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Parking in Poland - Gdansk and Sopot: free, paid, paid

Planning a trip by car to the Polish city of Gdansk, or Sopot, it will be useful to find out information about Parking in these cities, free, paid, cost, and some of the nuances.

You can Park your car in Poland is possible only in specially permitted places. Parking in the wrong place fraught with serious sanctions, such as: lock the vehicle wheels city service or towing to the impound. All this is accompanied by a penalty of 400 PLN.

parked cars. Gdansk, Sopot

illegal parking of cars in Poland

Also, do not leave your car in the Parking spaces designated for people with disabilities. For this there is a penalty of 800 PLN.

Paid Parking in Gdansk and Sopot

In the centre of cities, Parking can be found on almost all the main streets, sights and places that are most in demand. But you need to know that most of them are paid.

Areas of paid Parking indicated familiar to all motorists with a sign with the sign of P. Almost all Parking can be paid through Parking meter. Parking meters usually located here, near the Parking lots.

The Parking meter in the centre of gdańsk

parking meter in Gdansk

Sopot parking meter

You can pay fines. Choose in the display the and display the required Parking time and pay. After paying the Parking meter issues a check, the so-called Parking ticket. This ticket must be placed on the dashboard of the car so that it was visible in the windshield. This is done for controllers. When you go in the controller, it needs to see the voucher pay for Parking. Controllers go quite often. If such coupons, the controller will not see it here, on the spot, the penalty will be discharged. On return you will find a fine receipt on the side window of the driver's side.

Fine slips will be given an address and time where you can pay a fine. Fines in Europe are not small, so the desire to save money and thought "Maybe blow over" will be more expensive. So we, from the desire to save money, got on fine in Kaunas, learn about it in detail here.

Parking in Gdansk surcharge on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 09:00 to 17:00 hours. That is all paid Parking Gdansk, where there are Parking meters will be free on weekdays from 17:00 and Saturday-Sunday and on public holidays.

In the Polish resort city of Sopot paid Parking from Monday to Saturday.

The cost of Parking in Gdansk and Sopot

The cost of hourly Parking lots. The city is divided into zones, the closer to the center or places with large concentrations of people put the car, the more expensive the cost of Parking.

The hourly cost of Parking in the Parking meters of the centre of gdańsk:

- 1 hour: 3 PLN.

- 2 hours: 6,60 PLN.

- 3 hours: 10,90 PLN.

each subsequent hour: 3 PLN.

the cost of parking in the center of Gdansk

In addition to the paid Parking pay Parking meters in Gdansk and Sopot there is a guarded Parking lot with employees. In this case, payment is made directly to the employee Parking lot. In Gdansk, for example, one of such Parking lots near old town.

As in all other towns, Gdansk and Sopot paid hourly Parking is in shopping centers located in the city centre

Free Parking in Gdansk and Sopot

Free Parking in Gdansk, of course, near major shopping centres such as IKEA, Auchan, Carrefour, Fashion house (Fashion House Оutlet Centre) - outlet, village outlet shopping and other great shopping.

Unlike other cities in Central Europe, where the city center is difficult to find a free Parking in Gdansk and Sopot, there are still free Parking close to the historic centres. They are located mainly near houses, cafes or shops.

free parking in Gdansk, Sopot

Arriving in the centre of gdańsk old town, the train in its vicinity. Free place probably will be. Otherwise free Parking can be found in yards, 500-800 metres from the old town.

In Sopot, just free Parking located near residential homes or public places that are in walking distance from the beach, Central square and the main pedestrian street - the Boulevard of Monte Cassino , or as it is called by the people of the street Monciak.

We're coming to Gdansk or Sopot, if possible try to use exactly such free Parking areas.

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