Overnight in the worst hostel in Warsaw - Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera

In this hostel we're doing next.

Back home in the city of Kaliningrad, after a rest in Spain. Note that we do not use the services of tour operators and all of their trips planned exclusively by yourself, one of the key things is the financial cost of travel. And travel, in turn, are one of the main components of our life, we travel often that don't have the ability to go to work, and do not want to spend most of his life within the four walls of the office.

It was a small digression, let's continue. So we came back from Spain to Kaliningrad via Warsaw next flights from Warsaw to Gdansk, from Gdansk by bus to Kaliningrad.

Stay in Warsaw was less than a day. Plus we needed a hotel in the reception area and walking distance to the Central railway station Warsaw Warszawa Centralna. Walking distance to the station was needed as we flew from the Airport Modlin (Modlin) morning six-hour flight to Gdansk, respectively, in order to get to the airport and check in, to check out looking at three a.m., and buses at that time in Warsaw do not go. About how cheap and fast to get from Central Warsaw to the Modlin airport can be found here.

So for all these reasons, we chose the hostel Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera.

The hostel is located in the city center of Warsaw, within walking distance of train stations, trains and subways, at Waryńskiego 12, Sródmiescie, 00-631 Warsaw, Poland.

Unfortunately, the good location of the hostel Riviera was his first and only plus. Walk from Riviera to Central railway station, Warszawa Centralna is only 15-20 minutes walking. And the Politechnika metro station is just a few steps from the hostel, or rather for the right turn of the building that houses the hostel.

Hostel Riviera

This is the worst hostel of all that we have been able to see.

We went to the station railway station in the city of Warsaw, took a printout of the reservation of the room and went looking for the hostel on the Navigator in the phone. Hostel found quickly.

Room booked on the website Booking.

Riviera Hostel in Warsaw

We go to the hostel, almost at the entrance is a chair and a Desk with a computer, behind which sat a girl receptionist. Fit, extend the reservation and tell us to move. Here occurred the first joint, we booked a room with one hundred percent advance payment, that is, the money should have been written off automatically from the Bank card, as it turned out, they didn't do and you need to pay cash on the spot. We didn't plan on this and did not bring cash enough to pay for the room. But there is nothing gave almost the last money in my pocket left 100 PLN (zlotys), and we are another day in Warsaw, plus travel to airport, in Gdansk from the airport to the bus station to get necessary and six hours to hang around waiting for the bus. But this is nothing, in the end, we the remaining one hundred zlotys was enough for the two travel and on food and beverages, seven zlotys even brought home. Just after the Euro zone in Poland, with their prices, even with a small amount of money feel rich)).

Per night in a double room with shared bathroom we paid 91,80 zł (PLN).

After payment, the lady receptionist gave us the room key and two sets of bedding, which by size is smaller than beds.

Towels were not given, they have them at all, not even for an additional fee. We have towels too. Well at least the toilet paper they have very absorbent, and we had dried off after the shower, used two rolls.

In the description of the hostel when booking the room it was written "It offers free Internet access in public areas of the hostel". It appears from public places where Wi-Fi just one, on the first floor near admin there are two computers with free Internet access.

Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera

Our room was located on the eleventh floor. On the floor are accessible by Elevator. The elevators are old and dirty, the door closes with a terrible screech, that and look will collapse on the way.

Rode up in the Elevator upstairs, the Elevator was a video camera on the way down, the camera was not, it is not surprising that already stolen.

elevators at the Riviera Hostel

Got out of the Elevator on your floor and then the nose hit the nasty smell. The hostel is under allocated several floors of a twelve-story building of a hostel of the Polytechnic. Probably imagine how it smells in the Dorm, duck in this smelled twice as bad and loathsome. And the smell was in the rooms, after which all things, even those that were closed in suitcases, bought "unforgettable obmany flavor."

The corridors of the hostel is terribly old and shabby, like you get on shooting a low-budget Russian series.

corridor of the Riviera Hostel Warsaw

He went into his room. The room is so old and flaky with furniture of the last century. Apparently the repair, even cosmetic, this Dorm had not seen for thirty years.

The room furniture were three beds, two wardrobes, two desks with chairs, and a few mounted and standing cabinets.

a room in a hostel in Warsaw

room at the Riviera Hostel

Bathroom with shower, WC and wash basins one per two rooms.

Bathroom at Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera

There is a shared kitchen, also on two numbers.

In advertising at the hostel it was said "For every 2 rooms there is a full kitchen with a refrigerator". Again deception, a fully equipped kitchen was a room two by three meters with no sink, stove or even microwave ovens. The fridge really was. Another was a table with wooden benches and a few cupboards.

shared kitchen at the Hostel Riviera Warsaw

cuisine at Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera

Room, shared kitchen and bathroom very dirty and dusty. It was the feeling that had never been washed. In the shower was growing mold and the bathroom on the floor littered with scraps of hair.

However, if it's a Dorm, and have them in the Dorm bathrooms with round the clock access and hot water and some semblance of a kitchen with a fridge are available to all students based on two rooms, their Dorm is another miracle of comfort and convenience compared to ours, in which one shower for the entire hostel, and the hot water is on schedule.

Long have we in the room could not stay, went to walk around the center of the Polish capital city of Warsaw. Learn more about our walk in Warsaw can be found here.

Conclusion you can do the following,

if you need to stay in the centre of Warsaw a day, not longer, then the budget traveler, this hostel is fine. If you plan to spend in the more time it is not even worth thinking about to stay in hostel Dizzy Daisy Hostel Riviera, it is better to pay a little more, but to live in a more comfortable environment - at least with towels and obschazhnyh without suffocating odors.

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