Memmelsdorf is a community in Germany, located in Upper Franconia.

The main attractions of Memmelsdorf are the Seehof Palace with a park and a Baroque church.


Bamberg is known as the beer town of Franconia, where there are many breweries with inns.

First of all, Bamberg is famous for smoked beer with the aroma of smoke.


The Seehof Palace is the former summer residence of the Prince-bishops of Bamberg.

Part of the palace halls can be visited; weddings are held in the chapel.

The palace is surrounded by a park.


The Church of Our Lady or Upper Parish is a parish church in Bamberg, which is the only practically purely Gothic church in the city.


Maximilian Square is a city square in the historical center of Bamberg.

The square is decorated with a sculptural fountain and a New Town Hall, and on Christmas Eve it is the main Christmas fair of the city.


St. Michael's Abbey is a former Benedictine monastery in Bamberg.

In the monastery: a church with the grave of Otto I, a beer museum and a cafe.

There is a garden near the monastery. The terraces offer views of Bamberg.


Altenburg is a medieval fortress in Bamberg, located on the highest hill of the city.

Panoramic views open from the observation terraces and from the tower of the fortress.


Cathedral Square (Domplatz) is the main, one of the largest and most impressive squares of the city of Bamberg.

The ensemble of the square has been formed over many centuries and reflects different styles.


The New Residence is a historic building in the center of Bamberg, which previously served as the residence of the Prince-Bishops of Bamberg.

The residence houses: a gallery, a library and a rose garden.


The Old Courtyard is a complex of historical buildings in Bamberg, which previously served as the residence of bishops.

Today there is a Historical museum and a theater in the Old Courtyard.


Bamberg Cathedral - the Imperial Cathedral of Bamberg, which dates back to the 13th century, is the dominant feature of the city center, as well as an example of Romanesque and Gothic architecture.


The Old Town Hall is a medieval town hall in Bamberg, which is one of the most important and beautiful buildings that characterize the historical center of the city.

The Town Hall is a complex of buildings with adjacent bridges. Within its walls is the Ludwig Museum.


Nuremberg is an ancient German city, which is one of the best and most visited in Germany.

Nuremberg is famous for its old town, Christmas markets and cuisine.


Among the abundance of sights of the ancient German city of Nuremberg, shrines - churches, cathedrals, chapels and monasteries - stand out in a separate group.


In Nuremberg there are some remains of the medieval "underground city", some of which can now be visited.

People have been digging tunnels and basements in the rocks of Nuremberg since the 14th century.

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