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Streets of Vilnius (photoreport)

  • Updated: 09.06.2020

In previous articles we talked abundantly accompanying article with photos, about the historical centre of Vilnius, namely the old town and Gediminas Avenue. In these two places, in the heart of the city, located almost all the attractions of the Lithuanian capital.

All this you can read and see the photos by clicking the individual articles in Vilnius.

In this article, I want to upload photos from a walk through the city center. Without reference to any sites, places or streets. Just go, walk around the city and on motion pictures do. This collection of articles is one of our favorite. It seems to us that observing ordinary life of citizens, on normal streets, you know the true life, culture and mentality of the locals and see the city, which it is, without embellishment and refined streets, which are always found in the historical parts of cities and near attractions.

Walk near the old town

streets of Vilnius

we are walking near the old town of Vilnius

streets of Vilnius photos

Exit the old city and leave the historical part of Vilnius. Now, we will visit the town with its residential quarters, frequent carriageways, pavements and shopping centers.

streets of the city of Vilnius

architecture of Vilnius

The bridge over the river Neris

bridge over the Neris River Vilnius

roads in Vilnius

Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Archangel Raphael on Snieszko

Church of the Holy Archangel Raphael Vilnius

Near the Church there is a staircase between the houses leading up. The house on the left is decorated with ugly graffiti. As you can see, Vilnius is not spared of mass "culture" of graffiti. Generally Vilnius places is very similar to, the same dull gray skyscrapers, old posharpanny home, dirt and debris in the alleys.

houses in Vilnius

Climb up the stairs. Here is the Vilnius planetarium. This planetarium is the only one not only in the city of Vilnius and Lithuania, as well as the only in the Baltic countries.

Planetarium in Vilnius

Behind the planetarium on the right is part of the Vilnius Central Department store, and the store starts high-rises. The Department store stands right on the embankment of the Neris river. About the waterfront and the Mall we talked in an earlier article, see here.

high-rise buildings of Vilnius

Zverinsky river bridge, which was on the hill to rise above the Orthodox Church of the Sign Mother of God. This Orthodox Church is the youngest Church of Vilnius, it was constructed in the early twentieth century and erected in the name of the Mother of God icon "the Sign". The Church is located at the corner of Vytauto and Mickeviciaus. The Cathedral in the Byzantine architectural style, the walls made of yellow bricks.

Zhverinsky Bridge and the Church of the Sign of the Mother of God Vilnius

Lukishki prison (Lukiskių tardymo izoliatorius kalejimas) built in the 1901-1904 years. Inside the prison, which is closer to the street, is the abandoned Church of St. Nicholas. Or as it is called - the Church of St. Nicholas, was part of a prison complex, a place where prisoners could atone for sins. The prison itself was used as a place of detention for political opponents of the regime during the tsarist Russia, the Polish Republic, German occupation and Soviet Union. Currently not used.

Lukish prison Vilnius

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