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Lithuania is modest and charming


In previous articles we talked abundantly accompanying article with photos, about the historical centre of Vilnius, namely the old town and Gediminas Avenue. In these two places, in the heart of the city, located almost all the attractions of the Lithuanian capital.

In this article, I want to upload photos from a walk through the city center. Without reference to any sites, places or streets. Just go, walk around the city and on motion pictures do. This collection of articles is one of our favorite.


Many of us settled belief that Vilnius is a grey city and therefore most of the travelers somehow bypassed by his side, trying to immediately get into Central Europe. Thinking that there is certainly something I fully taste all the delights and kraty good old Europe.

I must admit, and we once held the same opinion. However, after visited in the Lithuanian capital, realized it was the wrong opinion.

Modern Vilnius is what to do and what to see. It is first and foremost a beautiful narrow old streets, paved with cobblestones, cozy little cafes and shops situated along the same narrow streets under the arches of the buildings of the medieval era.


Walking around the old town and Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius, we did not notice how came to the embankment of the river Neris (Neris) and the Vilnius Central Department store.

The river is a green area with walking paths along the Neris. On a slope near the river, there was space for recreation, sitting on which, eyes with a view of the river and the city, which on the other side.


Central walking street of the Lithuanian capital, located in the heart of the historic part of the city - in the old town of Vilnius.

But beyond those cosy narrow streets there is another great street for walking and exploring the city is Gediminas Avenue. If you come to visit in Vilnius we recommend a stroll in this magnificent prospect, especially since it is situated near the old town. Prospect originates from the Cathedral square.

On the Avenue there are buildings with beautiful old architecture, green parks and monuments, recreation areas. On both sides of the street there are many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.


Tourist center, which are the main attractions of the city, is located in the old town of Vilnius. It is in the old town on the main streets posted large number of cafes, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants. In all of these schools serves quite delicious food, moreover, food prices in Vilnius are quite affordable, a full lunch or dinner with drinks for two will cost about a thousand rubles. If you eat, it will be even cheaper.

Portions in Vilnius, as in most cities in Europe are large. In the portion when ordering meat or fish by default comes with a side dish and a salad. So order lots of dishes we do not recommend. First order one serving and then if I'm hungry can order more.


If you are going to visit one of the European cities of Vilnius, in front of all the travelers stand, perhaps the two most important questions:

- where to stay in Vilnius?


- what hotel to stay in Vilnius?

The first question the answer is unequivocal - to visit in Vilnius in the first place should be its historical part - old town. It is in the old town of Vilnius are concentrated all the main attractions of the city. After all, to breathe and to fully experience the life of old Europe is possible only in the historic part of any city, and in Vilnius it's nothing like the old place.


The old town of Vilnius it is called old place is only a single district of the capital of Lithuania. This area is the oldest part of the city, preserving its history and architecture. Almost all the streets of the old city is completely pedestrian, narrow and paved with cobblestones and boulders.

Will be in Vilnius, even in passing, stroll through the streets of the old town, believe me, will be something to remember, for one will get acquainted with the history of the middle ages and more modern times.


One of the main squares and attractions of the city Vilnius is the Cathedral square (Lithuanian name Katedros aikste). In the Soviet times the square was called the square of Gediminas. It is from this area originates in the old town of Vilnius.

Cathedral square is one of the busiest places in the city. On the square are all public events and celebrations. Here often hold fairs and folk festivals, military parades, concerts, meetings, major holidays, religious ceremonies and political events. As you can see, the area has a very important status in life of the city and even embodies a symbol of all of Vilnius.


In this article we will consider two questions:

1. What currency is the official money of Lithuania. That is, what currency should I take with me going on holiday to Lithuania.

2. How much money to bring to Lithuania.

From 01 January 2015, Lithuania joined the Eurozone, and the currency of Lithuania became the Euro (EUR). Until January 2015, the domestic currency was Lithuanian litas (LTL), which has been used widely throughout the state.


This article we've prepared especially for those who are going to visit Lithuania and not know what's so tasty and unusual to try in this wonderful country.

Any traveler, in addition to what to eat in Lithuania, and undoubtedly interested in the money issue. So though Lithuania in 2015 and the Euro moved prices in the country remained quite affordable, at least to eat in Lithuania is much cheaper than in other Euro area countries. For example, a full lunch or dinner for two with drinks will cost 20-25 euros.

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