Malta Island


Sliema (Tas-Sliema) is a town located on the island of Malta along the Mediterranean coast, North of Valletta.

Initially, Sliema was a quiet fishing village but in recent decades has become a place of intensive development that has led to the fact that nowadays slim is the most developed city of Malta.


In the Maltese town of Sliema, besides the beaches and the promenade, which runs along almost the entire coast of the city and are the main places for walking and recreation, and there are sights of interest among the guests.


The coast of Sliema is rocky and rocky. Nevertheless, you can sunbathe and swim in Slim almost everywhere where you are more or less comfortable.

The sea is deep. On some sections of the coastline, railings and stairs are equipped for more convenient entry into the sea.


St Julian's is a town located on the island of Malta along the Mediterranean coast.

Currently, St. Julian's is a popular tourist destination and also one of the most developed cities of Malta, which harmoniously combines historical monuments with modern buildings.


In the developed resort town of St. Julian's, in addition to the few beaches and bays, the boardwalks along which are a great place for walking and relaxing, there are also attractions that are of interest to guests of the city.


The coast of St. Julian's mostly rocky. There are no long sandy or pebble beaches.

The main bathing place presents rocky or concrete beaches. Directly in the city there is a sandy public beach, several platforms for swimming and hotels with a private beach.


St. Julian's Bay is a bay (large bay), which is a relatively large, by Maltese standards, sea bay, uniting parts of the cities of St. Julians and neighboring Sliema on the island of Malta.

Although this bay is considered to be large, however, it is possible to bypass all its coast in unhurried steps in two hours.


Paceville is the partying of Malta. In this place are concentrated the abundance of bars, pubs, Nightclubs and restaurants, there are also several casinos.

The current Paceville famous stormy evening and night life.


Cape Dragonera, also known as Dragon Cape - a small rocky promontory, located in the Paceville area of St Julian's on the island of Malta.

Such an interesting name "Dragon", the Cape received because of the widespread local legend.


St. George's Bay is a small Bay located in the city of St. Julian's on the island of Malta.

It is in this bay is the best beach in St. Julians - St. George Bay Beach.


Portomaso Marina is a luxury residential and business complex, located in the town of St Julian's.

Currently Portomaso is not only a residential complex but also a popular place for walks and rest, where, if you want, you can stay for a few days.


Spinola Bay is a bay located in the city of St Julian's on the island of Malta.

Spinola Bay is probably one of the most famous in Malta, as well as the most sought-after and busiest place in St Julian's.


Balluta Bay is a small Bay, located in St. Julians on the island of Malta.

Balluta Bay is a popular vacation spot, used for walking and for swimming, diving and water sports.


The Church of our lady of mount Carmel or just the balluta church - neo-Gothic Roman Catholic parish Church located in St. Julian's on the island of Malta.

Balluta Church, not only the most beautiful church of the city of St. Julians, but also one of the most elegant churches in Malta.


Exiles Bay - a small bay, located in Sliema on the island of Malta.

The Bay is a rocky beach of the same name. In some areas of the beach Bay equipped with handrails for easier entry into the sea.

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