6-th of the classic ways of cheating tourists in the Czech Republic/Prague

True stories!!!

How to cheat tourists in the Czech Republic/Prague! Classic mistakes tourists in the Czech Republic/Prague!

how tourists are deceived in the Czech Republic/PrigeCzech Republic, especially in a large city, the main of which is its capital Prague, as the magnet attracts thousands of tourists. This means, a country automatically becomes alluring to crooks of various stripes. You do not need to think that tourists are deceived only in Prague/the Czech Republic, not at all, scammers are aimed at all tourists indiscriminately, Europeans, Americans, Russians, etc., there is no difference for them.

Well as of deception and fraud enough in any city in the world where there are tourists, and the bigger the city, the more scams and ways to cheat tourists. We already wrote about the most common scams tourists in Rome, read here.

In this article we will talk about how to cheat tourists on the streets of major cities in the Czech Republic.

All the ways of fraud aimed at one goal - getting money, mostly not very large, but still appreciable amounts. Harm no one, either. All tricks aimed at idly walking around and usually, losing the vigilance of the tourist. So, walking around the cities in the Czech Republic do not think that you are in civilized Europe and be vigilant. Everything and everywhere you need to double-check, do not trust the first comer and then to dissolve on your money would be virtually impossible.


the most common methods of deception in the streets of Prague, apply to all cities of Czech Republic

1. Currency exchange!

The currency of Czech Republic is Czech crown. In the center of large cities to accept as crowns and euros. To pay in Euros unprofitable.

We read in many sources that tourists are not advised to exchange currency in exchange offices. A very good reason! The exchange compared to the banks offer decent course, but more importantly, banks in the Czech Republic in exchange take an impressive Commission.

What to do in the exchanger is terrible, the Bank is unprofitable? Let's say: "fear has big eyes!".

There are exchange offices and taking a Commission, but most do not take. There are those that cheat. Here you need to include the diligence and ingenuity. In the exchanger before the currency exchange be sure to ask the cashier, "How many crowns you get $ for their, say 100 euros?". The cashier will write the sum on paper or typed on the calculator. If the amount is the same as specified on the scoreboard and the course suits us, then we change the currency and, without departing from the window, recalculate. In this case, cheating will not.

We always changed in exchange offices, and the Euro to crowns and crowns into dollars, it was no deception. Details on where and how best to change the currency in Prague/Czech Republic read here.

Fraud in the Czech Republic/Prague-currency exchange

!!! You should never exchange currency at the street money changers with it, though a course they can offer the very best. Cheating almost always, or give less money, or instead of CZK slip cheaper but looks similar currency!!!

2. Pockets on lock!

Pickpockets, a mandatory attribute of any settlement, where more than 200 people. What really should expect from the tourist cities of the Czech Republic. Especially a lot of pickpockets working of course in close proximity to large concentrations of tourists.

Prague "shchipachev" to their superior organization and the group. So watching at the window or attraction, the tourist can easily fall into their hands, especially if walking alone. Pickpockets are most often so, one of them coming to the victim, ostensibly to ask how come, the other at this time supposedly passing by, slightly pushes and pulls the purse then pass it to the third, the latter in turn in seconds dissolve into the crowd.

Especially pickpockets love the crowded narrow streets. Prague is often the streets around the old town square. Also popular with pickpockets square shopping malls and public transport during peak hours. For example, on the Prague tram 22 legends nothing less than the ghosts in the Czech castles.

The Council then you can only give one, be careful and safely hide their cash.

Fraud in the Czech Republic/Prague-pickpockets

3. Take a ride in a taxi!

Taxi in Czech Republic/Prague, it is generally a separate issue. Here are ways of cheating the mass. Yes, the same as in any major city in the world. In Moscow all the same charlatans taxi drivers.

Well, for example, the meter in the taxi is rigged so that shakes faster than the engine is running. Or it is not shut down. So sitting in a taxi, watching the meter, so on arrival you don't put the amount of ten customers before you.

Paying by credit card, look carefully at the amount you pay if there are extra zeros, and that is 20 euros and is easy to fork out 200. By the way, it's not just a taxi, in all places, in any country in the world, if you pay card, you need to look carefully at the payment amount.

The most common and favorite among the taxi drivers by way of divorce of tourists in the Czech Republic (though all these methods to, subject to administrative and criminal liability, and they are used rarely) is this: "circling, circling areas!" Circle and carry the client on the longest path has become commonplace at the Prague taxi drivers.

Fraud in the Czech Republic/Prague-beware of taxi drivers!

4. Your score sir!

Deception in bars, cafes and restaurants! In General, all food service establishments.

In Czech restaurants, especially in tourist centers, can easily deceive. For example, to include the expense of meals which you did not order, or a few extra Beers. Always carefully check your bill.

Second method: you sit down at the table, and there are already flavored pretzels or bread. Like the decor, and take all you want, but no, after a meal the waiter will count everything and if you eat something that include eating in your account. Sometimes the prices on such seemingly little things inflate several times. Want to eat something that is already on the table or what you brought except you have ordered, ask the waiter whether payment is and how much it costs since sometimes it happens that the bread and the pate can be free. But it is rather in the restaurants outside the tourist centers, which are extremely sensitive to their reputation.

Third: can include Cutlery and napkins. Amazing? And that's it. Your account can be included forks, spoons and other utensils. Although most of this was written in the menu, but very small fonts at the bottom of the page or on the last page, yet not all clients dutifully pay for what they enter in the account and with the police contact no one wants. Did not see your problem, you were warned, the menu is written. In Prague in a restaurant in the heart of the historic part of the city we seen the menu - Cutlery for 20 CZK per person.

5. Careful, inspector!

Controllers in public transport in the Czech Republic it is not rare. You show your badge, you have to show a ticket. No ticket - a penalty. There are ticket - free.

But does Prague have a special kind of controllers, "controller phony". How it works all so clear: most often caught violators prefer to pay the fine on the spot, and this is neither more nor less, and 800 CZK.

So in such situations it is better to perebdet and to check the controller. A real controller should show a yellow and red badge with the inscription "Prepravni Kontrola" (transport control) and a serial number on demand and even identity, and paid the penalty required to issue a receipt.

So if your controller does not match at least one of the above rules or refuses to show ID or give a receipt, feel free to say goodbye to this businessman.

Fraud in the Czech Republic/Prague-transport control

6. Do not cross the street in the wrong place!

In the Czech Republic there are also "fake" policemen, rarely of course. These crooks dressed in the police form and may demand tourists a variety of payments, often for crossing the street in the wrong place.

What to do?! Always ask for the documents you approached the police officer and behave coolly.

But to cross the street in inappropriate place, or at a red traffic signal, is undesirable. A real COP can issue a fine. Although increasingly, especially in places with large concentrations of people, the police turn a blind eye.

Fraud in the Czech Republic/Prague - do not cross the streets in the wrong places

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