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Sights of Sopot. What to see, where to go in Sopot, Poland

Sopot (Polish title: Sopot) is the most popular and beautiful seaside resort on the Baltic coast of Poland on the Baltic coast.

Sopot is a city and a small resort. In the city you live only about 42 000 people. Attractions in the city are not many, but they are well kept, some even funny and more like entertainment, than a landmark in the truest sense of the word.

This article will tell you about the attractions of the Polish resort town of Sopot. In addition, we indicate the places that are not included in the list of attractions, but to see those - still stands.

On inspection of all the attractions of Sopot is enough for one day. Besides all the attractions are located in close proximity to each other.

The dancing house

sights of Sopot-Dancing HouseCrooked house is the main attraction of the city, go past it is simply impossible, he attracts the attention of all without exception of passers-by. Another would be because his architecture has no straight lines. This fairy house is one of the few and most unusual homes on the planet. In a drunken home, it is still so called, even has its own Avenue of stars. Read more...

Sopot wooden pier

sights of Sopot-PierSopot pier is one of the longest in Europe wooden sea pier. The length of the platform is 515,5 meters going back to the Baltic sea (Gdansk Bay). On the pier you can not only walk, it is one of the most famous restaurants in the city. In addition, the iodine concentration ten times higher than on the shore, which is very useful for children, the elderly and pregnant women. Read more...

The Old Lighthouse

sights of Sopot-Sopot LighthouseSopot old lighthouse is one of the most beautiful architectural buildings of the city. Its height is about 30 meters. Besides architecture and beautiful appearance, the lighthouse attracts tourists to its observation deck at the top of the lighthouse. The site offers stunning views of the beach, the sea and part of the old city. Read more...

Pedestrian street Monciak

sights of Sopot-Montiak StreetMonciak street, entirely pedestrian, is the main, most beautiful and landscaped pedestrian Avenue of the city. On both sides of the street nestled in the cafes and restaurants, small shops and recreation areas. In the summer, in the height of tourist season, especially in the evening, when visitors and residents have plenty of danielis was on the beach and rested, on the street you can see the crowds leisurely strolling tourists. Here, budding artists often carry out street performances. Read more...

The Central (main) area of the city

sights of Sopot - the central square of the cityThe square is located in the heart of the historic part of the city and is its main part. In this square hosts concerts and other public events. In the center of the town square are cafes and restaurants, organized green area with decorative trees and benches. Around the square are the trade centers and shops. Read more...

Resort Park

sights of Sopot - Resort squareThe square is the Central resort city. Walking through the alleys of the Park you can easily reach the coastal line of the Baltic sea with a sandy beach. In the heart of the Spa Park is one of the architectural sights of the city Grand hotel with a dancing fountain at the entrance. Read more...

The Roman Catholic parish of St. George

sights of Sopot - St. George's ChurchPatrons of the Church are Saint George and our lady of Czestochowa. Czestochowa icon of the Mother of God, according to legend, the face of the Mother of God, is a miraculous icon of the virgin. This is one of the most famous and revered shrines of Poland and Central Europe. Due to the dark hue of the face icon is also known as the "Black Madonna". The arrival of Gothic style, of red brick with a stone façade and tower of a conical shape trailing edge in the heavens. Read more...

The most beautiful hospital of Sopot

sights of Sopot - the most beautiful hospital in the cityBuilding from the first glance enchants with its architectural beauty, grace and simplicity. Look at him, and it seems like it's not an array of stone and concrete, and a light, airy marshmallows, or a festive cake. In the courtyard of the resort is one of the city's salt fountains. Read more...

The Park is named after Maria and Lech Kaczynski

sights of Sopot-Maria and Lech Kaczynski ParkPark Marii i Lecha Kaczynskich area is small green with Seating areas and a baby Playground. The Park is planted with many trees, different bushes, and flower beds. If you are after the beach, tired from the sun, this beautiful Park is a great place where you can sit on a bench in the shade of the spreading crowns of the trees. The Park is named after the former Polish President Lech Alexander Kaczynski and his wife Maria Helena Kaczynski died in April 2010 in the Smolensk plane crash. Read more...

The sea and the beach

sights of Sopot-the sea and the beach of SopotNaturally the sea and the beach of Sopot are not sights, but rather an integral part. But how without them, because we are in a resort town, famous throughout the world for its sandy, clean and wide beaches which stretch for 4.5 kilometers along the coast. The beach is stretched along a two-lane North Park, built on reclaimed in the 70-ies of the swamp. Plenty nanezhivshis on the beach would be so nice to stroll in the shade of the trees North of the Park - he is considered to be waterfront. Read more...

Walk the streets of the city

sights of Sopot-a walk through the streetsIf you have time, be sure to take a couple of hours walking through the streets of the city. Just walk aimlessly, walk and enjoy the ancient streets of the medieval times and unforgettable beauty of the architectural ensembles of 19th-20th centuries. After all, it is a real familiarity with the city and the lives of local residents. Read more...

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