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Calp or Calpe is a popular resort, a city located on the Mediterranean coast, just north of Benidorm.

The mild, warm climate of Calpe contributes to a long beach season. However, it is good to relax in Calpe, both in the summer and in the off-season.

Calpe is quite an interesting city, although it is not large in size, you can easily move around it on foot, but it is diverse, and at the height of the holiday season attracts many vacationers.


Calpe is a pleasant resort town located on the Costa Blanca.

There is no airport in Calpe itself. The nearest airports are in Alicante and Valencia. Many tourists visiting Calpe arrive at the Alicante-Elche International Airport.

The city of Benidorm is located between Alicante and Calpe.

First, we will tell you how to get from Alicante to Calpe, and then how to get to Calpe from Benidorm.


The beautiful Mediterranean city of Calpe attracts not only with its beach holidays, but also with a variety of attractions. Here everyone will find something to their liking.

The sights of Calpe are chic viewing platforms, a colorful old town, beautiful walking areas, historical monuments, and other interesting places, a visit to which will leave behind a lot of impressions and unforgettable vivid memories. All the attractions of the center of Calpe are located within walking distance from the beaches.

The main and most visited sights of Calpe are...


The old town of Calpe (Casco Antiguo en Calpe) is the pearl of Calpe, the historical center and a small quarter located in the heart of Calpe, near the bus station, central tourist routes and beaches.

In the old quarter, you can fully experience the Spanish style and immerse yourself in the past. There is a tangle of narrow streets with low traditional Spanish houses, many of which are painted in bright colors.

Tiny, but such nice squares, where cafes, bars and restaurants are located, with tables under the open sky.


We all, basically, going on the coast of Spain, especially for a beach vacation, after all, what could be better than sun, warm sea, the gentle beachfront sand, leisurely evening walks and dinners in the cosy café.

But the resort town of Calpe can boast not only magnificent beaches, but also have in one mind-blowing natural attraction, the rock peñón de Ifach.

Ifach rock - a granite colossus towering over the city like a giant rising from the depths of the sea. This mountain is well seen from almost all points of Calpe. She became not only the most visited attraction in Barcelona, but also the hallmark of the entire Costa Blanca.

What is the uniqueness of the rock of Ifach and why it is of such interest...


The Salt Lake (Las Salinas), is a natural attraction and a unique wealth of the city of Calpe. It is in this place that you can observe beautiful birds-pink flamingos in Calpe.

Since the Kalp region has been fishing since ancient times, already in the times of the Roman Empire, Salt Marshes were used to extract salt, so necessary for seasoning and preserving fish. Salt was mined in the lake until recently, then salt mining brought income to the city. Today, the lagoon is an important wet zone of the city and a protected nature reserve.


Once a fishing village, now popular resort of Calpe, is one of the favorite places among tourists on the Costa Blanca.

Attracts Benidorm tourists not only by the various beaches in Barcelona, there are fourteen, but also interesting sights.

One of the main, by the visited and beautiful attractions in Calpe are considered - sea port and a picturesque embankment of the Prince of Asturias. Both attractions are located close to each other.


Calpe or Denia, one of the most famous and beautiful cities in the resort area of the Costa Blanca.

Famous and popular among tourists, Benidorm is not only its color, such famous landmarks as old town, the rock of Ifach and the salt lake inhabited by pink flamingos, but above all - a vast beach.

The beach is Benidorm stretches for 11 kilometers along the line of the Mediterranean sea, on which there are 14 beaches, from small rocky coves to long and wide sandy beaches. Several beaches of Calpe awarded the "Blue flag".

Many of the beaches of Calpe is easily reached on foot, while some can be reached only by water.


La fossa beach or Levante, is the second most popular sandy beach in Javea, the beach of Arenal-Bol.

La fossa beach awarded "Blue flag". On the beach soft white sand, sometimes there are small stones, but they did not interfere. The beach is cleaned daily in the morning, the sand dub.

On the beach there is all necessary infrastructure - rescue towers, cabanas, urn, soul to feet, small children's playgrounds, children's rope lazily, a small Playground, a dedicated area for beach football, with wooden flooring, facilities for...


Beach Arenal-Bol is one of the beaches of the Spanish city of Calpe. This beach is considered one of the best on the Costa Blanca.

It's not a beach really deserves the high ratings. What is good to the Arenal beach in Calpe and why it is so popular among tourists, try to understand in this article.

Playa Del Arenal-Bol is the largest, Central and most visited beach of Calpe. This beach is located in the city center and stretches 1,200 metres from the historic centre of the city to the foot of the rock of Ifach, where the modern Marina and beautiful walking area.

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