Excursions in Rimini. Excursions from Rimini - Rome, Venice, Florence, Bari, San Marino, Milan, etc.

Rimini is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Adriatic coast.

In addition to the wide sandy beaches and the historical part of the city, Rimini has a very convenient location, whereby it is possible to combine a holiday in the city with a visit to other popular destinations in Italy. First of all - is a trip outside Rimini, these are day trips and are very popular among vacationers.

All tours are with professional guides.

Excursions in Rimini

Although in the city there are enough offices, tour agencies, however, mostly they offer tours outside of Rimini.

From excursions in Rimini, for example:

Rimini: Guided Walking Tour of the Historic City Center

Rimini: Market Tour, Private Home Cooking Class and Dinner

Rimini: Dining Experience at a Local's Home

Group tours of Rimini

The most popular group tours from Rimini, is a one-day, are:

Riccione: Umbrella and Loungers at Baia degli Angeli Beach

Bologna & Tuscany: 7-Day Lost Flavors Cooking Tour

Individual and other excursions from Rimini

In addition to the group, there are also individual excursions from Rimini, during which the main route for sightseeing and some of the time you will be able to plan independently, which is very convenient.

Also, in addition to, from Rimini, there are other, no less important and interesting tours, including shopping tours.

All tours in Rimini and from Rimini:

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