How to get from Naples Airport to the city center (from the center of Naples to the airport)

Naples Airport / Capodichino Airport (Aeroporto Internazionale di Napoli - Capodichino / Capodichino Airport) is an international airport located within the city of Naples, in the city district of Capodichino.

Kapodikino Airport regularly receives and sends both domestic and international flights from Europe, Morocco, Egypt, Israel, the USA, etc. Flights to Naples and other Italian cities →

The distance from the airport di Napoli to the city center is about 5 kilometers to the central railway station (Napoli Centrale, on Piazza Garibaldi / Piazza Garibaldi) and 7.5 kilometers to the port of Naples (Porto di Napoli).

To get from Naples airport to the city center, as well as from the center of Naples to the airport, you can:

- by taxi;

- by car;

- express buses;

- city buses;

- if desired, on foot.


To get from Naples airport to the center of Naples, as well as other cities and resorts in Italy, it is more convenient and fastest by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data!


If you plan to travel to Italy, then car rental will be an ideal option. You can choose and order a car in advance, at the appointed time your car will be waiting for you near the airport or elsewhere in the city.

Express buses

ANM bus express - shuttle busses Alibus (Alibus) run from Naples Airport to the center of Naples and to the seaport.

At the airport, the Alibus bus can be found approximately 200 meters from the exit of the arrival area Terminal 1. We leave the airport, go straight (along Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria street) to the stop.

In the city center, buses stop at Piazza Garibaldi (near the railway station), then proceed to the port: Immacolatella - Porta Di Massa (Immacolatella - Porta Di Massa) and Molo Beverello (Sea station / Molo Beverello & Piazzale Stazione Marittima).

In the opposite direction (from the center of Naples to the airport) - the route is the same.

Photo stops at the port of Naples and stops near the train station on Piazza Garibaldi

The fare is 5 euros.

Tickets can be purchased at bus stops, from the driver on the bus, at the airport (arrival area) at the information desks or at the Sun Store tobacco store, and also in online applications. Tickets can also be purchased near the central station and at the port.

On the bus, the ticket needs to be composted.

Nuance! An ALIBUS ticket purchased from a bus driver, at bus stops or in the app entitles you to one ride in Alibus. A UNICO ALIBUS ticket purchased at a Tabacchi, newsstand, bar gives the right to travel to Alibus + other public transport in Naples within 90 minutes from the moment of the first compost on the bus.

Alibus buses run daily, every 15-25 minutes: from the airport to the center - from 06:00 am to 23:25 hours; from the center to the airport - from 05:30 am to 00:00 hours.

The travel time from the airport to the train station is 15-20 minutes, from the airport to the port is about 35-40 minutes.

We recommend checking the exact bus schedule and ticket prices on the official website of the company: .

Urban transport (buses)

Municipal city buses run to the center of Naples, from a stop located near the airport, the distance is about 500 meters.

We leave the airport building (arrival area), move straight, pass the Alibus bus stop, go straight to the first roundabout, turn right and walk along the fence to Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena Street. We cross the roadway - the stop will be slightly to the left.

Photo of the street along the fence after turning on the ring

Photo of a stop on Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena street

In the opposite direction (from the city center), the stop is located here, only on the opposite side of Viale Comandante Umberto Maddalena Street.

Bus No. 182 runs to piazza Dante, timetable and stops. Bus number C68 runs to piazza Carlo III, timetable and stops.

Ticket price: 1.10 euros - one-time fare; 1.60 euros - valid on public transport for 90 minutes from the moment of the first compost. There are also tickets for 24 hours and an unlimited number of trips, a seven-day pass, a monthly and annual subscription.

Tickets need to be composted on the bus. If the composter does not work, in a good way, you need to enter the start time of the trip in the ticket, well, or go for free and use the tickets in the future.

They don't sell tickets on buses. In the airport building, tickets can be purchased at the Sun Store tobacco Store. In the city - in tobacco shops, bars, kiosks.

Photo of the Sun Store at the airport

Attention! The cost of travel, conditions and timetable of buses may change, we advise you to specify immediately before the trip.

Intercity service of Naples

From Naples Airport, direct buses run to Amalfi, Salerno, Sorrento.

A stop for commuter buses departing from the airport is located at the bus parking lot next to parking lot P1. The stop of suburban buses arriving at the airport is located before departures.

From the center of Naples by bus you can get to the suburbs of the city of Naples, to many cities in Italy, as well as to France. Flixbus buses also run. Flixbus bus tickets →

Also, transfers from the airport to the center of Naples to the surrounding area (Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, Pompeii, Rome, etc.) can be ordered here

Trains run from Naples Railway Station to many destinations, including high-speed trains connecting Naples with major major Italian cities. You can find out the exact train schedule, ticket prices and purchase tickets on the Trenitalia website or on the Rail Europe website.

All accommodation facilities in Naples, including in the city center and near the airport, can be viewed and booked here booking

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