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Sliema, Malta (Tas-Sliema)

Sliema (Malta the name Tas-Sliema) is a town and resort located on the island of Malta along the Mediterranean coast, North of Valletta, between the towns of St Julian's and Gzira.

Originally Sliema, which means "peace, comfort", was a quiet fishing village on the Peninsula Tigne. About 1853, the city's population began to grow in 1878 Sliema was declared a parish and in recent decades has become a place of intensive development, which in turn has led to the fact that currently, Sliema, along with neighbouring St Guljansom is the most developed city of Malta.

Today Sliema is one of the main coastal resorts of Malta, a large residential and commercial area and centre of shops, restaurants and cafes with high density, a long beach strip and most famous shopping center in the Republic of Malta.

What are the advantages of slim?!

Besides the fact that the city is surrounded by waters of the Mediterranean sea, in a beautiful long seaside promenade is the beaches.

From Sliema it is easy to travel around the island by public transport, there are buses to almost all corners of the island including Malta international airportand Valletta can be reached in 10 minutes by ferry, for which tickets, if you buy from there and back, cheaper than tickets for public buses. Ferries Valletta-Sliema...

Great choice of accommodation in Sliema, ranging from budget hostels, apartments and ending with hotels, the prices being much lower than in neighboring Valletta, also gives the city an advantage.

All accommodation in Sliema, as near beaches and waterfronts, and more remotely from those, you can view and book here booking

The Beaches In Sliema

Seaside Sliema, like many other coastal towns in Malta, rocky-rocky. There are no long sandy beaches. However, to sunbathe and swim in Sliema can be almost everywhere where more or less conveniently arranged, should be careful when entering the sea.

The sea is deep. In some areas of the shoreline are equipped with railings and stairs for easy entry into the sea water.

Infrastructure on the coastline are presented only in some areas, with beach clubs and near those which offers sun loungers and sun umbrellas and there are changing rooms and toilets, swimming pools and cafes. However, most tourists prefer to sunbathe on their towels and beach mats, sitting in that dream, which is deemed more comfortable.

On the border with St. Guljansom is Exiles Baythat is part of the larger Bay St Julian's. Along the Gulf coast, the rocky Axis lies the homonymous beach beach beach Exils or Exiles.

The beach of Fond Ghadir (Fond Għadir Beach), the coast of which is characterized mainly by a flat stony beach, deep sea, and is a great place for sunbathing on your towel or beach Mat.

The length of the beach is about 1 kilometer.

The beach of the coast called Għar id-Dud runs from artillery batteries and to Tigne Peninsula, where a promenade tower road intersects with a street, Ix - Xatt Ta' Qui - Si.

The length of the beach is 300 metres away.

The beach strip under the name of Qui-Si-Sana stretches for 900 metres on the Peninsula Tigne, from tower road to Fort tine.

Below the Fort, near the Mediterranean sea coast is characterized by large flat stones are also used by local residents and visitors to the city for a beach holiday.

Embankments Sliema

Along almost the entire coast of the city are equipped promenades (Proms), which are the main places of recreation and walks among the locals and visitors alike.

Along the quays: cafes and restaurants, shops, and places to stay, there are fountains and sculptures and children's playgrounds, attractions and the Park.

The most popular and busy part of Sliema promenade stretches from Fort tine and to the boundary with Gzira. This coast is rocky not suitable for swimming, there is a ferry pier ferry Sliema (Sliema Ferry), also moored pleasure craft and tour boat.

Life here is in full swing from morning to late evening. Someone comes from Valletta or Vice versa goes to Valletta, someone goes to one of the sea cruises, and someone just walking and enjoying the views.

Along the street is a bus stop and on the opposite side of the boardwalk, across the street, is the abundance of bars, cafes and restaurants which in the evening is not crowded and where the atmosphere of universal joy and celebration. Read more about the beaches and waterfronts of Sliema...

The Independence Gardens, Sliema

Gardens of Independence or independence gardens (the Independence gardens) - waterfront Park and recreation area located near the Mediterranean sea, almost on the border with the neighboring town of Saint Guljansom.

The Park is equipped with walking areas, places for recreation, children playgrounds, there are stalls with food and drinks and toilets and a small fountain.

The Independence garden is the largest and most popular green space in the Sliema, ideal for walking and family holidays. Read more about gardens of Independence in Sliema...

The lookout point Sliema

Pedestrian bridge Tigne (Tigne' Pedestrian Bridge), part of which is the famous observation deck. Opposite from the ground side of the bridge leads to the shopping center the point Shopping Mall. From the embankment to the bridge you can climb the stairs or the Elevator.

The bridge offers views of the Bay of Marsamxett and Valletta.

From the coast of Sliema, along the Marsamxett harbour, offers wonderful views of the harbour and the capital city of Malta city of Valletta.

The Sliema coast along the Bay of St Julian's, from the gardens of Independence, views of the great Bay of St Julian's and part of the coast of the eponymous town of St Julian's.

Attractions Of Sliema

The main attractions of Sliema are

The Church of Jesus of Nazareth

Parish Church of Jesus of Nazareth (Parish Church of Jesus of Nazareth) is situated on the main promenade of Sliema and is a definite decoration.

The Church was built in 1895, and in 1908, given to the Dominican monks, and in 1973 it became a parish Church.

Tigne Fort

Tigne Fort (Fort Tigné) - polygonal Fort built by the knights of St John between 1793 and 1795 years to protect the entrance to Marsamxett harbour.

This Fort is one of the oldest polygonal FORTS in the world. The Fort was heavily modified by the British in the 19th century and remained in use by the military until 1979. The Fort was restored in the early 21st century.

The Tower Of St. Julian

The tower of St. Julian (Saint Julian's Tower) is one of the main attractions of the city, located directly on the boardwalk. This is one of the former guard towers of Malta built in 1658 to protect the nearby the Bay of St Julian's.

In 1715 the tower was built artillery battery. Today near the tower is a restaurant-eatery, known as restaurant It-Torri.

Palazzo Capua

Palazzo Capua or Capua Palazzo (Palazzo Capua) - neoclassical Palace with columns on the facade, the beginning of the 19th century, built by the banker, who named it Selma Hall . Later the Palace passed into the possession of the Prince of Capua, Carlo de Bourbon, in honor of which got its current name.

Currently the Palace is surrounded by dense buildings, and the building is a 4-star boutique hotel AX Palazzo Capua with rooms and suites.

The Church Of Stella Maris (Virgin Star Of The Sea)

The parish Church of Stella Maris or the Church of our lady (virgin of the Star of the Sea) (Stella Maris Church / Knisja tal-Verġni Marija Kewkba tal-Baħar) is a Roman Catholic parish, the oldest parish Church Dating from 1878 year.

The Church of the blessed virgin Mary (Holy heart of Mary)

The Church of the blessed virgin Mary or Church of the sacred Heart of Mary (Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart / Knisja tal-Qalb Imqaddsa ta' Marija) was founded in 1877, and since 1918 is now the parish Church.

The Church was built between the years 1877-1881. In 1930 the Church was enlarged to cope with population growth.

The Parish Of St. George The Great

Roman Catholic parish of St. George the Great or the parish Church of Saint Gregory the great (St. Gregory the Great / Parrocca ta' San Girgor il-Kbir) is the fourth, but not least, the great Church in Sliema.

Theatre Salesian

Salesian theatre (Teatru Salesjan) theatre, one of the old buildings in the old part of Sliema, which has more than 110 years.

The first stone of the building was laid in 1907. The theater was built in 1908.

The building has changed a bit since then: the scene was expanded, a new place, moved the bar and have changed the show, which to this day are held at the theater. Now, the theater opens its doors not only to the local community, but also around the world. Read more about all the attractions of Sliema...

Shopping in Sliema

Sliema is considered to be the best city in Malta for shopping.

The majority of shops and shopping centres of Sliema are concentrated along the Gulf of Maresme (Tigne Sea Front) and streets: Bizazza Street, Tower Road and Triq Tigne.

In this part of Sliema is remarkable: shopping center the point Shopping Mall (Point Shopping Mall), near which is fitted a square with a fountain and a large supermarket, Tower Supermarket with three floors.

The old part of Sliema

In addition to the "new part" of the city, Sliema is also preserved and its historical part of old architectural objects, including buildings and villas, representing historical monuments (for example, a historical monument Dingli Circus). This part of the city is less crowded and more colorful.

To see them all, just to deviate from the main promenade, taking a closer look at the city and walk in the streets of "Old rocky".

Where to go from Sliema

From the ferry terminal Sliema, you can make boat trips, for example:

- along the coasts of the harbour of Marsamxett and the Grand harbour;

- in the Blue grotto on the island of Gozo (Gozo) and Comino, etc.

Independently or with one of the tours, visit:

The neighboring town St Julian's, which is a developed resort and popular tourist destination of Malta. From Sliema to St. Julian's is within walking distance.

The capital of Malta - the city of Valletta, famous for its historical and architectural attractions. To get from Sliema to Valletta by bus or by ferry.

Trigorod of Malta, which includes three historical cities: Birgu, Bormla and Senglea.

The former capital of Malta, the fortress town of Mdina.

The city Mosta, the main attraction of which is the rotunda of the Assumption Basilica (Mosta Rotunda) with a bomb museum, an observation deck and an underground bomb shelter.

Malta - the island is small, therefore, to go to any area and can be on one day. The purpose of a beach holiday on the island is worth a visit Marsaxlokk, birzebbuga, the, of Mellieha, San Paul Il-Bahar, Mgarr. You can also visit the neighbouring Islands of Malta - Gozo (Gozo) and Comino.

In order to visit the main attractions of the island can take a trip on tourist buses. All excursions in Malta, including bus and sea, can be viewed and purchased a ticket here →

How to get to Sliema

The best, and for many the only way to get to Malta, including Sliema, is the plane.

In the territory of Malta only has one airport - Malta international airport (Malta International Airport), located in the municipality Luka on the island of Malta.

Airport regularly sends and receives flights from many cities in Europe, Asia, Africa. Cheap tickets to Malta...

To get from the airport to Sliema is possible:

taxi. Book a taxi/Shuttle service is possible in advance, even from home. At any time of the day at the airport you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details! Find out the cost and order a taxi here...

- car. If you are planning to travel to Malta, then the ideal option would be to rent a car. To choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time, your car will be waiting for you outside the airport. To select and order a car here...

- public buses. Bus x2, the second stop near the exit of the airport, passing Giro, it should be in St Julian's. Bus ТD2, following the same route, runs from 04:30 a.m. and every hour until 17:30 hours.

Night buses to/from the airport N71, next to St Julian's, through Mcabw, Mars and Msida.

Cost of bus: € 1.50 in winter and EUR 2 in summer (from mid-June to mid-October). Ticket for the night bus - 3 Euros.

Tickets can be purchased from the driver when boarding the bus.

How to get from Valletta to Sliema, you can learn here.

Where to stay in Sliema

The choice of accommodation in Sliema is very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for almost every taste and budget, from modest budget hostels and guest houses to excellent hotels and apartments, located directly by the sea, and more remotely from such.

Within the city is a 5-star hotel AX The Palace with a Spa with rooftop infinity pool overlooking the Mediterranean sea. In some room rates includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner.

All accommodation in Sliema, you can view and book here booking


Malta enters the Euro zone - the country's currency the Euro (€). Payment is accepted in cash and Bank cards in many shops, cafes and restaurants.

Photos Of Sliema

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