Museums of Kaliningrad (full list with photos, addresses, descriptions)

Kaliningrad is not only a beautiful, historically rich city, but also a place where one of the cultural destinations and a separate group of attractions are museums that strive to preserve, as well as tell their guests about the history and heterogeneous culture of the region.

Museum of the World Ocean

One of the best and the largest museum of the city of Kaliningrad, which is a comprehensive marine museum.

The Museum of the World Ocean consists of separate objects, which present expositions dedicated to shipping, the history of shipbuilding, naval and fishing fleets, marine flora and fauna, ethnography, geology and hydrology of the world ocean, as well as cosmonautics.

The main part of the Kaliningrad objects of the museum is grouped on the embankment of the Historical Fleet, which are part of the Peter the Great Embankment.

The following museum objects are located on the embankment of the Historical Fleet:

- floating lighthouse "Irbensky";

- fishing vessel "SRT-129" (medium fishing trawler);

- research vessel "Vityaz";

-research vessel "Cosmonaut Viktor Patsaev";

-submarine B-413 of project 641;

- anti-submarine seaplane (amphibious aircraft) BE-12;

- exposure "Depth";

- aquarium "Ocean World. Touch...";

- exhibition buildings: "Marine Konigsberg-Kaliningrad" and "Warehouse";

- exhibition pavilion of the naval center "Cube of Water". More about the Museum of the World Ocean...

Historical and Cultural Center "Ship Sunday" (Friedrichsburg Fortress)

The historical and cultural center "Ship Sunday" is located in the Friedrichsburg Gate (formerly the fortress), on the opposite (southern) side of the Pregolya River from the embankment of the Historical Fleet, at 39 Portovaya Street, Kaliningrad.

The museum is a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean and includes two complexes: the Friedrichsburg Gate and the Lodeyny Yard, located on the adjacent territory.

The Friedrichsburg Gate complex consists of several halls, the exhibits of which tell about the history of ship building. Part of the museum's collection is dedicated to the role of Peter the Great in the formation of the Russian Navy.

The basis of the Lodeyny Dvor complex consists of operating samples of traditional means of transportation on water collected in various regions of Russia. More about the museum at the Friedrichsburg Gate...

Historical and Cultural Center "Great Embassy" (Royal Gate)

The historical and Cultural center "The Great Embassy" is located in the Royal Gate, at the intersection of Frunze Street/Yuri Gagarin and the Lithuanian Shaft, at 112 Frunze Street, Kaliningrad.

The museum is a branch of the Museum of the World Ocean. It consists of three halls, in which there are expositions dedicated to the emergence and development of Konigsberg, visits to Konigsberg by outstanding people, the history of diplomatic Konigsberg-Kaliningrad.

Also in the museum is the famous Prussian cat, they say, fulfilling wishes. More about the museum at the Royal Gate...

Kant Museum (Kaliningrad Cathedral)

The Kant Museum is located in the Kaliningrad Cathedral, on the island of Kanat, at the address: Kant Street, 1, Kaliningrad.

The museum has several halls located on three floors of the Cathedral.

The museum's collection includes various exhibits related to the history of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad, as well as the life and scientific activities of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant.

In addition to the Kant Museum in the walls of the Cathedral, you can visit:

- the organ hall, where the famous organ is located, is a unique organ complex of its kind, consisting of two organs - a large and a small choir;

- the former altar space of the cathedral, where three epitaphs are now located;

- chapels: the small chapel of the Holy Great Martyr Healer Pantelimon and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Learn more about the Cathedral and its attractions...

Sculpture Park (Kant Island)

Sculpture Park is a kind of open-air museum located near the Cathedral, on the island of Kanta. Admission is free.

The Sculpture Park is a green walking area, on the territory of which various symbolic sculptures are placed.

The sculptures are made of different materials: bronze, marble, metal and granite. The authors of the sculptures are famous masters of fine art of the second half of the 20th century.

Currently, the park presents more than 20 works united by the theme "Man and the World".

Another attraction of the Sculpture Park on the island of Kante, in addition to the sculptures themselves, is the arboretum, reflecting the richness of the flora of the region. Here are plants from Europe, North and South America, Japan, China, etc. Learn more about Kanta Island...

Glass Museum (Fish Village)

The Museum of Glass in Kaliningrad is a small room located on the territory of the Fishing Village in the Mayak Observation Tower, at the address: Oktyabrskaya Street, 2a, Kaliningrad.

There are few exhibits in the museum, they are glass products. It is more a point of sale where you can buy souvenirs or jewelry made of glass, which is brought from the Czech Republic or from Mexico. More about the Fishing Village and the observation tower...

Postcard Museum (High Bridge Caretaker's House)

The High Bridge Caretaker's house was built in 1899 on the riverbank near the High Bridge.

The building is made of red brick in the Neo-Gothic style. In the house there were lifting mechanisms for the divorce of a High bridge.

The High Bridge Caretaker's house is also known as "Baron Munchausen's house". Several legends are connected with the history of the house about Munchausen, who was a real historical figure and the prototype of a literary hero who traveled from Bodenwerder (a city in Germany) to St. Petersburg, where he went to serve in the Russian army, and, among other things, visited Konigsberg.

Today, the museum of postcards is located on the walls of the former house of the bridge caretaker. You can also drink coffee and buy marzipan. Admission is free. Opening hours are from 10:00 to 21:00.

The address of the caretaker's house: 4 Bagration Street. More about the caretaker's house, the museum and the legends of Munchausen...

Remains of Konigsberg Castle

The remains of the Konigsberg Castle are archaeological excavations in the open air, located in the center of Kaliningrad, on the square near the "House of Soviets", landmark - Leninsky Avenue / Moskovsky Prospekt.

Currently, only a small part of the ruins - fragments of the castle's dungeons - remains on the site of the once majestic and, without a doubt, beautiful Royal Castle. Passage is free (free of charge). Learn more about Konigsberg Castle...

Museum of Fine Arts (Konigsberg Stock Exchange)

The Museum of Fine Arts in Kaliningrad is one of the youngest museums in Russia and the only universal museum of national and foreign fine arts in the region.

The museum is located in the former Konigsberg Stock Exchange on the banks of the Pregolya River near the Trestle Bridge and Kant Island, at the address: Leninsky Prospekt, 83, Kaliningrad.

One of the halls of the museum is dedicated to the history of the stock exchange. Other halls are also open in the museum, some of which are reserved for permanent exhibitions from the museum's funds, while the other is intended for temporary (mobile) exhibitions of various kinds. More about the Museum of Fine Arts and the Konigsberg Stock Exchange...

Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art

The collection of the Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art is the largest museum collection in the region.

The museum houses natural science, archaeological, historical and art collections, totaling about 140 thousand items, giving an idea of the history and natural resources of the region, telling about the course of military operations of this territory during the Great Patriotic War and the formation of the Kaliningrad region.

The museum also hosts exhibitions of various subjects, including major international projects.

The museum is located in the restored Stadthalle building, an architectural monument of the early 20th century, at the address: 21 Klinicheskaya Street, Kaliningrad.

Bunker Museum (Lyash's Dugout)

The museum is part of the regional Historical and Art Museum, located in a former German reinforced concrete bomb shelter, built in early 1945, at the address: Universitetskaya Street, 2a, Kaliningrad.

The Bunker Museum, also known as Lyash's dugout, consists of two monolithic blocks - a former shelter with 21 rooms.

In March 1945, the headquarters of the Nazi troops under the command of General Otto Lyash moved to this bunker. Since that time, the underground bomb shelter has been called the command post of General Lyash.

The museum in the bunker was opened in 1968. The main part of the exhibition is devoted to the storming of the fortress city of Konigsberg by Soviet troops from April 6 to April 9, 1945.

Amber Museum (Don Tower)

The Amber Museum is located in a historical fortification built in the Neo-Gothic style in 1853, named after the Prussian Field Marshal Friedrich Karl Don and located on the southeastern shore of Lake Superior, at Marshal Vasilevsky Square, 1, Kaliningrad.

Currently , the Amber Museum consists of:

- four halls, in two of which there are permanent, and in the other two - temporary (rotating) expositions. Also, one of the halls is located in the underground floor of the Don Tower;

- the inner courtyard;

- several retail outlets with amber products, a cash register, a wardrobe, toilet rooms and office premises. More about the Amber Museum and the Don Tower...

Marzipan Museum

The Marzipan Museum is dedicated to confectionery traditionally made in Konigsberg: its history, geography, ingredients and existence in culture.

A museum, a marzipan trading shop and an art workshop for the production of souvenirs and original compositions from marzipan mass make up a single whole.

The museum is located at the address: Azovskaya Street, 4, Yunost Park, Kaliningrad.

Marzipan Museum at the Brandenburg Gate

In the Brandenburg Gate, which was once erected as part of the fortifications of the city and is now a landmark of Kaliningrad, there is a retail outlet with a small exhibition dedicated to the history and marzipan in general.

In the museum you can learn the history of the Konigsberg marzipan, see marzipan products, for example, the Konigsberg Cathedral and Fighting bison, as well as old original packaging, once used for marzipan sweets, molds and other items for the production of marzipan.

Address: Bagration Street, 137, Kaliningrad, near the Southern railway station. Learn more about the Brandenburg Gate...

Friedland Gate Museum

The museum is located in one of the seven preserved city gates of Kaliningrad - the Friedland Gate, located near the Yuzhny Park, at the address: Dzerzhinsky Street, 30, Kaliningrad.

The museum complex "Friedland Gate" includes: 6 halls, two halls and an inner courtyard.

In addition, in addition to the usual concept of "Museum" - the study of expositions, this museum has the opportunity to take a virtual walk through the recreated streets of Konigsberg, touch and "try out" some exhibits, take vivid photos with personal participation, learn the history of Konigsberg-Kaliningrad, as well as see a film created with the help of old photographs of Konigsberg and try on stylized medieval costumes. More about the museum "Friedland Gate"...

Museum of East Prussia

The museum consists of several halls, which house exhibits - household items and other things that surrounded the inhabitants of this area in the past (ceramics, dishes, figurines, toys, old signs, etc.) and tell about the history of Konigsberg (now the city of Kaliningrad).

The museum exhibits are authentic. They were found by the founder and director of the museum during excavations conducted mainly on the territory of the Kaliningrad region.

The Museum of East Prussia is located near the museum "Friedland Gate", in the reduit of the bastion "Pregel", at the address: Dzerzhinsky Street, 31, Kaliningrad. More about the Museum of East Prussia and the Pregel Bastion...

Altes House Apartment Museum (Altes Haus)

The Altes House Apartment Museum is a museum showing the furnishings of East Prussian apartments.

The recreated authentic interior of the apartment makes it possible to fully feel the spirit of the old Konigsberg and see with your own eyes how the life of the citizens of the 19th - early 20th centuries flowed.

Most of the museum's exhibits are authentic items of that era, found in old attics, bought at flea markets and European auctions. Some items were recreated from old photographs, while others were collected from several old things that are no longer usable (for example, a fireplace).

The museum apartment is located at 11 Krasnaya Street, Kaliningrad, in the former prestigious suburban quarter (district) Konigsberg - Amalienau. More about the Altes House Apartment Museum...

Whaler's House (museum of a Soviet-era communal apartment)

The Whaler's House is a museum showing the situation of communal apartments in Kaliningrad during the Soviet period of 1960-1980.

The museum recreates the interior of a Soviet-era apartment with characteristic things: a pioneer tie and port wine "777", "string bag", a tape recorder "Comet", cigarettes "Rodopi", sour cream in a can and others. This museum repeats the theme of the Altes House Museum, but only if the museum apartment tells the story of pre-war Konigsberg life, then the "Whaler's House" shows the life of the post-war period.

Why the Whaler's house? In post-war Kaliningrad, a city of sailors and fishermen, the profession of a Whaler was considered the most heroic and mysterious. At least that's what the locals say.

The "walk" through the museum takes place in the form of an excursion with an interactive audio performance. According to the plot, the whaler has a wife and two children: a boy, a primary school student, and a girl, a first-year student. The history of each tenant reveals details about the daily life of Kaliningrad residents in the 60-80s of the last century. Through the belongings of the head of the family, a whaler, the history of marine whaling is shown. His wife is a literature teacher, a fashionista, her story is a story about fashion and scarce things of that time. The boy will tell about the so-called ruins, where his peers liked to engage in treasure hunting in the post-war years. And the boy's sister, a Komsomol member, dedicates the guests of the museum to what kind of life the youth of the 60-80s led. Also, a neighbor, a farcist, recently moved into the apartment with his professional accessories.

The museum "House of the Whaler" is located in the courtyard of the Kaliningrad Regional Scientific Library, at the address: Prospekt Mira, 9-11 (entrance from the Power Engineers Square).

Museum website: domkitoboya.

Kaliningrad Railway History Museum

On the small territory of the museum there are exhibits dedicated to the railway, ranging from ancient steam locomotives to passenger cars.

Museum address: near the building of the Southern railway station, entrance by stairs near the administration of the Kaliningrad railway (Kievskaya Street, 1).More about the Kaliningrad Railway Museum...

Mailbox Museum

The Mailbox Museum, also known as the Mailbox Monument, is a museum that is a wall of a building decorated with mailboxes.

Despite the seemingly rather modest and unusual museum, the mailbox wall is one of the sights of Kaliningrad and arouses interest among the guests of the city.

The museum's collection contains more than 70 mailboxes of various production times, shapes, colors and sizes, including mailboxes from other countries, placed in the open air on the side facade of the building located at the address: Rokossovsky Street, 16/18. Access is free at any time of the day. Learn more about the Mailbox Museum…

Art space "Gates" (Zakheim Gate)

The art space "Gates" is located in the historical monument - the Zakheim Gate, located at the address: Litovsky Val Street, 61, Kaliningrad (intersection with Moskovsky Prospekt).

The art space is not a museum in the usual sense, it is a cultural center where exhibitions and various events take place from time to time. Learn more about the Zackheim Gate...

Einstein Museum of Entertaining Sciences

The Einstein Museum of Entertaining Sciences is a space where more than 50 interactive exhibits are presented, with which you can interact (touch), thereby learning about the World. The museum, for the most part, is suitable for children.

The museum also has a full-dome planetarium with scientific and educational films.

Birthdays and holidays are held in the museum.

Museum address: 18 Uralskaya Street, 1st floor, Mega Children shopping center, Kaliningrad.

Railway gates

The railway gate is one of the seven surviving city gates of Konigsberg, now an object of cultural heritage of regional significance.

In the gate are:

- a small exhibition of historical miniatures "Parade of Tin Soldiers", including: miniature sculptures and reconstructions of historical battles of different eras;

- Kaliningrad Planetarium named after F.V. Bessel.

Address: 51A Gvardeysky Avenue, Kaliningrad. The gate is adjacent to the Victory Park. Learn more about Railway Gates...

Miniature Park "History in Architecture"

The miniature Park "History in Architecture", which is a kind of open-air museum, where models of the main architectural masterpieces of "big" Russia, made in miniature, are presented.

In addition to the expositions, a walking area and recreation areas, a swing, a gazebo, benches, a summer cafe and a children's playground are provided on the territory of the miniature park.

The Miniature Park is located on the territory of the Yuzhny Park, the landmark is Kalinin Avenue, Kaliningrad. More about Yuzhny Park...

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden of the Baltic Federal University named after I. Kant, located on the territory of the former Koenigsberg Urban Horticulture (1904-1945, area - 12.5 hectares.), opened in the suburb of Maraunenhof.

The Botanical Garden is a kind of museum, representing numerous species, varieties, decorative forms and varieties of plants from different climatic zones: trees, shrubs, flowers. There are rare and endangered plants listed in the Red Book, as well as relic plants.

Address of the botanical garden: 12 Lesnaya Street, Kaliningrad. Lesnaya / Molodezhnaya streets.

Beyond the city center of Kaliningrad are

Fort No. 11 "Denhof"

Fort No. 11 "Denhoff" is one of the military fortifications, which was part of the outer fort ring of the fortress city of Konigsberg.

Currently, the fort and its territory function as a museum complex with exhibitions.

Address: Energetikov Street, Kaliningrad. Learn more about Fort No. 11...

Fort No. 5 "King Frederick William III"

Fort No. 5 is a free-standing exposition of the Kaliningrad Regional Historical and Art Museum, now a monument of defensive architecture and a military-historical memorial complex.

It functions as a museum where you can visit inside the fort, get acquainted with the history of the creation of the fort belt, and view the exhibition of military equipment. Various military-historical exhibitions are on display on the territory.

Address: Bulatova Street, Kaliningrad (landmark - the sign "Kaliningrad" at the entrance to the city).

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