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Food in Gdansk, Poland

In the centre of gdańsk, especially in the historical section of cafés, pubs, snack bars and restaurants a lot. They are located along all the main streets. Prices about the same everywhere, the food choices too, so here recommendations will be meaningless as hungry, go into any restaurant and eat.

We haven't been to Gdansk or to Poland any delicious and not found. All the food tastes kind of bland, monotonous and tasteless. The price of food in catering establishments is not the cheapest in Europe.

In town the main street food of the local people are the Kebabs. Eat it probably every second. Sebabnya, in contrast to the cafes and restaurants are never empty. In Poland the kebab has become part of everyday cuisine. Institutions with these kebabs, various shapes and with various fillings, are at every step.

Polish kebab is something like our Shawarma and Shawarma. Kebabs are open and closed. The basis of the kebab is the meat, the chips of flaky meat, fry on a vertical spit. Also in the kebab consists of greens, vegetables and various sauces and dressings - mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, etc. Can include the French fries. There are kebabs from 8 to 15 PLN (zloty is the official currency of Poland) depending on size and toppings.

Institutions kebabs on the streets of Gdansk

kebab in Gdansk

kebab in Gdansk

Institutions Kebabs set in the historic centre of gdańsk old town

kebab in the old town of Gdansk

A type of kebab with chicken and vegetables, just-just Shawarma. The cost of 13 PLN per share.

kebab in Gdansk

If we are talking about snacking, in the centre of gdańsk's not uncommon to come across a bakery. Bakery in Gdansk is a small place with a few tables that sell fresh pastries and hot drinks.

All baking, and other kitchen tasteless. The same taste of the bun you can buy in any supermarket. But the price, much higher than ours.

bakery in Gdansk

We, for the first time hoping that coffee and pastries in Poland are just as delicious as in neighbouring Germany, bought bread rolls and cappuccino. But after the first bite, the disappointment befell us, all the food taste and quality were absolutely no.

breakfast in a bakery in Gdansk

The center of the old town, particularly the main street - długa and Piwna (Piwna and Dluga) studded with cafes, pubs and restaurants. Catering establishments located on the ground floors of historic buildings along these streets one after the other.

Prices about the same everywhere. You can go to any of the schools, much of a difference, at least we, felt.

The photo of the meat dish, unfiltered wheat beer and water in one of the restaurants on the street Piwna. The price of all this was about 50 PLN. Meat plate absolutely not impressed, but the beer was nothing.

beer restaurant in Gdansk

The next place which we visited this pizzeria Pizzeria Krlewska on the square near the Golden gate. A pizzeria in Internet touted and we fell for it. In reality, it turned out, like everything else, the pizza is tasteless and even completely unappetizing.

pizzeria in the center of Gdansk

pizza at Pizzeria Krolewska Gdansk

So we went to institution Gdansk, and not found any that we liked. Maybe next time more luck, we did find a restaurant with dishes which will be say and write that there, that serves really tasty food.

Many interested institutions by type canteens. Having come in which, for little money you can eat, taking first, second and compote. One such school in the center of Gdansk we saw on the waterfront. Leaving the old town through the Green gate (Zielona Brama Branch) and crossing the bridge through the channel of the river motława (Motlawa) on the left side will be a white tent. It is in this tent is a cafe with food at the same price per 100 grams. Really tent this we saw in the warm season, in winter it is removed.

meals at a single price in Gdansk

The tent has the following system: pass near the display cases with food and gaining what you want. After the food is weighed and you pay based on weight. 100 grams of any food is 4,99 PLN. Beverages are sold separately at the bar, there is a dance floor. About the taste and quality of food can not say anything because did not eat at this establishment.

eat in the center of Gdansk

salads in the Gdansk tent

second hot dishes Gdansk

side dishes Gdansk

potato side dishes Gdansk

a tent on the embankment in Gdansk

Near the tent is a small tent, which you can eat hot dogs or sweet waffles.

street food-hot dogs and waffles in Gdansk

Where you can buy really tasty and inexpensive food, not food over and products, duck is in supermarkets. One of the major supermarkets is located in the heart of old Gdansk, opposite the main train station. This is where we often looked, prikopa all sorts of Goodies at reasonable prices.

supermarket in the center of Gdansk

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