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Shopping in Gdansk, Poland

Having read on the Internet a lot of positive feedback about the excellent and inexpensive, with a very large election goods shopping in Gdansk, we decided to go shopping in the city.

In the end, our expectations were not justified, shopping in Gdansk actually turned out to be no.

The first thing we decided to visit this famous and most famous outlet village (outlet) - Fashion House Оutlet Centre (Fashion house)

Fashion House Outlet Centre Gdansk

Fashion How Outlet Village Gdansk

The village outlet is a Fashion house located in the countryside, 9 km from the city center, at the address: street Przywidzka 8, 80-174 Gdansk. We get to her car's GPS. You can also reach the village from the city centre by bus.

Fashion House Оutlet Centre is the large building under one roof located surplus stores (stores-outlets) the most well-known brands.

In the complex really are almost all international brands of clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for men, women and children. The shops are just filled with clothing, but clothing completely tasteless. We have the impression that the Fashion house imported all the remnants of clothing collections of a decade ago, at least two years ago, it was sold in new collections. Shapeless pants, t-shirts and other stuff. Go shopping and even look to fall no matter what.

To dress in this shop the woman is simply unrealistic, dresses and skirts are virtually absent. There are certainly things more or less, but they are like going to the Mall any city, no less. But all that discount, it's all just junk that if you put them on, it was only in the country.

All we managed to choose it slates for 10 PLN and t-shirt for $ 30.

shopping at a Fashion House in Gdansk Poland

The complex also houses a relaxation area and catering facilities.

the zone of the elite in the village of sales Gdansk

food at Fashion House Outlet Centre

We walk up to the shops, disappointed, hungry, well I think at least let's go get some. But it was not there, catering to the Fashion House, sorry for the speech, just shameful. Not only that, the smell is such that it discourages appetite and all the food like that get into the mouth would be disgusting, duck and even the dishes are dirty. Imagine - you put food in a poorly washed dishes!

In General, I spent the whole day, and the result is zero.

Well, I think you'll go to the shopping center, maybe catch up...

Not caught up))

In the centre of gdańsk is a variety of Shopping centers, from small to the most important. We toured them all.

About small even writing will not, not worth the time to spend.

A more or less large, three centers:
- Madison (Madison);
- Galeria Bałtycka (Baltic gallery);
- Centrum Alfa (Alfa Centrum).

The price policy for trousers and jeans starts from 210 PLN, dresses from 150 PLN, down jackets from 420 PLN.

I was under the impression that women gdańsk dress is not worn, and without exception all the inhabitants of the city do not have the taste of any food or clothes. The food in the entire city, even coffee.

The only one in the Shopping center "Galeria Baltycka", located on the street Al. Grunwaldzka 141, 80-264 Gdańsk, I came across a cheap Shoe shop. Quality - mid-priced, but still bought three pairs of summer shoes. Purchase cost 124 PLN (Polish zlotys), about 2 000.

shopping in the Baltic Gallery Shopping Center Gdansk

Here and had a bite of noodles with different stations. On the palate, there can be at C grade plus pull.

food in the Shopping Center of Gdansk

Galeria Bałtycka

So all of our purchases for two days of shopping. In General, in Gdansk for things to not go, we're definitely not going. If you are passing by, stop in and see, but this is a better way to Lithuania.

And after all, a few days before Gdansk, we were in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas), and what kind of awesome dresses were there, in Shopping centers and just shops on the streets, cost just a little over 20 euros. And we, again, having read the Internet and recommendations in it, did not buy anything, postponing the purchase to Poland. Once again made a blunder, as it was with a trip to the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich. Once again convinced, do not trust what is written on the Internet. Actually, this is one of the reasons why we decided to pursue this blog, to write only the truth received from your own experience.

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