Where to eat tasty and inexpensive food in the center of Vilnius

About what dishes you should definitely try while in Lithuania we described in a previous article, learn more here.

This article will tell you about where all these Goodies, and not only these, you can try in the centre of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius.

Tourist center, which are the main attractions of the city, is located in the old town of Vilnius. It is in the old town on the main streets posted large number of cafes, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants. All these establishments serve quite delicious dishes, besides the prices for food in Vilnius are quite affordable, a full lunch or dinner with drinks will cost about 15 euros for two. If you eat, it will be even cheaper.

Portions in Vilnius, as in most cities in Europe are large. In the portion when ordering meat or fish by default comes with a side dish and a salad. So order lots of dishes we do not recommend. First order one serving and then if I'm hungry can order more.

How to choose a school

Walking through the narrow and picturesque streets of the old Vilnius find any school, sit down at a table and order dinner.

All establishments have facilities in restaurants and tables, outdoor terraces.

where to eat in Vilnius

Especially I can recommend the restaurant Forto Dvaras.

This is a chain restaurant group Fortas, they also have the second visited city in Lithuania - Kaunas. About this restaurant in Kaunas we talked in the article "Where tasty and inexpensive to eat in Kaunas".

The restaurant serves Lithuanian and European cuisine. Great selection of drinks. Tasty beer and berries, hot teas. We recommend you to try.

There is a restaurant Forto Dvaras in the heart of Vilnius old town at Pilies str. 16, Vilnius 01013, Lithuania.

Forto Dvaras restaurant in Vilnius

The restaurant is decorated in a modern style, the atmosphere is calm and cozy.

In addition to the menu in Lithuanian and English menu is also available in Russian.

The quality of food is decent, price is optimal. In the restaurant you can taste national dishes such as zeppelins, soup in bread, blood sausage, pancakes, pig ears, Lithuanian beer, kvass, berry tea, a selection of meat and fish dishes.

Photo main dishes with meat restaurant Dvaras

Dvaras restaurant dishes

Lithuanian beer is unfiltered and berries hot tea. Both are very tasty. Beer quality and taste is not inferior to the German.

lithuanian beer and tea

Near the gate of dawn is another great restaurant - café Dziuga.

cafe Dziuga Vilnius

In this café apart from delicious coffee and treats can be enjoyed another awesome meal - small hot cakes with various fillings. Toppings can be extremely varied - meat, cheese, vegetable, cheese, mixes and so on. Go try it, very tasty. Pie and coffee is perfect for Breakfast or snack.

The café also provided a large selection of spirits and cheeses.

Showcase in a cafe with sweets, cheeses and pies

sweets, pies and cheeses in Vilnius

Cakes and sweet rolls

hot cakes Vilnius

Of course, cappuccino

cappuccino in Vilnius

If you want a snack, you'll like these places as coffee shops. Those in the centre of Vilnius abound.

We went into one of the stores in the beginning one of the main old town street Pilies (Pilies), which is near the Cathedral square.

The Coffee Shop Was Coffee (Koffee Inn)

Coffee Inn Vilnius

In this cafe, ordered a coffee and a sandwich. Sandwiches in the cafe are three times more expensive than the supermarket, though, does not differ. So the sandwiches are cheaper to buy in the shops, and had hot coffee available in the café.

snack at Koffee Inn Vilnius

Near the old town, on the main Avenue of the city - Gediminas, there are also many cafes and restaurants. By the way, and take a stroll on the Avenue, nice, lots of green areas and public gardens.

Gediminas Avenue (pr. Gedimino), originates, as the old town, from the Cathedral square. You can get there from the Cathedral of St. Stanislaus. You just need to cross a busy street Sventaragio g.

On the Avenue, near the Cathedral, for lovers of fast food is a cafe catering American network KFC.

KFC in the center of Vilnius-Gediminas Avenue

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