Bridge of Tiberius in Rimini (Ponte di Tiberio)

Bridge of Tiberius (Ponte di Tiberio), also known as the Augustus bridge (Pons Augustus) is the oldest bridge of Rimini, is currently one of the most visited attractions and architectural landmarks within the historic city centre.

The construction of the bridge relates to the Roman period. Initially, the construction work on the construction of the Tiberius bridge began during the reign of Augustus and finished in 20 years of our era, during the reign of his successor, Emperor Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus, in whose honor and named this the Roman bridge.

The bridge goes over the canal of Rimini and connects the two historic part of the city: the old town and historic quarter of San Giuliano.

The length of the bridge is about 70 meters, which consists of five semicircular arches with an average span length of about 8 m, supported on a solid support. Originally, the bridge was made of stones of large size, which can be seen at the present time.

On the East side of the bridge located in the center of Rimini, following which you can go to the port of Rimini. And the West is a Park 25 APR (Parco XXV Aprile).

Currently, the Tiberius bridge is open 24 hours a day to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, except for trucks. Can be closed for transport public transport in the days of the "big" holidays and special events.

Tiberius bridge on the map the main attractions of Rimini

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