Pembroke, also known as Pembroke or Pembroke (Pembroke) is a city located on the island of Malta, near the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


Mosta is a city on the island of Malta, which is densely populated and, by local standards, one of the largest in Malta.


Gzira is a small town located on the island of Malta, near the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

The city is distinguished by a wide embankment, the island of Manoel and a yacht marina.


Valletta (il-Belt Valletta) is the capital of the Republic of Malta, located on the east coast of the main island of the country - the island of Malta.

Valletta is one of the smallest European cities.


Despite its modest size, the city of Valletta is one continuous attraction.


The tri-city of Malta is the name of three cities of the island of Malta, bordering each other and surrounded on one side by the Great Harbor.

Cities: Birgu (Vittoriosa), Bormla (Cospicua), Senglea (Invicta).


Mdina is a former fortified city on the island of Malta, which was the capital, and today is one of the main tourist attractions of Malta.


The Rotunda Bridge is the largest and most famous church in Malta.

There is a bomb museum in the basilica, you can climb under the dome to the outdoor terrace and visit the underground shelter of the war.


Manoel is a small island in Malta, part of the city of Gzira in the harbor of Marsamsetta.

On the island: yacht marina, Fort Manoel - the filming location of Game of Thrones, Lazaretto - a former quarantine hospital.


Sliema (Tas-Sliema) is a town located on the island of Malta along the Mediterranean coast, North of Valletta.

Initially, Sliema was a quiet fishing village but in recent decades has become a place of intensive development that has led to the fact that nowadays slim is the most developed city of Malta.


In the Maltese town of Sliema, besides the beaches and the promenade, which runs along almost the entire coast of the city and are the main places for walking and recreation, and there are sights of interest among the guests.


The coast of Sliema is rocky and rocky. Nevertheless, you can sunbathe and swim in Slim almost everywhere where you are more or less comfortable.

The sea is deep. On some sections of the coastline, railings and stairs are equipped for more convenient entry into the sea.


St Julian's is a town located on the island of Malta along the Mediterranean coast.

Currently, St. Julian's is a popular tourist destination and also one of the most developed cities of Malta, which harmoniously combines historical monuments with modern buildings.


In the developed resort town of St. Julian's, in addition to the few beaches and bays, the boardwalks along which are a great place for walking and relaxing, there are also attractions that are of interest to guests of the city.


The coast of St. Julian's mostly rocky. There are no long sandy or pebble beaches.

The main bathing place presents rocky or concrete beaches. Directly in the city there is a sandy public beach, several platforms for swimming and hotels with a private beach.

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