Rimini, Italy - guide. On your own in Rimini

Rimini - one of the largest and most famous resorts not only in Italy but throughout the Adriatic coast of Europe.

Moreover, Rimini is one of the most visited areas of Italy, where everyone will find something to do. Because Rimini is famous not only for its gently sloping sandy beaches, but also historic sights, entertainment and convenient location - close to Rimini are:

- Spa resort of Riccione;

- one of the highlights of microstates on the planet - San-Marino;

- the oldest University center, the city has long been reputed to be the capital of Italian students in Bologna;

- historical, cultural and educational centre of the Marche - Urbino;

- and Florence - the city included in the list of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The Beaches of Rimini

The length of the beaches Rimini is just over 15 kilometers, representing almost one beach.

All the beaches of Rimini are divided into South and North, which shares a Maritime port with a yacht Marina. In turn, howl, the Northern and southern beaches of Rimini is divided into ten districts, nine of which are also divided into smaller beach areas on the numbering.

The division of beaches on a small area due to the convenience orientation, where each zone has all the necessary infrastructure and even more. In every area of your color, sun umbrellas, so the beach is Rimini looks very rosy. Sun loungers and parasols are arranged rather tightly and they occupy almost the entire beach strip, between the sun beds are equipped with decks for ease of movement, also on the beaches there are: toilets and showers, changing cabins and chambers for storage of small items, rescue towers and medical facilities, a small children's and sports grounds, separate leisure areas and entertainment. Read more about all the beaches of Rimini...

Main street Rimini

The bulk of the walks are concentrated in the centre of Rimini, in Marina Centro. So, the most visited tourist places are:

- the seafront promenade, above the beach;

- street Amerigo Vespucci (Viale Amerigo Vespucci), located on the block above the main beaches of Marina Centro and close to the historic center of the city. Along the street: the abundance of cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops, a tour Desk and shops. Read more about the street Amerigo Vespucci...

- the port of Rimini and Rimini channel. On the territory of the port offers two piers for walking, also there are cafes, restaurants and the Ferris wheel and along the canal in Rimini is a pleasure area where you can enjoy views of the many boats, small yachts and sailboats. Read more about marine port and channel Rimini...

- old town - historical centre of Rimini, where the main walking street is the road August (Corso d'Augusto) connecting the Augustus arch, the bridge of Tiberius and conventionally cutting the old town of Rimini into two parts - East and West.

Attractions Rimini

Having a rich history of Rimini can boast of some historical and architectural landmarks, most of whom are concentrated in the old city and close to such.

The main attractions of the old town of Rimini:

- The arch of Augusto (Arco di Augusto), which marks the main entrance (main gate) in the old centre of Rimini. The arch of Augustus was built in 27 BC, then it was a city gate and was built into the defensive walls of the city, marking a main road of Rimini;

- the main square of the old town: Three Martyrs square and Piazza Cavour, in which are concentrated important historical and architectural monuments;

- port Montanara - one of the gates of the city Amerinus (now Rimini), built in the 2nd century BC;

- Sismondo castle (Castel Sismondo), built in the 15th century and currently is one of the integrity. The Central part of the castle was the residence Malatesta;

- Tempio Malatestiano is the Cathedral of Rimini, built in the mid-fifteenth century as a tomb for the ruling Malatesta, hence the name of the temple;

- Teatini square (Piazzetta Teatini) is a small green area to the will of the Cathedral Tempio malatestiano, where you can also see the echoes of past centuries in the ruins of the Church of the fathers Teatini (Chiesa dei Padri Teatini);

- Palazzo Lettimi is one of the most prestigious buildings of the Renaissance, built in the early 16th century Carlo Maski. Currently you can see only remnants of the former luxury that survived the bombing during the Second world war;

- Piazza Luigi Ferrari (Piazza Luigi Ferrari), created in 1888, is notable in that it contains:

a.) war memorial, erected in 1926 in honor of the fallen in the First world war;

b.) The Surgeon's house (Domus del Chirurgo), built in the second half of the second century and then, being a Roman house. Was discovered in 1989 and opened to the public on 7 December 2007 as a Museum. Inside the building was discovered one of the most complete sets of surgical instruments from the Roman era;

c.) the Catholic Church of St. Francis Xavier Church, better known as Pokrovskaya Church (Chiesa del Suffragio), founded in the early 18th century by the Jesuits;

- Roman amphitheater (Anfiteatro romano di Rimini), built in the second century ad and used mainly for the show of gladiators;

- port Galliana (Porta Galliana) - old city gate of the thirteenth century, linking the old city with the port land along the canal of Rimini. Earlier the gate was part of the defensive walls.

The main attractions outside the old town of Rimini:

- the bridge of Tiberius (Ponte di Tiberio), also known as the Augustus bridge (Pons Augustus) is the oldest bridge of Rimini is currently an architectural monument and connects the old centre of Rimini and San Giuliano;

- the historical quarter of San Giuliano, also known as the quarter Fellini. In this quarter grew by Italian film Director Federico Fellini. In the historic district of San Giuliano: the small square and the narrow cobbled streets, on both sides of which are close to each other are the old colorful buildings, the facades of which you can see drawings that represent characters and places from the films of Federico Fellini. There are also several churches, among which is the Church San Giuliano Martire are located on the same street;

- as well as a considerable number of churches are located in the heart of the old city and beyond. Read more about the attractions in Rimini, including the old town of Rimini...

Museums of Rimini

The most visited Museum in Rimini is the city Museum of Rimini (Museo della città di Rimini), located in the former Jesuit monastery, and the former civil hospital, near Piazza Luigi Ferrari.

The Museum has several sections, among which deserve the attention of archaeological and medieval sections. A large space is devoted to the paintings of the fourteenth century works of Giovanni Bellini, Domenico Ghirlandaio, Guercino, Guido Cagnacci etc.

No less popular: the heritage Museum and Museum of small fisheries.

Parks Rimini

In Rimini there is a wide system of parks, including city Park, parks and gardens, boulevards with trees in the center of Rimini and the nearby area.

Among the most famous and popular parks of Rimini:

- park Federico Fellini (Parco Federico Fellini), located near the main beaches. In this Park there are two interesting sights of the city: the fountain of the Four horses (Fontana dei Quattro cavalli), located in the heart of the Park; and, - the huge size of the camera, not giving to forget about the fact that the Park is named after the famous Director. Read more about Fellini Park in Rimini...

- park 25 APR (Parco XXV Aprile), located on the West side of the bridge of Tiberius;

- extended strip of green zone, which is a system of several parks, crossing the city from East to South-West and stretching almost three kilometres, starting from the beach of Rimini (near Bango 27-33) and Euterpe street.

Tourist trains to Rimini

In the high tourist season in Rimini ply the tourist mini-train.

Excursion trains have several routes in the historical part of Rimini, breathtaking, including the port and the old town of Rimini. There is also a route along the South and a separate route along the Northern beaches of Rimini. The ticket price is 2 - 6 Euros, depending on the route. More detailed information on routes and cost of travel in a tourist train can be viewed on the company's official website.

What to try to Rimini

Kitchen Rimini

- on the one hand, the usual Italian - pizza, lasagna, pasta and of course seafood in a variety of types and combinations as well as cheeses, among which is actively used: Buffalo mozzarella and burrata, as well as local - for example, fossa, squaquerone, Parmigiano Reggiano and Grano Padano.

- the other in Rimini, you can try a rather unusual dishes such as piadina, the traditional flatbread (piada), which is often served hot, to main dishes or use as base and put on top of greens, tomatoes etc served with wine and beer; gnocchi, seasoned with various sauces and cheese, perhaps the most unusual of which is a sauce based on cheese Gorgonzola (gnocchi al gorgonzola); small ravioli - Cappelletti (cappelletti), which can be with different fillings ranging from meat and ending with ricotta, these dumplings can be served as sauces, such as creamy mushroom and broth.

Excursions in Rimini. Excursions from Rimini

The agencies on the streets of Rimini offer an abundance of all kinds of travelers, mostly outside the city.

The most popular excursions from Rimini are excursions to Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, San Marino, Bari, Verona, etc.

Of the most popular excursions in Rimini:

- Rimini: Guided Walking Tour of the Historic City Center;

- Rimini: Market Tour, Private Home Cooking Class and Dinner;

- Rimini: Dining Experience at a Local's Home.

Where to have fun in Rimini with the whole family (amusement parks in Rimini and the surrounding area)

The Park Italy in Miniature

The theme Park Italy in Miniature - complex with models of the most famous buildings of Italy and Europe represented in miniature, as well as parrots, water attraction and the science Park. Official site


The amusement Park "Fiabilandia" - themed Park located near the southern beaches, including water and other rides for little kids and not only. Official site


The water Park Aquafan (Aquafan Riccione) is located in Riccione, South along the coast from Rimini. In the Park are the most extreme and family water slides and rides. Official site

Mirabilandia Amusement Park

The Mirabilandia theme Park is located 42 kilometers from the centre of Rimini, in the direction of Ravenna and is a theme Park with various attractions and entertainment: roller coaster, water and family rides, shows, laser shows, etc. Official site

Park Aviation Museum

Theme Park Aviation Museum (Theme Park - Aviation Museum) is located 12 kilometres from the centre of Rimini, near San Marino. The Park was opened in 1995, with 100,000 sqm of exhibition and more than 50 planes. Official site

Where to stay in Rimini (Rimini hotels)

The choice of accommodation in Rimini, a very large and diverse, here you can find accommodation for every taste and budget, from budget to luxury 5 star hotels, boutique hotels, apartments and guest houses, situated as near the beaches or the historic center, and more remotely from those.

All accommodation facilities in Rimini, from budget to luxury, you can view and book here booking

Currency and visas

Italy is part of the Schengen area. To visit the country, you may need travel insurance.

Italy is part of the euro zone, so the country's currency is the Euro (€). Both cash and bank cards are accepted for payment in many shops, cafes and restaurants.

How to get to Rimini

7 kilometers from the railway station Rimini international airport Federico Fellini receiving direct flights from the cities of Europe and Italy itself.

To get from Rimini airport to Rimini can:

- taxi/shuttle service. To get from Rimini airport in Rimini more convenient and faster than a taxi. To order a taxi/shuttle service in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details;

- rent a car. The most convenient way of independent movement in Italy is a car. You can rent a car in advance, even from home, the car will be waiting for you immediately upon arrival at the airport. Car for rent can look and book here;

- public transport. Bus No. 9, the cost of a single ticket 1.30 Euro for 60 minutes.

You can also consider flying into other cities of Italy, for example, to Bologna, and from Bologna to get to the center of Rimini. Cheap flights to Rimini and Bologna it is possible to look here.

From Bologna to Rimini can be reached:

- by taxi, from the airport;

- a rented car;

- shuttle bus from the airport for 1 hour 30 minutes;

- train service from Bologna city centre. Read more about how to get to Rimini from Bologna (airport and downtown)...

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