Sights of St. Julian's, Malta

In the developed resort town of St Julian's, in addition to a few beaches and bays, promenades along which are a great place to stroll and relax, also there are some places of interest among visitors to the city.

Sights In Saint Julian's, Malta

Church of our lady of mount Carmen (Parish Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel)

Neo-Gothic Roman Catholic parish Church located on the coast of Balluta Bay.

Originally a Carmelite Church was a small chapel built in 1859. The Church was rebuilt in 1877 in the Gothic revival style.

Later the Church was transferred to the Carmelite monks, who rebuilt it in 1900. In 1958 the Church was expanded, and in 1974 the area around the Church was converted to a parish separated from the parish of St. Julian. The Church was consecrated on 12 December 1984. Read more about the Carmelite Church in St. Julian's...

Casino Dragonara (Casino Dragonara)

Initially, the casino building, located on the nose of the eponymous Cape, was the Palace of Dragonara (Dragonara Palace, the Maltese name Il-Palazz tad-Dragunara), also known as Palazzo or Villa Dragonara Dragonara.

The Palace was built in 1870 as a summer residence for the family Scicluna, a banker who became a Marquis in 1875.

The Palace opened as a casino July 15, 1964, at a time when neighbouring Paceville began its transition from a predominantly agricultural area into a tourist centre. Dragonara casino was the first casino in Malta, which was an important step in the development of Malta as a tourist destination. Read more about Cape Dragonara in St Julian's...

The Palace Of Spinola

The Palace, located near Spinola Bay, also known as the House of Spinola and Spinola Villa was built in the 17th century by fra Paolo Rafael has Spinolai, a knight of the order of St. John.

The Palace was enlarged in the 18th century. In 1860 and 1922, the Palace was converted into a military hospital. He later served for a number of purposes, including shelter for the homeless after the Second world war, the short-lived Museum of modern art and the Ministry of tourism. Since the end of 2007, the building houses the headquarters of the parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean.

The Palace is a large three-storey building in the Baroque style. The facade is decorated with sculptural clock, which is a unique feature of secular Baroque architecture in Malta.

The tower of St. George's (Saint George's Tower)

A small watchtower was built in 1638 as one of the Lascaris towers.

The tower remained in operation during the British period, but after the construction of Fort Pembroke was converted into a station for observing the sea and surroundings. The tower served as a radio communications post during world war II.

Today, the tower of St. George located in the eponymous Bay in the territory of the 5-star Corinthia hotel St George's Bay. Read more about St George's Bay in St Julian's...

Villa Rosa (Palazzo Villa Rosa)

Palazzo Villa Rosa is one of the old villas in Malta. On the territory of Villa: garden, swimming pool and observation gazebo.

Chapel Of Santa Rita (Santa Rita Chapel)

The chapel is close to Villa Rosa.

The Church Of Millenium

One of the youngest churches of St. Julians and Malta in General.

The Shrine complex consists of the Church of our lady of Good Light and the Millennium chapel (Our Lady of Good Counsel Church / Millennium Chapel).

The interior of the Church and chapel are also unusual as the name "Millennium".

Photo of the Church

Photo of the chapel

The Complex Of Portomaso

Luxury residential and business complex of Portomaso, is a popular place for walks and rest, where, if you want, you can stay for a few days.

In the Portomaso complex includes:

- Marina Portomaso (Portomaso Marina) with three basins with berths for ships; luxury houses with swimming pools, sun terraces and restaurants; as well as 5-star Hilton Malta hotel's Spa centre with indoor pool, 4 outdoor pools and 2 pools for children;

tower Portomaso (business center "Portomaso" / Portomaso Business Tower), located just above the Marina.

It is the highest building of the island of Malta, which is well seen from many points as the St. Julian's and nearby towns. The building was opened in 2001, has 23 floors of mixed commercial office space. On the ground floor are retail space, while the upper night club with an outdoor area, with views of the island of Malta. Also in the tower is a casino. Read more about Portomaso in St Julian's...

The Church Of The Lapsi (Lapsi Church)

One of the oldest churches of St Julians, built by the knights of St. John. The knights were dedicated to Julian the Hospitaller is a Roman - Catholic Saint, and they quickly transferred this loyalty to the Maltese.

The Church of Lapsi is also known as the Church of St. Julian and it is the oldest Church of the city. According to local legend, around the Church and there was a small village, which later became the city of St Julian's.

There is no available documentation that would accurately pointed out, when it was built the first parish Church, known as the Church of the Lapsi, but there is evidence that in 1580 in fields belonging to some of the knights of St. John, was built a small chapel.

In 1593 the chapel was demolished and was replaced with a new one. However, it seems that the new chapel in the end was not the relic that initially expected, since it was also demolished in 1682, and a third chapel was completed by 1683.

As time went on, the parish of St. Juliana was growing and the old Church was becoming too "tight". Therefore, July 9, 1961, was laid the first stone of the new parish Church known as the parish Church, St Julian's. Although the work was not completed, however, the new Church was first used on palm Sunday in 1968. The Church was consecrated on 17 December 1978.

The parish Church of St Julian's (St. Julian's Parish Church)

The new parish Church of St. Julian, is the parish for many years and greatly developed in recent years.

From the Church, over the road pedestrian bridge, which overlooks the town of St Julian's.

Church Of The Immaculate Conception (Immaculate Conception Church)

The first stone of the Church was laid June 16, 1687, and the Shrine was consecrated on 10 September 1688. The Church was extended and its facade was rebuilt in 1914.

The sculptural composition LOVE

Sculpture LOVE mirrored located in the heart of Spinola Bay, quickly became one of the favorite places for photographing and meetings in the city and included in the list of attractions in St Julian's.

The statue of the sacred Heart of Jesus (Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus)

Balluta square (Balluta square)

Small area the center of which is decorated with a graceful fountain.

The building is art Nouveau Balluta (Balluta Buildings)

Residential house, built in 1928 for the Marquis John Scicluna. The building is considered one of the best preserved examples of modernist architecture in Malta and one of the most iconic buildings on the island.

The building, built of local limestone, consists of three connected apartment buildings with three vertical structures with a high vertical arched openings, standing out from the rest of the structure. Windows, pilasters, and other parts of the building is decorated with floral and geometric patterns.

A separate category of the attractions of St. Julian's, you can highlight

The Paceville Area (Paceville)

Paceville may be known as Paceville is the party capital of Malta. In this place are concentrated the abundance of bars, pubs, Nightclubs and restaurants, there are also several casinos, a shopping Mall and a cinema.

Originally Paceville was predominantly an agricultural area, which in the 1960-ies started its transition into a tourist centre.

The current Paceville is famous for a stormy evening-night life, whereas in the daytime, it is quite a peaceful place. Read more about the Paceville area of St. Julian's...

Spinola Bay (Spinola Bay)

Bay (Bay) Spinola, perhaps one of the most famous in Malta, and the popular and busy location in St Julian's.

The charm of Spinola Bay is that it harmoniously combines the new and the old, and along the Bay is the promenade (waterfront), along which dense buildings, so characteristic of small Maltese cities.

In the Gulf: places to stay, fisherman sculpture, colorful fishing boats, cafes and restaurants with outdoor terraces, as well as a 4-star hotel Cavalieri Art with sun terrace and swimming pool on the beach. More about Spinola Bay in St Julian's...

Balluta Bay (Balluta Bay)

Balluta Bay is a popular holiday destination for walks and for swimming, diving and water sports.

In the Gulf of equipped areas for relaxation and swimming. There is also a small area of the beach to which lead stone stairs.

Along the Bay runs the boardwalk (waterfront), connecting the Bay of Balluta Bay and Spinola and the coast of Sliema. On the waterfront a few cafes, places to stay. You can rent a bike. Read more about Balluta Bay in St Julian's...

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