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Gediminas Avenue in Vilnius - walking street of the city

  • Updated: 09.06.2020

Central walking street of the Lithuanian capital, located in the heart of the historic part of the city - in the old town of Vilnius.

But beyond those cosy narrow streets there is another great street for walking and exploring the city is Gediminas Avenue (pr. Gedimino). If you come to visit in Vilnius we recommend a stroll in this magnificent prospect, especially since it is situated near the old town. The Avenue takes its origin from the Cathedral square. From the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and we just need to cross a busy street Sventaragio g, and you are already on the Gediminas Avenue.

Gediminas Avenue, also called the Gediminas Avenue, prospect gyadimí NASA and even the Gediminas Avenue (Lithuanian full name of Gedimino prospektas) is the main and Central street of Vilnius, a front line length of almost two kilometers.

On the Avenue there are buildings with beautiful old architecture, green parks and monuments, recreation areas. On both sides of the street there are many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

The advantage of prospect is that the traffic on prospect limited, and in the evening and at night is closed. So in the evening hours, the entire Avenue becomes pedestrian-only, at this time, it's time to walk on it.

What we're all about it tell... As they say, better to see once than hear a hundred times.

Photo Gediminas Avenue, the view from the Cathedral square

Gediminas Avenue Vilnius

Go walking along the Avenue on

main street of Vilnius

walking along Gediminas Avenue

Gediminas Avenue is not just the Central walking street of the city, and the most that neither is the center of cultural and business life of Vilnius.

Located on the Avenue of the main state and government institutions of Lithuania, banks, government buildings and ministries, the constitutional court.

Also street wears and cultural heritage. It is the Lithuanian national drama theatre and Lithuanian Academy of music and theatre.

In the photo the main entrance to the drama theatre

Lithuanian National Drama Theater

In addition to the significant buildings on the Avenue and green recreational areas, which represent four main areas of the city - the Cathedral, from which we started our March Wine of Kudirkos, Lukirsky (former Lenin) and Independence (Nepriklausomybes).

We went to square Wine Kudirkos. The people call it simply - the area Was.

Area of pretty large size, occupies 1.4 hectares of land, green, with benches for resting and a monument to Vincas Kudirka in the center.

Vincas Kudirka - Lithuanian composer and poet, novelist, critic, essayist and translator, a trained doctor. Entered into history and became known primarily as the author of the Lithuanian national anthem "national song". It is thought that the words of the hymn and are visible on the monument.

monument to Vintsas Kudirka Vilnius

Vinzo Kudirkos Square Vilnius

In the lane on the right is the Church of the Archangel Raphael on Snieszko. This Roman-Catholic Church of the former Jesuit (later jurskogo) of the monastery. The Church building is an architectural monument of the late Baroque.

Church of the Holy Archangel Raphael Vilnius

According to Gediminas Avenue, and generally in Vilnius, there are plenty of bike stations. That is, stand on the bike bikes, located next to the machine with the prices, throw the necessary money into the machine and take a Bicycle. Very convenient. You can drive around and explore the city. Also to return the bike to any station, to come back not necessary.

bicycle rental Vilnius

Prices of bikes

bicycle rental prices

In the Central streets of Vilnius, along the roads, dedicated Bicycle paths. So, while you anybody will not interfere.

bike paths in Vilnius

Walk the Avenue then, admire the architecture of houses and the amenities of green areas

Gedimino Avenue Vilnius

architecture of Vilnius

old buildings of Vilnius

central avenue of Vilnius

Go down the Avenue back

avenue in Vilnius

On the way back came across another square

park on Gediminas Avenue

And again go to the Cathedral square, from which originates the old town. Take a stroll through the old town you can join us in one of his articles, see here.

Gediminas avenue photo

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