Independence Gardens is a park and recreation area located near the coastal strip of Sliema on the island of Malta.

The length of the Park is about 500 metres along the line of the Mediterranean sea. The park has an abundance of greenery, equipped with walking paths, places for recreation, there are children's playgrounds, cafes and a fountain.


Valletta on three sides by the waters of the Mediterranean, whereas the fourth side of the island, bordered by the town of Floriana.

Valletta is located between two natural bays of the Mediterranean: of Marsamxett and the Grand harbour.


The Interpretation centre of the Fortifications - "Fortress builders" Museum and centre of the fortifications of Malta, located in Valletta.

The center is located on the stock end of the 16th century. This is a cross between a Museum and an information centre, where you can find information about fortifications in Malta.


St. Paul's Cathedral - Anglican Pro-Cathedral, located on Independence Square in Valletta.

The height of the tower-spire of the Cathedral exceeds 60 meters. This spire is the known reference point of Valletta which is well visible from Slima.


The square of Castile is one of the central and largest squares of the capital of Malta the city of Valletta.

The square has an irregular shape along its perimeter are located one of the important buildings in Valletta, which are the sights of the city. The center of The square is decorated with a small fountain, as well as monuments and sculptures.


Republic street - the main tourist street of Valletta, besides, the Central street that divides the city in half.

Republic street is the main artery of the city. Along the street are concentrated shops, cafes and restaurants, there are some important attractions and small squares.


The Bastion of St. John, located in the southern part of the city of Birgu (Vittoriosa), is one of the preserved fortifications in Malta.

The Bastion is a large asymmetrical bastion, which houses two of the three main gates of Birgu (Vittoriosa), designed in the 18th century.


Gardjola Gardens is a public park located at the extreme end of the cape, the remains of the former fortifications (bastion) in the city of Senglea on the island of Malta.

In the gardens there are broken flower beds, palm trees grow, paths for movement and resting places are equipped, there is a fountain, several monuments and the famous Vedetta tower.


Within the Valletta, there are, although very modest in size, but all a few oases where you can walk, while relaxing from the dense buildings and bustle.

The undoubted advantage of the parks in Valletta is their location. All the gardens of the city are located on the heights and in different parts of the capital of Malta, which makes it possible to enjoy the beautiful panoramic views of the Valletta coast and the surrounding area.


The Square of the Great Siege is one of the central squares of Valletta, located on Republic Street - the main tourist street of the city.

Around the perimeter of the square are concentrated several historical buildings, monuments and memorials, there is also a cafe and restaurant.


The area of Saint John or San Giovanni is a small square located in the heart of the historic part of Valletta.

Currently it is one of the main squares of Malta. It is on this square that the facade of St. John’s Cathedral, also known as La Valletta, is dedicated to St. John the Baptist.


Republic Square is one of the most popular areas of Valletta, located on the main street of the eponymous city.

After, in 1887, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the reign of Queen Victoria, a statue of the Queen was erected on the square, the square became known as the Queen Square or Piazza Regina Square (Royal Square).


St. George's Square is one of the central and most visited squares of the capital of Malta, the city of Valletta.

The square is located on the main tourist street of Valletta - the street of the Republic.


Hastings Gardens is a public park and recreation area, located on top of the bastions of St. John and St. Michael, on the west side of the city gates of Valletta.

Maltese legend has it that the construction of the gardens took only 4 hours.


The Triton Fountain is the largest and perhaps the most recognizable fountain of the island of Malta, which has already become one of the iconic symbols of the republic, located on the periphery of the city gates in Valletta.

There is in this work of art discreet elegance in harmony with the "power" emanating from the figures of tritons.

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