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Similan Islands, excursion from Phuket

The Similan Islands or simply the Similans are a group of small islands belonging to Thailand, located in the Andaman Sea of the Indian Ocean. Initially, the Similana archipelago consisted of nine islands, later two more islands were included in the archipelago.

In 1982, the Similan National Park was established. Currently, the Similan Islands have the status of a national reserve, and according to UNESCO ratings they are among the ten most beautiful islands on the planet. The Similan Islands attract attention, first of all, with snow-white clean beaches, lush tropical vegetation, flawless azure sea, picturesque underwater world and excellent snorkeling.

The main group of Similan islands has ordinal numbers from 1 to 9. The two largest islands of the archipelago are available for free tourist visits: No. 8 (Koh Similan / Koh Similan) and No. 4 (Koh Miang / Koh Miang).

Islands numbered 1, 2 and 3 are a turtle conservation area and are closed to the public. Other islands are also periodically closed for visits, in order to restore the ecosystem after visiting by numerous tourists.

The easiest way is to visit the Similan Islands with an excursion.

We visited Similan with a day trip while staying on the island of Phuket. You can also go to the Similan Islands with an excursion from Khao Lak (Phan Nga).

Similans are open to tourists only during the high season, approximately from November to April. From May to October, excursions are not held and visits to Similan are limited, since it is at this time of the year that the weather is unfavorable to travel of this kind, as storms, large waves and rains prevail. The closing dates of the islands may change from year to year, more accurate information can be found on the official website of the national Park.

A one-day excursion to the Similan Islands is designed for a full day.

A day trip to the Similan Islands includes

- transfer from (to, on the way back) the hotel to Khao Lak Pier in a comfortable minivan

- departure by speedboat to Island No. 7. Snorkeling

- visits to island No. 4 with lunch. Swimming, free time

- snorkeling at island No. 9

- visits to island No. 8. Swimming, free time.

The price of the tour also includes: insurance, snacks and drinks at the pier, soft drinks on board the boat, lunch on one of the islands, a life jacket, mask and snorkel.

The whole tour is accompanied by a guide.

Since this tour is visited daily by a large number of tourists, then, in order to disperse the flow of boats, the route of the tour (the order of visiting the islands and lunch on the island 4 or 8) may change. It is also worth paying attention to a small condition in conducting excursions: "The program may be changed due to weather conditions"! What does it mean? What happened to us on the tour, namely, during the tour, waves rose and a downpour descended, which is why the tour was shortened.

We recommend taking with you: sunscreen and hats; phone, camera. Put on bathing suits. Optional: sunglasses, beach towel, replacement shorts and T-shirt. We didn't need a beach towel or a change of clothes. But a waterproof phone case could come in handy.

The cost of an excursion from Phuket: from 3 500 - 4 200 baht - adult ticket, from 2 500 - 2 900 bat is for children.

Excursion to the Similan Islands

Since departure to the islands, most often, occurs from the mainland, from Khao Lak, then departure is early. A comfortable minibus arrived at the hotel for us at 05:30 in the morning.

Let's make a reservation right away, we were unlucky with the weather, so there are few photos and they in no way convey all the beauty that can be seen on Similans!

We arrived at the pier an hour and a half later. Near the pier, in the company's office, we were met by a guide, gave a short briefing and gave an introductory speech. Then, here, on the pier, breakfast was waiting for us: snacks, tea, coffee, sweets, noodles, sandwiches, etc. food.

We sit down in a speedboat and rush, briskly dissecting the sea surface. When boarding, the shoes were taken away, then only barefoot.

Our first stop was near Island No. 7 (Ko PA Yu / Ko Jed).

There is a 45-minute snorkeling; masks and breathing tubes were distributed. Marine life, not to say too colorful, but there is something to see - colorful fish are present. And around there is a beautiful panorama of lush vegetation.

The next stop with disembarkation on island No. 4 (large island Miang / Miang Island).

The island is stunningly beautiful - snow-white sand, blue sea water and lush greenery. It starts to rain.

Lunch was waiting for us on the island.

Tables were set up near the beach, where lunch was organized: soup, noodles, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruits. I must admit, it was the most delicious lunch of all the excursions that we have managed to visit in Thailand so far.

Miang Island has toilets, a restaurant, tents and bungalows.

On this island, tourists visiting Similans with a two-day excursion stayed overnight, the next day they continued their journey. Previously, excursions to the Similan Islands for several days (from 2 days) with overnight stays were possible, but now, due to the large influx of tourists and adverse effects on nature, camping on the Similan Islands is no longer possible. The situation may change; if necessary, we recommend clarifying the information before visiting.

We, in our free time, go to explore the island of Miang.

You can go to the second beach, swim or just wander around the island.

There is an observation deck (View Point) on the island.

The rain has intensified and has already turned into a tropical downpour wall. Without thinking twice, we decided to go to the observation deck. There were two of us out of all those who wanted to. The way to the observation deck is not close, in some places quite steep. Along the way, ropes are stretched, which were very useful to us on the way back. We overcome a steep climb, climb between the stones.

and here it is - our reward. The views from this point are simply stunning.

Photos because of the rain, of course, are worthless, but believe me, even in this weather it's worth it. And what a panorama will appear before you in good weather!

The way back to the beach was more difficult. The rain washed away the path, turning the ground into a slippery mass. Our feet slipped, the only thing that helped us stay on our feet were the ropes stretched along the path, and even then, wet palms slipped, so we earned calluses on our hands, our feet were knee-deep in mud, we ourselves were soaked to the skin, but we were very satisfied.

Then we moored to island No. 9 (Ba-Ngu / Ko Bangu). The second snorkeling was supposed to take place here, but, due to the rising waves, snorkeling was canceled.

We sailed to island No. 8 (the largest island of the archipelago - Similan Islands). Here, according to the program - disembarkation, bathing and free time. Again, due to the weather, the landing was canceled. We admired the island from the boat, or rather what we could see through the wall of rain and went by boat back to the pier in Khao Lak.

On the island of Similan, in addition to beaches and swimming, you can climb to the observation deck, where there is a huge boulder (rock Sail), according to legend, fell directly from the sky. The boulder is so famous that, perhaps, many have seen it in photos of the Similan Islands. You can climb to the observation deck, the ascent is more convenient than when we climbed on island No. 4, so there is no end to those who want to climb.

After sailing back to the Thaplamu pier, we took our shoes. Here we were given some free time, you can have a snack, the same tea, coffee, drinks, snacks and sandwiches are available from the food. After that, we get into the minivans and return to the hotels.

What can I say about the tour! We were just unlucky with the weather, it happens, not everything in life is "Chocolate". But, nevertheless, we got a great pleasure from visiting the Similan Islands and we will definitely visit this tour again, hoping for good weather.

In good weather, the Similansike islands look magical

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