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Kaliningrad region


Yantarny is an urban-type settlement located on the Baltic Sea coast.

Yantarny is considered the best resort in the Kaliningrad region and is famous for its wide and long sandy beach strip.


Kaliningrad is not only a beautiful, historically rich city, but also a place where one of the cultural highlights are museums that strive to preserve and tell the history and heterogeneous culture of the region.


Shaaken Dorf is a private cheese factory in the village of Nekrasovo, Kaliningrad region.

The cheese factory specializes in the production of cheese, there is also handmade chocolate and sweets. You can visit a tasting tour.


Shaaken Castle is a former order castle in the Kaliningrad region.

Now it is a museum with expositions, a tavern and entertainment on the territory, where various events are also held.

The 3-star Altrimo Hotel is considered one of the best on the Curonian Spit, because it is located right on the shore of the Curonian Bay - it has its own beach with all the necessary infrastructure.

You can go all the way along the Baltic Sea line. On the one hand - the endless sea, on the other-the lush vegetation of the Curonian Spit.

The length of the route is 10.7 km.

Lesnoy is a settlement located on the territory of the Curonian Spit of the Kaliningrad Region.

In Lesnoye: cafes, shops, bus stops, a beach on the sea, bicycle rental, attractions and hotels.

The 3-star Park Hotel Mayakovsky (MAYAKOVSKY) is considered one of the best on the Curonian Spit of the Kaliningrad region.

The hotel has swimming pools, a panoramic terrace and direct access to the promenade and the Baltic Sea beach.

On the Curonian Spit there are many exits to the Baltic Sea coast, one of the best and with viewing platforms of which is the path between the Royal Forest and the village of Lesnoy.

The Royal Forest is a landmark of the Curonian Spit, which is an ecological trail with a length of 2.9 kilometers.

The route includes an exit to the Baltic Sea coast, where there is an observation deck.

Lesnoy is a residential settlement on the Curonian Spit of the Kaliningrad Region.

In Lesnoye, on the Baltic Sea coast, there is a beach and a promenade with all the necessary infrastructure.


Donskoye is a settlement near the Baltic Sea coast in the Kaliningrad region.

From the steep slope in the village there are amazing panoramic views of the coast and the sea.

The Curonian Spit is a national park, the territory of which belongs to Russia and Lithuania.

The Curonian Spit is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

This article will focus on the Curonian Spit of Russia.

There are three residential villages on the Curonian Spit: Lesnoy, Rybachy and Morskoye, where there are cafes and shops, bicycle rentals, exits to the bay and the sea, as well as accommodation facilities - hotels, apartments, houses, recreation centers.

The main attractions of the Curonian Spit are natural, some of which were created by the efforts of people.

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