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4-star hotel Royal Plaza (Hotel Royal Plaza 4*) has a convenient location. Located on a quiet green street in the heart of the touristic part of Rimini.

For reviews of tourists, the hotel has earned a rating of "Good" (7,6).

The main advantages of guests noted: location - walking distance to beaches, cafes and restaurants; daily cleaning and change of towels; good breakfast buffet and a free safe.


Rimini - one of the largest and most famous resorts not only in Italy but throughout the Adriatic coast of Europe.

Moreover, Rimini is one of the most visited areas of Italy, where everyone will find something to do. Because Rimini is famous not only for its gently sloping sandy beaches, but also historic sights, entertainment and convenience.


In addition to the wide sandy beaches and the historical part of the city, Rimini has a very convenient location, whereby it is possible to combine a holiday in the city with a visit to other popular destinations in Italy. First of all - is a trip outside Rimini, these are day trips and are very popular among vacationers.

All tours are with professional guides.


Rimini is primarily known as a popular beach resort located on the Eastern coast of Italy, off the coast of the Adriatic sea.

However, there is a long beach, Rimini also has what to see and where to go. The city has preserved some interesting historical and architectural monuments that identify us to the middle ages.


The port of Rimini (Porto Canale di Rimini) is one of the most vibrant places in Rimini.

Currently, the port is not only used for its intended purpose - taking yachts, pleasure boats and small commercial vessels, but is also a place for walking and entertainment.

Located sea port of Rimini in the city centre, in the district San Giuliano, Rimini channel, which is connected to the Adriatic sea.


Rimini's historic centre, also known as the old town of Rimini, located in the heart of the resort.

The old town of Rimini is: narrow streets lined with ancient buildings, many of which are of historical and architectural value, as well as small squares and museums, cafés and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops.

All of this takes us back to medieval times and it is in the old centre of Rimini you can experience the Italian flavor, touching the history of the city.


The area of the three martyrs (Piazza Tre Martiri) is one of the central squares of the historic center of Rimini.

Piazza Tre Martiri is situated the Roman forum, where his legions were Julius Caesar.

In addition to its history and location, the area is attractive and interesting sites are concentrated, as on the square itself and around it.


Piazza Cavour - one of the Central squares of the historical centre of Rimini.

The history of Piazza Cavour takes us back in time to the middle ages, then it played an important role and was the center of city life.

Attractions are the Piazza Cavour quite diverse. With one side of the square are shops, cafes and the old fish market, and on the other - lined up in a row of historic buildings Dating back to different eras, the construction of which was conducted from the 13th to the 19th century.


Street Amerigo Vespucci (Viale Amerigo Vespucci) is one of the most touristic streets of the city of Rimini.

This coastal street is always busy, walking here and sopetsya, and after - lunch, dinner or just relax with a drink in one of the many food service establishments.


Park Federico Fellini (Parco Federico Fellini) - one of the city parks in Rimini.

The Park is named in honor of the native of Rimini, the famous film Director Federico Fellini.

The main decorations of the Park are: the fountain of the Four horses located in the heart of the Park and the huge size of the camera, judging by the photos present in the Park in 1960.


The district of San Giuliano is one of the districts of Rimini, Dating its history to the 11th century.

Initially, the area of San Giuliano was located outside the city walls and was a poor fishermen's quarter. However, in the early 20th century, thanks to the growth of the Italian cities, San Giuliano was included in the city of Rimini, then became its integral part.

Currently, the greatest interest among tourists is a part of the historic district of Borgo San Giuliano.


Bridge of Tiberius (Ponte di Tiberio) is the oldest bridge of Rimini, is currently one of the most visited attractions and architectural landmarks within the historic city centre.

The bridge goes over the canal of Rimini and connects the two historic part of the city: the old town and historic quarter of San Giuliano.


Rimini - the largest and, to date, one of the most visited resorts on the Adriatic coast of Italy.

Rimini attracts tourists, first of all, a developed beach holiday. The length of the beaches Rimini is just over 15 kilometers, representing almost one beach.


From Bologna airport to the center of Rimini you can reach: taxi, car or shuttle bus.

From the center of Bologna in Rimini you can reach: taxi, car, train or buses.

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