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Warsaw's old town - historic centre of Warsaw, today is the most popular tourist attraction of the city.

The old town is absolutely small, is, rather, a quarter, a compact complex of historic architecture, partially surrounded by defensive walls.

Despite its modest size, the Warsaw old town is very cosy and very colorful. Low buildings are so vivid that sometimes it seems, can enjoy them for a very long time.


In the centre of gdańsk, especially in the historical section of cafés, pubs, snack bars and restaurants a lot. They are located along all the main streets. Prices about the same everywhere, the food choices too, so here recommendations will be meaningless as hungry, go into any restaurant and eat.

In town the main street food of the local people are the Kebabs. Eat it probably every second. Sebabnya, in contrast to the cafes and restaurants are never empty. In Poland the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine. Institutions with these kebabs, various shapes and with various fillings, are at every step.


The main train station in Gdansk or gdańsk główny, the full Polish name of Gdansk Głowny is the largest passenger station of the Polish city of Gdansk.

The station building is certainly impressive and so in harmony with the architecture of old Gdansk. The building is an imposing red brick with wide Windows in arched shapes. A high tower of the station, decorated with a clock can be seen from afar.


Planning a trip by car to the Polish city of Gdansk, or Sopot, it will be useful to find out information about Parking in these cities, free, paid, cost, and some of the nuances.

In the centre of cities, Parking can be found on almost all the main streets, sights and places that are most in demand. But you should know that almost all of them are paid.


The old town in Gdansk is a part of the old historic centre of the city.

It is in the old town of gdańsk's main sights, monuments and history of the city.


Sopot is a city and a small resort. Attractions in the city are not many, but they are well kept, some even funny and more like entertainment, than a landmark in the truest sense of the word.


In category "Sopot" we already wrote a lot about the city, its beaches and the sea, the main attractions, parks and recreation areas.

In the same article, just want to upload photos of the city.

In truth, to lay out these posts with pictures of the streets of the usual city life and the people we love the most. It seems that the only way to really see and learn the life of cities "from the inside".


The main square of Sopot, it is also Central located in the heart of the Old town.

This spacious square is the main square where you can organize festive events and concerts.

For such a small resort town of Sopot, the Central square has a pretty impressive size. In the center of the square is a restaurant with an outdoor terrace.


The street is fully pedestrianized and closed to vehicle traffic. Therefore, it is so nice to walk, especially with young children.

Boulevard of Monte Cassino not long, all you can walk for half an hour. On both sides of the alleys located home old Polish architecture, cafes, pubs, galleries, cinemas, restaurants and a lot of different shops, from the smallest to small, by the standards of modern cities, shopping centers. Along with decorative trees with green crowns of great beauty. Under planted trees, installed benches for rest. In General, the entire promenade monciak walkway is the old city of Sopot and the his heart.


Park of Maria and Lech kaczyński area is small green with Seating areas and a baby Playground. The Park is planted with many trees, different bushes, and flower beds. The Park is also equipped and beautiful lanterns.

If you are after the beach, tired from the sun, this beautiful Park is a great place where you can sit on a bench in the shade of the spreading crowns of the trees.


Resort Park one of the most beautiful Polish cities of Sopot (Polish name of the Skwer Kuracyjny) is a semi-circular area of the radiating pedestrian alleys.

The square is the Central resort city. Walking through the alleys of the Park you can easily reach the coastal line of the Baltic sea with a sandy beach.

In General, the square is the ground part of the Mall, the largest in Europe...


If you fly or on the contrary flew to Modlin airport, in the city of Warsaw and your flights are not docked, then you will surely have to spend time, maybe even spend the night.

It happened and we came to the railway station Warsaw from Kaliningrad about ten o'clock, further departure to Spain was from Modlin airport at 8 a.m. the next day. The airport from the city centre is at a distance of 40 kilometers. By the way tell you how cheaply and at any time of the day to get from Central Warsaw to the Modlin airport and(or) back we wrote earlier, read here.

So we needed somewhere to pass the night, of course you can in the airport or sit at the bar, but after eight hours of journey in the bus and before further flights I wanted...


One of the main attractions are undoubtedly its beaches and the sea. The beach in Sopot is clean and wide, with fine and delicate sand stretching over four kilometers.


Patrons of the parish are St. George and our lady of Czestochowa. Czestochowa icon of the Mother of God, according to legend, the face of the Mother of God, is a miraculous icon of the virgin, painted by St. Luke. This is one of the most famous and revered shrines of Poland and Central Europe.


In Warsaw as throughout the Europe, mostly paid Parking.

The cost depends on the zone in which you are going to Park your car. All European cities, including Warsaw, divided into zones, the closer to the center or tourist attractions is the Park, the more expensive it will be to leave her car. Accordingly, the most expensive Parking in Warsaw will be Parking located in the city center and near attractions as well as places with large concentrations of people.

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