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Curve (the dancing house) in Sopot (Krzywy Domek)

Crooked house (Dancing house), it is called krzywy domek, Polish - Krzywy Domek, is located in Sopot, Poland on a street Monciak or bohaterów Monte Cassino 53 (Bohaterow Monte Cassino 53), near the beach and Europe's largest wooden sea pier.

Crooked house is the main attraction of the city, which tourists from every corner of Europe. The house is one of the few and most unusual homes on the planet. He attracts the attention of all without exception of passers-by.

Krzywy Domek Sopot

A house like that, but higher and not as bright is in Prague, Czech Republic - Prague Dancing house.

And we Krzywy Domek was impressed. The house is stunning, the feeling that you do not look at the house itself, and in its reflection in a distorting mirror. Here which reflects the inexhaustible imagination really creative people. This is not strange abstraction to collect from the piles of scrap metal and call yourself a Creator, it is a real manifestation of talent.

One house, among the old architecture, it is "YES!"... Imagine a whole street of such houses, all of them colorful and dancing all under his rhythm. It would be an unforgettable sight.

Will be in Eastern Poland, make sure to stop by to see this miracle of architecture.

Crooked house in Sopot Poland

Crooked house in Sopot Poland

Dancing history of Sopot

Crooked house was built in 2004 by architects Satinsky and Zalewski.

To create the miracle of the house of architects was inspired by the paintings of artists Jan Marcin of Santera (Jan Marcin Szancer) and the Pen of Oscar Dalberg (Per Oscar Dahlberg).

From its very birth (2004) crooked house became the symbol of the city that combines business, entertainment, culture and art. The object is part of a shopping center, "Resident".

The curvature from within

Internal operated the building area is about 4000 square meters.

The first floor retail space, a restaurant and a salon of slot machines. Upstairs are two studios the main radio stations "Radio RMF FM" and "Radio RMF MAHHH".

The house even has its own walk of fame. It is of course not quite alley, and the "Wall of fame", but according to its creators, it's a Hollywood "walk of stars" only in the Polish interpretation.

On one of the inner walls of the building left their autographs celebrities and famous people who visited the dancing house.

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