San Marino


The ancient monastery of Saint Clare (Antico Monastero di Santa Chiara) is a historic complex located in the centre of San Marino at Monte Titano.

Now, in the former, the restored monastery are: the University of San Marino and the Museum of immigrants also opened the ancient garden of the monastery.


The historic center of San Marino is located on top of Monte Titano in this part is the bulk of attractions, museums, cafes and restaurants. This part of San Marino is very popular among tourists.

The choice of housing in the historic center of San Marino is not great, all the accommodation facilities can be counted on the fingers, however, they all have high scores of tourists.


The Franciscan Capuchin Church of St. Quirin monastery was erected in 1549 on the remains of an ancient chapel, in memory of the failed attempt to Fabiano da Monte to occupy the city.

On the square near the entrance to the Church is a column-monument St. Francis (1928).


Liberty square, San Marino (Piazza della Liberta) is the main square of San Marino where you are located: Palazzo pubblico (town hall of San Marino); the statue of liberty and the historic former post office building from the 16th century.

The building of the Palace is probably one of the finest and most attractive in San Marino.


Basilica of San Marino or the Basilica of St. Marino is the main Church of the city of San Marino, dedicated to the patron Saint of the city and state, the founder of the Republic, the deacon the Holy Marino.

The present Church was laid in 1826 on the site of earlier parish of the Pieve.


The towers of San Marino (Torri di San Marino) - are a group of medieval towers, performing defensive functions to protect from the attacks of the enemy, located in the historical centre on the three highest points in San Marino - the three peaks of Monte Titano.

Three towers were erected as strongholds and was first documented in 1253.


The historic center of San Marino is just 22 km from Rimini centre. Such convenient location makes day trips to San Marino so popular among tourists in Rimini.

The most visited among tourists is the historical centre of San Marino, located on top of Monte Titano. It was there preserved medieval attractions scattered here and there in the weave of narrow streets.

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