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Monte Cassino (Montyak), Sopot - the main walking street of the city

Bohaterów Monte Cassino (Monte Cassino) full name of Bohaterow Monte Cassino (Bohaterow Monte Cassino) the people of the street informally called Monciak, is perhaps the main and beautiful walking street of the Polish resort town of Sopot.

From 1945 to 1956, the street was called in honor of Konstantin Rokossovsky.

The street is fully pedestrianized and closed to vehicle traffic. Therefore, it is so nice to walk, especially with young children.

Boulevard of Monte Cassino not long, all you can walk for half an hour. On both sides of the alleys located home old Polish architecture, cafes, pubs, galleries, cinemas, restaurants and a lot of different shops, from the smallest to small, by the standards of modern cities, shopping centers. Along with decorative trees with green crowns of great beauty. Under planted trees, installed benches for rest. In General, the entire promenade walkway Monciak this is the old city of Sopot and the his heart.

It is on the street so I love to walk local residents and visitors.

Pedestrian Boulevard of Monte Cassino originates from the Central square, three minutes walk from the beach, the longest in Europe wooden pier, which also serves as a port and place for walks and the old Sopot lighthouse, which contained the observation deck.

So from the main square, the street runs up, gradually turning to the right, comes to the small square near the Roman Catholic parish of St. George, then just a couple of blocks blends in with the street on May 1 (1 Maja).

The street view is an amazingly beautiful, presentable appearance. Walking through it we were given a treat.

Monte Cassino street Sopot

Monte Cassino Sopot

the main walking street of Sopot

In the summer, in the height of tourist season, especially in the evening, when visitors and residents have plenty of danielis was on the beach and rested, on the street you can see the crowds leisurely strolling tourists. Here, budding artists often carry out street performances.

Walking through the alleys of Montecassino it is worth to pay attention to the most famous attraction of the city - crooked house (Krzywy Dom) people call it the Dancing house. Although past it, you will not, the house of unusual construction, its facade there is no direct element that immediately catches the eye. Though he architecture and different from all other jobs in the city, at the same time so harmoniously blended into the surrounding architecture, that it seems like the crooked house stood in this street always.

The dancing house was built in 2004. It is a restaurant, shopping center, exhibition center, radio Studio, even has its own Avenue of stars. This is one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

Crooked house on Monte Cassino street

All the buildings on the bohaterów Monte Cassino street was built in the late nineteenth - early twentieth centuries and made in the styles that were popular in those years. Here there is a structure created in the style of the Vienna secession and eclectic. They are easy to spot, they are all decorated with different turrets wyote, openwork balconies and pilasters.

Walk down the street Monte Cassino on, admiring the architecture of the old Sopot

Monte Cassino Sopot

Monte Cassino Sopot

Monte Cassino Sopot

Bohaterow Monte Cassino

Bokhaterov Monte Cassino Sopot

Street Monte Cassino smoothly turns to the right

Monte Cassino Sopot

Along the street is located and souvenir shops where you can buy the magnets and other Souvenirs with symbols of Sopot.

souvenir shops on Montiak Sopot street

On the street here-there is found many different sites. Here is one of them, don't know really who or what is mounted and what it means.

monument on Montiak Street

So walking down the street, we did not notice, as we came to a small square in the center of which there is one of the oldest buildings of the city - parish of Saint George and our lady of Czestochowa. You can go back.

The area near the Church

the square on Montiak Street

the square near the church of St. George Sopot

The Church of St. George (Kosciot garnizonowy pw. sw. Jerzego or Pzymskokatolicka Garnizonowa Parafia sw. Jerzego). Details about the parish, its history and the interior can be read here.

St. George Parish Montjak Street

After a walk in the street, well sit down in one of the many cafes or pubs along the alleys and enjoy a coffee and cake.

Prices in the cafe is not cheap, although cheaper than at our resorts. It is understandable, we had a snack in the heart of the resort.

Here's a little snack in a cafe cost us about 700 rubles.

snack on Montyak Sopot street

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