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Sights of Otradnoe, Svetlogorsk

Otradnoye is a small resort village located on the Baltic Sea coast of the Kaliningrad region, part of the Svetlogorsk urban settlement and located 2 kilometers from the center of Svetlogorsk.

Otradnoye cannot boast of an abundance of attractions, but there are still several significant historical sites, a museum and a park with thematic zones on the territory of the village.

Sights of Otradnoye. Where to go, what to see in Otradnoye

Georgenswalde Water Tower

Georgenswalde, as the village of Otradnoye was previously called.

The water tower was built in 1908 by architect K. Fischer on Gartenstrasse, just at the time when large-scale construction began in Georgenswald, and the residents of Konigsberg began to build country villas there for summer holidays and a village was formed.

In the tower there were tanks for cold and hot water, in the upper part there was a closed observation deck.

In horizontal section, the high water tower has a square shape.

Currently, the tower is closed, is an object of cultural heritage of municipal significance and is subject to state protection.

Address of the Georgenswalde water tower: Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye settlement, Telman Street, 2.

Pre-war photograph of the Georgenswalde water tower

The building of the Georgenswalde Railway Station

In 1910, according to the project of the Konigsberg architect Max Schenwald, the building of the Georgenswalde railway station was built. At that time it was the most respectable station along the entire railway line on the coast.

The style in which the building was erected, Polish researchers call picturesque historicism, and German scientists designate the term "architecture of reforms".

It was a large four-story brick building at that time with pilasters and stucco decorations, a basement, an attic, two entrances, a high attic and a tiled roof.

For its intended purpose, the building ceased to be used around 2000, after which it became a residential apartment building, was resettled in 2016. It is currently empty and is not in the best condition.

Address of the Georgenswalde railway station: Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye settlement, Stationnaya Street, 1a.

Pre-war photograph of the Georgenswalde railway station

Amber Period Park

The Amber Period Park is an open-air complex for family recreation, with entertainment and several themed areas.

In the park: recreation and walking areas, entertainment, cafes, mini-zoo, sculptures, themed area "Dinosaurs" and other decorative objects.

The Amber Period Park is located in a wooded area in front of the village of Otradnoye. Learn more about the Amber Period Park and videos of moving dinosaurs...

Hermann Brachert House Museum

The Hermann Brachert House Museum is a museum located in the former Brachert country house, where the family of the German sculptor lived from 1933 to 1944.

Currently, the Brachert house itself is a historical and architectural landmark.

The museum has an exposition, exhibitions, music evenings, various thematic programs and other cultural events are also held.

Admission to the museum's exposition is 100 rubles.

Pre-war photos of the Brachert House

The Brachert house is surrounded by a small garden park. Admission is free (free).

In the park: walking paths, lawns, places to relax, sculptures and monuments, both created by Herman Brachert himself and other Russian and foreign sculptors.

Address of the Herman Brachert House-Museum: Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye settlement, Tokareva Street, 7. Read more about the Hermann Brachert House Museum...

Georgenswalde Community Administration Building

The historic building of the former administration of the Georgenswalde community is now a residential building.

The address of the Georgenswalde Community administration building: Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye settlement, 2 Parkovaya Street.

Kurhaus Georgenswalde

In 1912, a beautiful and solid "Kurhaus Georgenswalde" was built - a "Medical house", behind which there was a garden with a view of the sea.

The architect of the project was Otto-Walter Kukuk from Konigsberg. The owner is Franz Kunke.

Kurhaus (German name Kurhaus) - translated from German means "resort house".

Such a status in the resorts of Germany and East Prussia was awarded to a hotel (guest house, etc.), which was the center of resort life and meets all the high requirements of an institution designed for accommodation and pleasant pastime of guests.

Currently, the Kurhaus Georgenswalde has been restored and is a historical monument.

Address of the Georgenswalde kurhaus: Svetlogorsk, Otradnoye settlement, Nakhimov Street, house 21.

Pre-war photographs of the Kurhaus Georgenswalde

In the center of Svetlogorsk there is a Kurhaus called the Kurhaus of Raushen. More about the kurhaus in Svetlogorsk...

Gauzup Gorge

The German name of the gorge is Gausupp, which translates as "Cow".

The Gauzup gorge lies in the lowlands, between the hills and now represents the only road connecting the main infrastructure of the village of Otradnoye with the beach and the sea.

Currently, the Gauzup gorge is called the Road to the Sea. The road starts from the Herman Brachert house-museum (Tokarev Street) and leads to the beach in Otradnoye. More about the Gauzup gorge in Otradnoye...

From the tops of the hills on the sides of the gorge there are panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and the beach, sharp steep coastal hillsides, as well as the Gauzup gorge itself. More about the beach in Otradnoye...

Kurgan burial ground

Seven old hill mounds, family tombs, were discovered by the German archaeologist Herte. In the central parts of the mounds, urns of the V-I centuries BC were found, in which the ashes of the deceased rested.

Among them, a rather large burial (mound) was opened, surrounded by a radius of about 4 meters, smaller graves. The burial consisted of concentric rings of boulders around the stone chamber of the main burial.

Currently, in the relief of the southern part of the forest belt of the village of Otradnoye, a rounded mound is visible, in the center of which is the remaining part of the boulders, which once formed stone rings around the graves.

Coordinates of the Burial Mound: 54°56'23"N (54.939909), 20°7'26"E (20.123992).

Buildings (houses)

From an architectural point of view, buildings (houses) of both pre-war and modern architecture may be interesting in the village of Otradnoye.

Attractions, as well as museums and exhibitions of the center of Svetlogorsk can be divided into a separate group.

Learn more about the museums and exhibitions of Svetlogorsk...

Learn more about the sights of Svetlogorsk...

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