Coast of Valletta, Malta (beaches of Valletta)

Valletta, located on a rocky tip of the Peninsula of Sciberras previously was a town-fortress, enclosed by a defensive wall with the fortifications: bastions, and Cavaliers, as well as Fort.

Currently, part of the defensive walls, bastions and Cavaliers have survived and are within the city limits. It is from these areas perfectly visible the coast of Valletta and the surrounding cities.

As regards the beaches in Valletta, in the usual sense of the word (beach infrastructure on selected areas of the coastal strip), in the city there are none, although locals and swim wherever you can go in the water, but tourists this way of bathing is not recommended. The coastline of Valletta is rocky-concrete with a quick set of seawater depths.

For the purpose of a beach holiday on the island of Malta, it is best to travel outside the capital, for example, to Marsaxlokk, Birzebbugu, Mellieha, San Pawl il-Bahar, Mgarr or nearby St. Julians and Sliema. The island of Malta is small, so it is quite possible to go from Valletta to a beach holiday anywhere in the island for a day.

Valletta is not the place for a beach holiday. Valletta is a history and architecture. Valletta is the knights and bastions, tiny cozy gardens, small squares and narrow streets, and cathedrals, churches and chapels. And, of course, Valletta is the panoramic views from many points in the city.

The Coast Of Valletta

Valletta on three sides by the waters of the Mediterranean, whereas the fourth side of the island, bordered by the town of Floriana.

Valletta is located between two natural bays of the Mediterranean: of Marsamxett (in the North) and Grand harbour (in the South).

On both sides of the coast of Valletta there are ferry terminals. By ferries, in just 10 minutes, you can get from Valletta to Sliema or Three cities (the cities of Birgu, Bormla and Senglea).

Marsamxett harbour, Valletta coast

Along the coast of the harbor is Triq Il-Lanca Street, above which are located:

- Hastings gardens is a public Park and recreation area, broken at the top of the ramparts of Saint John (St. John's Bastion);

Museum - The Interpretation centre of the Fortifications, is located on the stock end of the 16th century, next to St. Andrew's Bastion (St. Andrew's Bastion). The center focuses on the interactive transmission of the military architecture of Malta;

- ferry pier "Sliema Ferry", from which Valletta - Sliema ferries run.

The photo shows the tower of St Paul's Cathedral

The East coast of Valletta

The East coast of Valletta is characterized by open marine waters.

The main attraction of this part of the coast of Valletta is Fort St Elmo.

The coast behind the Fort

Grand harbour, Valletta coast

Siege Bell War Memorial, located on the Bastion of Castille (St. Christopher), the furthest point of Valletta in the Grand Harbour.

From the territory of the monument overlooks the Mediterranean sea, Fort St Elmo, the breakwater, lighthouse, Fort Ricasoli, part of the coast of Valletta and the surrounding area.

Just above the memorial there are Lower Barrakka Gardens also panoramic views of the coast and surrounding countryside.

Along the coast of the Great Harbor of Vallleta passes Quarry Wharf Street.

Along the street:

- Victoria Gate - former city gate, built by the British in 1885 and named after Queen Victoria.

The gate was the main entrance to the city from the area of the Grand harbour. Once it was the busiest part of the city. The gate is located between the Marina Curtain (Curtain) and the Bastion of St. Barbara, on the site of the gates of the Del Monte 16th century;

- Church of Our Lady of Liesse in the Baroque style, built in 1740 on the site of the Church of the 17th century;

- ferry pier Bormla "Ferry to Bormla", with ferries Valletta - Three cities.

Above the ferry pier are the Upper Barrakka Gardens - city Park and recreation area located on the upper level of the Bastion of St Peter and Paul, built in the 1560-ies.

From the terraced gardens offer stunning panoramic views (one of the most impressive in the city) at Grand harbour, including the Three cities and also in the Maltese shipyard, and waterfront area.

View of the coast of Floriana - the ferry pier and embankment.

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