located in major cities, such as Genoa, Milan (including Bergamo), Turin, Pisa, Parma, Bologna, etc.


The bulk of the attractions of Sestri Levante is concentrated in the historical city centre, in the place where there is tourist life of the resort.

In the so-called new part of Sestri sights not so much, but they are spiritual, architectural, or historical value.


Park Mariele Ventre - public gardens, located in the "new part" of the city of Sestri Levante, close to the beach and the promenade of the Bay of fairy Tales.

In the gardens: walking paths, places for recreation, children's Playground, stage, flower beds, fountain and sculpture.


Seaside of Sestri Levante, situated between the Ligurian sea of the Italian Riviera and ridge is characterized by two bays separated by an isthmus linking a rocky promontory with the mainland.

It is in these two bays, the beaches of Sestri Levante.


The historic centre of Sestri Levante is characterised by two quays, an intertwining of a few narrow streets, along which historical buildings are located close to each other, on the first floors of which there are shops and souvenir shops, as well as an abundance of cafes and restaurants with open-air tables.


Gualino Villa - historical building, located on the top of the promontory of Sestri Levante.

The Villa is also known as the castle of Gualino (Castelli Gualino).

In 1950, the Villa was converted into a hotel, which is at the present time.


Fairy Tales Bay is one of two bays located in the small resort town of Sestri Levante.

The coast of the gulf is characterized by the presence of a small port, sandy and pebble beaches, along which lies a long quay.


Sestri Levante Harbor - small port (marina), located in the southeastern part of the Bay of Fairytales, near the rocky coast of the Peninsula of Sestri Levante.

Harbour side offers spectacular views of the Bay of fairy Tales.