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Svetlogorsk is a resort town on the Baltic Sea coast


Filinskaya Bay is considered a pearl and one of the most picturesque places on the Baltic Sea coast in the Kaliningrad region.

There is a beach in the center of the bay.


Svetlogorsk, formerly Raushen (Rauschen).

Currently, Svetlogorsk is a developing city, positioned as a resort, tourist, cultural and business center. It is a resort city of federal significance.


Currently, the village of Otradnoye is a resort village of federal significance, located on the Baltic Sea coast, part of the Svetlogorsk urban settlement.

The climate of the resort village is mild, marine.


The resort town of Svetlogorsk (formerly Raushen) it has a rich history and, as a result, a variety of attractions, both preserved architectural monuments of Raushen and objects created during the history of the existence of Svetlogorsk.


Lenin Street is the central street of the resort town of Svetlogorsk.

The street crosses the entire city center, runs above the line of the beach and the promenade of Svetlogorsk and stretches from Beregovaya Street to the intersection with Kaliningrad Avenue.


Otradnoye cannot boast of an abundance of attractions, but there are still several significant historical sites, a museum and a park with thematic zones on the territory of the village.


In addition to the sea and the beach, along which there is a long promenade, as well as a mild climate and coniferous sea air, there are attractions in Svetlogorsk, a separate group of which can be distinguished museums and exhibitions, both of Svetlogorsk itself and the village of Otradnoye.


The Deciduous park in Svetlogorsk is a small green area with walking paths, benches, gazebos for recreation, several significant sculptures and pre-war buildings surrounding the park area.


The Hermann Brachert House Museum is a museum located in the former Brachert country house, where the family of the German sculptor lived from 1933 to 1944.


The Gauzup gorge lies in the lowlands, between the hills and now represents the only road connecting the main infrastructure of the village of Otradnoye with the beach and the sea.


The beach in Otradnoe is a narrow strip running along the village and located under the slope of a hill, while the main infrastructure of the settlement is located on the hill.


The Amber Period Park is an open-air complex for family recreation, with entertainment and several thematic zones.

The park is located in a wooded area, in front of the village of Otradnoye, 2 kilometers from the center of Svetlogorsk.


One of the most popular descents to the sea in Svetlogorsk is the central staircase, which is a wide, slightly winding staircase consisting of 265 steps and rising to a height of 36 meters.


The collection of the history hall reflects the past and present of the resort, tells about the tourist attractiveness of the city from the moment of the opening of the resort in East Prussia to the establishment of the resort of Svetlogorsk.

The exhibition hall is a space for art and photo exhibitions.


Lake Silent is a popular place for walking and recreation in Svetlogorsk.

Around the lake there is an embankment with places for recreation and a bike path, there is a sports ground, boat rental, a rope park and trolls.

Swans and ducks live in the lake.

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