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Gzira, Malta (Il-Gzira) - travel guide

Gzira (Maltese name: Il-Gzira) is a small town located on the island of Malta, near the waters of the Mediterranean Sea (on the shore of Marsamshett Harbor), opposite Valletta, between cities Sliema and Msida, as well as on the border with Ta-Shbieks.

The name "Gzira" in Maltese means "island" and the city got its name from the island of Manoel, which is also part of the city of Gzira.

The city is characterized by an embankment and access to the harbor, as well as narrow streets, along which historical buildings with characteristic Maltese facades and colorful balconies, and modern buildings, some of which contain shops, cafes, restaurants and accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments), rise in dense buildings booking

The coast of Gzira. Gzira Embankment

There are no beaches in Gzira. The nearest beaches are in the neighboring town of Sliema, which are characterized mainly by rocky and rocky areas. Learn more about the coast, beaches and embankments in Sliema...

Along the coast of Gzira there is a spacious embankment with palm trees, places for recreation and monuments.

On the south side of the coast there is the Gnien Il - Kunsill Ta L- Ewropa Park and a yacht marina with a spoon rental and a yacht club.

Manoel Island in Gzira

The main attraction of Gzira is the island of Manoel (Il-Gzira Manoel), named after the Portuguese Grand Master of the Order of Hospitallers and military commander Antonio Manuel de Vilhena, who built a fort on the island.

The island of Manoel is connected to the city of Gzira (the island of Malta) by a bridge, which is a roadway and pedestrian.

The main attraction of the island is Fort Manoel (Forti Manoel or Fortizza Manoel), originally erected in the period from 1723 to 1733 by order of the Grand Master of the Order of St. John - Antonio Manoel de Villena.

This fort is known primarily as the filming location of the climactic scene of Baylor, the ninth episode of the series "Game of Thrones" in 2011. Learn more about the island of Manoel and the fort...

Sights of Gzira

In addition to the island of Manoel, Gzira cannot boast of an abundance of attractions.

Of the main attractions can be distinguished

Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

The original Chapel of Our Lady of Mount Carmel dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and was founded after an incident that occurred on July 10, 1902 - when two drunken sailors began throwing stones at a house near the bridge leading to the island of Manoel. One of the stones got stuck between the glass and the image of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in a small sanctuary on the wall of the house. The locals took it as a divine sign. After that, the image of the Mother of God and the stone were carefully removed and preserved in the parish church of the Star of Our Lady of the Sea in Sliema. A few years later, the "shrine" was returned to Gzira, where a small chapel was built for its storage and veneration. On July 7, 1913, the archbishop made the small chapel a vice-parish church serving local residents under the authority of the parish of Sliema.

On May 15, 1921, Archbishop Maurus Caruana created the independent parish of Gzira with the Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel as a parish church. Over time, the chapel became too small for anyone to visit, and between 1921 and 1935 a new church was built. The church was consecrated on May 23, 1959. The image and the stone are still kept in the chapel of the church.

Bible Baptist Church. Website: biblebaptistchurchmalta.

Orpheum Theatre, the building of which was designed in 1932 by Maltese architect Harold J. Borg. The theater was built by Felix Gerada on land that he bought from the Marquis Desain. There is an inscription with the initials "FG" on the facade of the building.

The theater is built in the Art Nouveau style with Spanish elements.

During the history of the theater, several bright performances and events have taken place.

A house, near each of the doors of which there are names (names) of cities of the countries of the world. So there are: London, Brussels, Belgrade, Tunis, Paris.

The square with the monument to the Maltese Bishop and Count Carmelo Sciculna (Carmelo Scicluna, August 3, 1800 - July 12, 1888).

Gzira on the map

Practical information

Coordinates of the city of Gzira: 35°54'18.0"N 14°29'40.0"E (35.905000, 14.494444).

You can get to Gzira by taxi, rented car or public buses around Malta, including from Valletta and Sliema. Malta public transport website: publictransport.

Also, Gzira with the island of Manoel can be visited with an excursion bus tour of Malta with an audio guide. All tours of Malta, including bus and sea, can be viewed and tickets can be purchased here →

All accommodation facilities in Malta, including in Gzira, Sliema, Valletta, St. Julian's, Mdina, Melliehi and other places, can be viewed and booked here booking

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