Beaches of Rimini. Embankments of Rimini

Rimini - the largest and, to date, one of the most visited resorts on the Adriatic coast of Italy.

Rimini attracts tourists, first of all, a developed beach holiday. The length of the beaches Rimini is just over 15 kilometers, representing almost one beach.

Description of the beaches of Rimini

All the beaches of Rimini are divided into South and North, which shares a Maritime port with a yacht Marina. Those beaches located to the South of the port belong to the Southern beaches, and those for the North side of the port to the Northern beaches.

The beaches of Rimini (North and South) is divided into ten districts, nine of which, in turn, are also divided into smaller beach areas on the numbering.

So, the Southern beaches include 5 areas, which include beach areas numbered from 1 to 150:

- Marina Centro, beach areas numbered from 1 to 80;

- Bellariva, the numbering of beach areas from 81 to 95;

- Marebello, numbering from 96 to 106;

- Rivazzurra, numbering from 107 to 130;

- Miramare, numbering from 131 to 150.

The Northern beaches of Rimini consists of 5 coastal areas, 4 of which are beach areas numbered from 1 to 76:

- San Giuliano is the only beach that is not divided into smaller beach areas;

- Rivabella, beach areas numbered from 1 to 13;

- Viserba, numbering from 14 to 38;

- Viserbella, numbering from 39 to 55;

- Torre Pedrera, numbering from 56 to 76.

Infrastructure of the beaches of Rimini

The division of beaches on a small area due to ease of orientation and, of course, direct income.

Each zone has all the necessary infrastructure and even more. In every area of your color, sun umbrellas, so the beach is Rimini looks very rosy. Sun loungers and parasols are arranged rather tightly and they occupy almost the entire beach strip, between the sun beds are equipped with decks for ease of movement.

In addition, on the beaches, there are other facilities: toilets and showers, changing cabins and chambers for storage of small items, rescue towers and medical facilities, a small children's playgrounds. This is a minimal set of amenities that are present on all beaches. However, these services on the beaches are not limited to, the competition is high and in line with this, each beach is seeking to lure travelers. So the beaches can also be: a Playground for street ball, beach tennis and volleyball, children's pools, Jacuzzi, fitness equipment, table tennis, chess, checkers, recreation areas, areas for Pets, cafes and beach bars, entertainment, Newspapers and books for those who want to read, etc.

The most Central beaches catches free Wi-Fi.

How to choose a beach in Rimini

Choose the beach should be based on your own preferences and the style of holidays. There are the beaches more equipped for children and families, there will be more children's play areas and animations, as well as to attend children's toilets and showers.

On other beaches, in more sports, more places to practice different active games.

On the third not only has a bar or cafe, but also bars, located directly near the coastline. The fourth - chess, checkers and Newspapers, which indicates the priority at this beach recreation for people of more Mature travelers.

Despite this the essence of the beaches remains the same. The only thing we've found is more significant is that there are beaches more free from all the above additional entertainment, which is more comfortable to rest, and there are those where every inch of something so cluttered, which makes the beach less comfortable to use for its intended purpose.

The purity of the beaches of Rimini

All the beaches of Rimini are wide, flat and sandy. The beaches are regularly cleaned, sand dub.

However, the cleanliness of the beaches depends on the beach area. There are beaches cleaner, and there are those containing small shells near the sea and the debris in the form of cigarette butts.

On some beaches, near the sea, there is a smell coming from small shells, put on shore.

Cleanliness, softness of the sand and the sunset in the sea, we liked the Southern beaches No. 54 and 55.

Sea water depth

Sea water is clean and clear, sandy bottom, on some beaches at the bottom of the shell. Sunset in shallow sea depth is gradual.

In early June the sea water was warm enough.

Free and paid beaches of Rimini

By themselves the beaches of Rimini free. That is, the entrance to the beach, no money will not take. But for the use of beach chairs and umbrellas will have to pay. Although the coastline of Rimini and wide, but most of it is occupied by sunbeds and other amenities, so place for free will is that at the edge of the water.

In the rental of sun loungers includes use of toilets, showers, changing rooms, and most of the other amenities and entertainment.

The cost can vary from beach to beach, but, on average, about the same. The cost of chairs depend on the distance from the sea - the closer to the sea, the more expensive.

You can pay per day or purchase a subscription for a week, month, etc Average cost for two sunbeds and umbrella from the sun - 16-20 Euros per day, week - 95-120 Euros.

On a photo the cost of renting loungers on one of the Southern beaches in the heart of the city

On the North beach

Almost near the sea you can rent chairs without umbrellas for 3-7 Euros for a sunbed.

Free beaches:

1. South

- the very first and quite long beach, originating from the sea port;

- between 106 and 108 zones;

- between 109 and 110 zones;

- between 139 and 140 zones.

- over 150 area on the border with Riccione.

2. North

- a small area immediately behind the port area of San Giuliano;

- before the first area of Rivabella;

- 58 zone;

- between 71 and 72 zones;

- 76 area on the border with Bellaria.

What the beaches of Rimini is better - North or South?

Hard to say, here on taste and color. The only difference is that that in the sea's Northern beaches there are stone breakwaters, so the two meet crabs, and if you stand in the water, they can pinch the finger, not painful, but unpleasant. We tweaked a couple of times, then swim in this area, the desire has disappeared.

At the southern beaches groynes no, that would make bathing more comfortable.

The beaches in Rimini we found it dirty and crowded. Then we went to South beach № 55. This beach is located near the centre and one of the cleanest.

Photos of the Northern beaches of Rimini

San Giuliano - the first North beach, from the southern beaches is the port and the channel, and from the rest of the North - the river Fiume Marecchina, so the beach turns out cut off from other beaches.

To reach the beach on bridges, which will have North and South coast of the parties to Rimini to go a little deeper into the city.

They say that this beach is one of the busiest, but it was one of the most desolate. The impact location.

Free zone near the port

The beach next

Photo of the river Marecchia

The river originate 4 North beach stretching to the Northern border of Rimini single beach.

The free part of the beach is just across the river in Rivabella

Photos of beaches

Above the line the greater part of the Northern beaches are hotels and apartments with direct access to the beaches. Behind the hotels is passing by the road, on both sides of which there are a few cafes and bars.

Photos of Southern beaches of Rimini

The first - free the South beach area, originating from the port

Beaches further

Above the beach line is passing by the road. Near the greater part of the southern beaches there are no hotels located directly on the beach, to enter the beach you need to cross the road.

One of the most hyped hotels in the area of Marino Centro area is considered a 5-star hotel Grand Hotel Rimini.

A few hotels located directly near the beaches are from about 100 beach zones. It is at a distance of approximately 4 km from the historic centre of Rimini. For example, the 3-star Hotel Carlton Beach.

The beaches of Marino Centro are the most popular. They are located near the historical and tourist center. It is near the beach are the main attractions and entertainment: the Park of Federico Fellini, a Ferris wheel, aquarium Rimini and the old town.

On the street Amerigo Vespucci (Via Amerigo Vespucci), which is slightly above the Central line the beaches of Marino Centro, the festivities and festivals, and even on the street above - ground cafes, restaurants, bars, tour agencies, souvenir shops, shops and retail outlets. There is a large supermarket CONAD.

Along the beaches there is Parking for bikes and cars

You can rent a bike

Water fun on the beaches of Rimini

On many beaches water sports on offer. Prices can vary from beach to beach.

Floating water Park Boabay, consisting of an inflatable modular platforms. Located in the heart of Marina Centro, in areas from 47 to 62. Open from 1 June to 31 August, from 10:00 to 19:00 hours. The cost of one hour is 10 Euro.

Floating water Park AmareA, is located in the Miramare area, before the areas 143-144. Open from June to September, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 14:30 to 18:30 hours. The cost of visiting: 1 hour - € 10; 30 minutes - € 6, children under 130 cm. - € 5.

Excursion boats from the beaches of Rimini

On the Northern beaches No. 7, 18, 39, 72, and South No. 42, 72, 100, 115 and 140 equipped piers, from where everyone take the boats on boat tours and cruises. Schedule and prices of cruises can be found here, on the piers.

With the Northern beaches

With the Southern beaches

Period of operation of the beach areas of Rimini

Seasonal, from 07:00 to 20:00 hours.

What are warning flags on the beaches of Rimini

On the beaches of Rimini, along the coast, placed the tower of rescuers with developing above them, the flags, the color of which you can learn is currently the rescue service and what are the conditions of the sea. The flags come in three colors - red, white and yellow.

Red - warns about the dangers of bathing due to bad weather conditions or the absence of lifeguards on duty. When this flag on the beach, you need to look at the situation, the water in the sea can be calm and inviting for swimming, but lifeguards absent. To swim or not in this situation, only you can decide.

Yellow - set during the strong gusts of wind, and he signals that we should close the umbrellas.

White - suggests that conditions for swimming and relaxing on the beach is nice and the lifeguards in their places.

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