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Cable car San Marino - Borgo Maggiore (Funivia di San Marino - Borgo Maggiore). Funicular San Marino

  • Updated: 05.08.2022

The San Marino - Borgo Maggiore Cable Car (Funivia di San Marino - Borgo Maggiore) is a cable car that connects the historic center of San Marino with Borgo Maggiore.

Sometimes the cable car is called the San Marino funicular.

The upper station of the cable car is located on Mount Titano, in the historical center of San Marino, at Contrada del Collegio, 48. The lower one is on the slope of Mount Titano, in the historical center of Borgo Maggiore, at Piazzale Campo della Fiera, 10.

For the first time the cable car was opened in 1959, and then underwent modernization.

The length of the San Marino cable car is only 338 meters, the height difference is 166 meters, the travel time is about 2 minutes, the speed is 6 m/s, the maximum one-time capacity is 50 + 1 people, the maximum capacity is 1200 people per hour, and the traction power is 180 kW.

During the descent from the cableway, stunning panoramic views of Borgo Maggiore, part of the Republic of San Marino and Italy open up.

Photo of the upper station of the cable car in the historical center of San Marino

Photo of the lower station of the cable car in the historical center of Borgo Maggiore

The historical centers of the cities of San Marino and Borgo Maggiore are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and are full of an abundance of various attractions. Learn more about San Marino and attractions...

Practical information

There are free toilets in the cable car stations.

The cable car is paid. The one-way fare is 2.80 euros, round-trip fare is 4.50 euros.

We recommend checking the opening hours of the cable car and the exact cost of rides on the official website: .

All accommodation facilities in San Marino, including in the historical centers of San Marino and Borgo Maggiore, as well as more remotely from those, can be viewed and booked here

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