Prince's Tower was a weapon tower that was part of the second defense system of Munich.

Today, the Prince's Tower is a small remains of the former city fortifications of Munich.


Isar Gate or Isartor is one of the three surviving city gates in Munich, originally part of the city's defensive system.

In part of the premises of the gate today there is a museum dedicated to the comedian Karl Valentin.


Sendlinger straße is one of the important pedestrian and shopping streets of Munich.

Along the street are the historic buildings in which there are shops, cafes and restaurants. Also there are more new buildings and major landmarks.


Hundskugel - one of the oldest surviving town houses in Munich.

On the house is the date "1440".


House Ruffini or Ruffinianus is a historic monument and a jewel of Munich.

House Ruffini consists of a group of three houses with different facades and mansard roofs.


Burgerzaal is a historic building located in the heart of Munich.

Translated as "Bürgersaal" means "Civic hall".

Today Burgerzaal is the Church, consisting of two halls and the Museum.


Asamkirche, or Church of St. John Nepomuk is a beautiful Baroque church in the old town of Munich.

The heart is located next to the Baroque house of brothers Asam. Together, the two buildings are an architectural ensemble and a late Baroque masterpiece.


Karlovy gate - one of old city gates in Munich, were originally included in the defensive system of the city, and today is the Western border of the historic old town of Munich.


Karlsplatz or Charles Square is large and one of the most important squares in Munich.

Karlsplatz marks the western border of Munich's historic old town.


Maximilianstrasse is one of the main streets of Munich and one of the most expensive streets in Germany.

Along the street there are: hotel Kempinski, chamber theater, government building, Museum five continents and the building, known for its galleries.


Munich kammerspiele "Kammerspiele" was incorporated as a private stage, and since 1933 is maintained by the city.

The theater building in modern style was built in the years 1900-1901.


The five continents Museum is a Museum for non-European artworks and objects of cultural interest in Munich.

The Museum is home to one of the largest and most important ethnographic collections in Germany.


The majestic old government building of Upper Bavaria is one of the objects and architectural unconditional leader among all the buildings on Royal Avenue maximilianstraße.


Maximilian's Bridge is one of the bridges over the Isar River in Munich.

The bridge is an architectural monument, named after King Maximilian II of Bavaria and consists of two parts.


Maximilianeum - historic luxury building in Munich, which is the seat of the Maximilianeum Foundation for gifted students and the seat of the Bavarian Landtag.

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