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When choosing a hotel in Phuket, you first need to determine the beach.

It is from the beach and the hotel will depend on all the rest.

Best and popular beaches in Phuket located on the West coast of the island, many of which are included in the list of the most popular beaches of Thailand (Naithon, Bang Tao, Surin, Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, Kata Noi, Nai Harn, etc.).


On the island there is an international airport.

Phuket airport has two terminals - one for international, one for domestic flights.

To get from Phuket airport to the hotel and the beaches in several ways: - public bus; - minibus; - taxi /shuttle; - car.


Overall, the hotel Karon Sea Side is quite good, small and clean. Of course there are nuances, for example, in the reviews they write that check-in was not working toilet or air conditioning. But during the first call about the problem, the room immediately changed. The bathrooms can be recaptured either split tiles, small defects can be detected and in the rooms themselves. But we believe that all of this stuff, on the chipped tiles do not pay attention.

At the same time, the hotel has advantages: rooms free safety Deposit box; refrigerator, in which, when housekeeping put two bottles of drinking water to the volume of 0.5 liters; you choose when you will undertake housekeeping; free Wi-Fi, beach towels, and shampoo and liquid soap.

Price, service and rooms...


There are on the island of Phuket, in Thailand, an interesting place, a visit to which will take you to a few million years ago in the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era. Importantly, during such travel, not to get caught in the teeth of the most terrifying and dangerous animal of the time - Dinosaur.

Dino Park mini Golf in Phuket is a small green Park. Overall, it's not even a Park at all, but a Playground for mini-Golf, stylized Jurassic Park.

The size of the Park is unlikely to impress, but the overall atmosphere and decorations will delight. The site is designed so that the walk along the winding paths, passing in dense jungle, is a pleasure. For a while, you even forget that you are on Golf courses and fully immersed in the theme Park.


Kata beach or Kata Yai, is located in the southwestern part of the island, between the beaches of Karon and Kata Noi. This beach is one of the most visited beaches of Phuket, there are always a lot of tourists who came to Phuket as a tourist trip, or independently.

And for good reason, Kata beach perfectly combines everything you need for a comfortable stay. There is a wide sandy beach, stretching for a distance of over a mile along the sea, and all the necessary tourist infrastructure, providing a platform for active day and night life.

In the surroundings of Kata beach there are numerous various hotels, cafes and restaurants for any taste and budget, ranging from Thai cuisine to the restaurants of European and Russian cuisine, as well as, fruit stalls, markets and shops, massage parlors, exchange and a tour Desk that can arrange local excursions around the island and beyond.


The Sein AO/AO San small beach located in the lagoon on the South West coast of Phuket. Although this beach can boast of its size, but it stands out compared to other beaches on the island.

The hallmark of the AO San is the fact of concealment of the beach from prying eyes, he is quiet hidden in a forest of jungle. No wonder, this beach is also known as the beach of the Jungle.

This is a small, very mysterious, quiet and secluded beach. It is suitable for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Here you will not find an abundance of cafes and restaurants, shops and hotels, no music and an evening of idle life.

Conventionally, the AO Sein is divided into several beaches, stones and boulders extending into the water. To travel from beach to beach, on the water, breaking the stone walls, or...


Nai Harn beach one of the southern beaches of Phuket, located on the Western shore of the island, between the beaches of Kata Noi and Yanuy. Almost adjacent to the AO Sein.

At sea water color, salinity, and cleanliness, the beach of Nai Harn is comparable to Kata Noi beach.

For many tourists, this beach becomes the beach of your dreams, incorporate all the attributes of a serene beach holiday. Getting to the beach, you become a prisoner of beauty, under the shelter of tranquility, amazing nature, clear blue sea, framed with a strip of white sand and gentle caressing rays of the sun.

So good Nai Harn beach, try to understand in this article!


Yanuy, small and the most southern beach of Phuket, located in the Bay between the rocks, and geographically, between the beaches of Rawai and Nai Harn.

Yanuy beach is very picturesque, coming down to the beach from Rawai beach, the town offers wonderful seeing Yanuy beach and the surrounding area.

Due to the lack of a developed tourist infrastructure, beach Yanuy could be called weird, there are no shops, markets, bars, tour Desk, exchangers and any entertainment. It's very simple. But, despite this, Yanuy beach is quite attractive and very picturesque. To visit this beach at least once, we, with all confidence, recommend to everyone who decided to spend their vacation on Phuket island.


We have long thought to write this article or not?! It is useful to someone or not?!

On reflection, I decided to write a small post about how you can own, on public transport and on foot to get around the island of Phuket. This post is based on personal experience, all the routes that are described in the article, we walked and rode public transport.

Public transport in Phuket is developed quite well. To get from beach to beach and to many sites you can use the local buses - songteo. Buses to the beaches blue travel, on average, costs 40 baht.

Hiking around Phuket can be somewhat dangerous, but not in all cases. Not worth it...


Rawai beach akupavany. Most of the beach is busy with boats and boats of local residents. The sea water is muddy, shallow and rocky. During low tide the water goes out pretty far, thus draining stony bottom, and at high tide leaves only a narrow strip of land. The beach itself is sandy, mixed with rocks, sand yellow.

For the first time getting to the beach, he is not impressed, but after walking along the beach for a short time, something you cling to. First of all, the peace and quiet. The silence here is really peaceful, in contrast to other developed tourist beaches of the island, with constant movement, busy life and numerous tourists, Rawai beach provides a breath of fresh air and freedom.

Rawai beach is not so technical as it may seem at first glance. If you visit the beach, closer...


Elephant trekking, or also called, elephant trekking is a popular and most visited amusement among tourists in Thailand. The island developed a tourist destination, and it is no secret that the island is at least a dozen elephant farms where you can ride elephants through the jungle.

Many elephant farms, in addition to standard riding on elephants, you can see a show with elephant, monkeys or snakes, and also to take part in the swim with a baby elephant take a shower with an elephant or ride on ATVs.

Visit the elephant farm, you can, both independently and with a guided tour, which on the island abound.


Laem sing beach, a small and virtually hidden from prying eyes. Located in a small natural Bay, where the beach strip, there are mountains, abundantly covered with tropical forest and palm trees.

The Central part of the beach is sandy, and on the South side of the beach there are large boulders on the beach and in the water. The water in the sea is turquoise, the sandy beach is washed by small waves with white foam.

In the high season when the beach is crowded, found trash and water in the sea is not so clear, but low, the beach meets all the requirements for a fusion of man and nature.


Kamala beach - a stunning beach, all the way!

For us, Kamala beach, has become a source of harmony, beauty, nature and relaxing atmosphere.

First of all, it's beautiful, it catches the eye as soon as you approach the beach.

The tall palm trees, lined up along the perimeter of the beach, so harmoniously with sea water a delicate blue-turquoise and soft white sand, which, in the sunlight, shimmers and plays different tones.

Secondly, Kamala beach...


Surin beach is one of beaches in Phuket, located in the Central part of the island on the West coast of the Andaman sea of the Indian ocean, between the beaches of Bang Tao and Kamala.

On both sides of the Surin beach separated the green hills (capes), near which there are stones, sometimes large boulders, around which you can snorkel.

The beach itself is small, in length about 1 kilometer, but it is quite wide and sandy. The sand is fine and pleasant to the touch, yellow-white color, depending on what angle and in what weather to look at him.

Many call this beach a fabulous place and the best beach of Phuket. Ambiguous statement is the beach of course good, but...


The Bang Tao beach, (BangTao beach) is one of the beaches on the island of Phuket in Thailand. On both sides the beach is surrounded by green hills, and between these hills the beach is framed by coniferous vegetation, which provides good shade from the midday sun.

The beach is sandy. The sand is fine white-Golden hue, and feels soft and pleasant, like powdered sugar. The sand has an interesting structure and a slightly squeaks under your feet.

In the Central part of the beach are mostly respectable hotels that are in the green zone, under the canopy of trees and palms. All of these hotels have direct access to the beach as well as swimming pools, playgrounds and zones for relaxation in the fresh air.

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