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How to get from Rimini to San Marino: taxi, car, bus, excursions

Surely everyone who has ever been or is just going to visit Rimini has thought about going to San Marino.

San Marino is an amazing state in all respects, besides one of the smallest in Europe and the oldest in the world.

The most visited among tourists is the historical center of San Marino, located on the top of Monte Titano. It is there that medieval sights have been preserved, scattered here and there on the intertwining of ancient streets.

The historic center of San Marino is located 22 kilometers from the center of Rimini and the Rimini Federico Fellini International Airport (Aeroporto internazionale Federico Fellini). Flights to Rimini and other Italian cities →

How to get from Rimini to San Marino (from San Marino to Rimini)

Taxi / transfer

The most convenient way to get from the center of Rimini to San Marino is by taxi.

You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, a car will be waiting for you at the designated place. When ordering a taxi from Rimini Airport, a driver will be waiting for you at the airport with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data.


The most convenient way to travel independently in Italy with a visit to San Marino is by car. You can rent a car in advance, even from home, the car will be waiting for you immediately upon arrival at the airport or elsewhere in the city.


You can get from Rimini to San Marino and from San Marino to Rimini on your own by bus company Bonelli Bus.

Buses run all year round and daily, more often during the tourist season. The buses are large and comfortable, with air conditioning.

The journey takes about 50 minutes. The one-way fare is 5 euros. You can immediately purchase a round-trip ticket, the price will not change, but the ticket will already be on hand, and you can return at any convenient time (tickets are not tied to time).

You can buy a ticket both at ticket sales points and from drivers. However, passengers with already purchased tickets are a priority for boarding the bus - only seats are filled on the bus, and there are many people who want to board during the high tourist season, and if there are not enough seats, you can stay at the bus stop waiting for the next flight.

Buses make several stops in Rimini:

The starting and ending stop in the high summer season (from 06.06 to 12.09) is located on Piazza Alberto Marvelli, which is close to the central beaches. Here, near the bus stop, there is an information and tourist center where you can buy bus tickets and take a free map of San Marino with sights.

During the winter season, the starting and ending bus stops are located near Rimini Train Station.

Photo of the information center

The second stop is located on the square near the Rimini railway station (Stazione FFSS, Piazzale Cesare Battisti), just to the left of the station building, if you face the main entrance. In the winter season, this is the starting and ending bus stop.

You can buy tickets near the station at Tabaccherii, located opposite the main entrance of the railway station.

Photo of the stop

Photo Tabaccherii

The third (in the winter season - the second) bus stop is Arco D'Augusto on Largo Unità d'Italia Street.

The fourth (in the winter season, the third) and last bus stop in Rimini is V.Della Fiera (S.Spirito).

Where to get out in San Marino

In San Marino, the bus makes several stops. The final one is near the main historical center. Buses leave for Rimini from the same stop.

If you are going to San Marino for the purpose of shopping, then it is better to get out earlier - near shopping centers.

Bus timetable

In summer, from June 6 to mid-September - daily, from 08:00 to 19:15 hours, every 1 hour 15 minutes.

In winter, buses run daily and depending on the day of the week, approximately from 08:00 to 18:00-19:25 hours.

Attention! Stops, ticket prices and bus schedules may change, we recommend that you check the information before traveling on the official website of the carrier: autobus-rimini-san marino.

Rimini Intercity service

Buses run from Rimini to Milan, Venice, Bologna, Rome, Naples and other cities in Italy, as well as to Switzerland. Bus tickets →

You can visit the nearby cities of Rimini, for example Riccione, as well as Bologna and Tuscany, with excursions from Rimini

Trains run from Rimini Train Station in many directions, including connecting Rimini with major major cities in Italy. You can find out the exact train schedule, ticket prices and purchase tickets on the Trenitalia website or on the Rail Europe website.

Accommodation facilities in San Marino and Rimini

If you plan to stay in San Marino, then you need to book a means of accommodation (hotel, apartments, etc.). There are hotels located directly in the historical center of San Marino, as well as those that are more remote from tourist routes.

All accommodation facilities in San Marino can be viewed and booked herebooking

All accommodation facilities in Rimini can be viewed and booked herebooking

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