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Ancient monastery of Saint Chiara in San Marino: garden, museum of immigrants, university

The ancient monastery of Saint Clare or Clara/Clarissa (Antico Monastero di Santa Chiara) is a historic complex located in the centre of San Marino at Monte Titano, at the following address: Contrada of Omerelli, 20-22 (Contrada Omerelli).

The original monastery was located near the Porta della RUPE (cliff's gate). The construction of the walls of the monastery was begun in 1565. Due to lack of funds work was suspended, finally, the monastery was built in 1580, when due to the impressive donations the Church was built, informatory and dormitories. The monastery was opened in 1609.

At the monastery functioned school for women.

In the late 1960-ies the monastery required a complex and expensive restoration work. The convent building was purchased by the state, and sisters, in the 1970-ies moved to a new monastery, located in Valdragone at the foot of mount Titano. This (new) monastery is still functioning.

Even then, the building of the former monastery of Santa Clara in the centre of San Marino was renovated (work was begun in 1980) and now all the "old" monastery complex is the seat of cultural institutions. In part of the monastery is the University of San Marino, in several rooms there is the Museum of immigrants, also open for visits of the ancient garden of the monastery, where once rested the nuns (Antichi Orti del Monastero S. Chiara).

The emigrants Museum (Museo Dell Emigrante). San Marino in the late nineteenth - early twentieth centuries became a place of large migration outflow. Numerous citizens of San Marino, to get rid of hunger and poverty, began to leave the Castles of the Republic and tasted heavy and, at times, quite bitter experience of emigration to other countries.

The Museum exposition represents the image, including photos, migrants, documents, letters, cards and other items devoted to the history, the process of emigration and the lives of immigrants from San Marino.

Entrance to the Museum is free (free).

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