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Excursion to the Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan Islands is a group of small Islands belonging to Thailand located in the Andaman sea of the Indian ocean. Initially, the Similan archipelago consists of nine Islands, and later the archipelago was included to the two Islands.

In 1982 was founded the national Park "Similan". Currently, the Similan Islands have the status of a national Park and UNESCO rankings are among the ten most beautiful Islands in the world. Similan Islands attracted the attention, first of all, snow-white beaches, lush tropical greenery, perfect blue sea, beautiful marine life and excellent snorkeling.

The main group of Islands has sequence numbers from 1 to 9. Free tourist visits and overnight stays are available only the two largest Islands: No. 8 (Ko Similan/Koh Similan) and No. 4 (To Miang/Koh Miang).

Islands are numbered 1, 2 and 3 are area saving turtles, and closed to the public. Also periodically closed to the public and other Islands, for the recovery of the ecosystem after visiting numerous tourists.

The easiest way to visit the Similan Islands tour. Excursions there, as one day or several days (2 to 5), with overnight stays on the Islands 8 or/and 4. In advance for this no purchase necessary, at any travel Agency it is possible for reasonable money to purchase a tour.

We visited the Similan Islands on a one-day excursion, staying on Phuket island.

Similan Islands are open to tourists only during the high season, approximately from November to April. From may to October, tours are not conducted because at this time the weather is not favorable for travel of this kind, dominated by storms, big waves and rain. The closing date of the Islands can change from year to year, more accurate information can be found on the official website of the national Park.

One day tour is designed for full daylight. Two days or more, respectively, overnight.

Day trip to the Similan Islands includes:

- transfer from (to, on the way back) of the hotel to the pier in Khao Lak on a comfortable mini bus;

- depart by speed boat to island number 7. Snorkeling;

- visit island No. 4 with lunch. Swimming, free time;

- snorkeling at island No. 9;

- visit island No. 8. Swimming, free time.

The tour price also includes: insurance, snacks and drinks at the pier, soft drinks on Board the boat, life jacket, mask and snorkel for snorkeling.

All excursions accompanied by English-speaking guide.

Since this tour visited by a large number of tourists, then, to disperse the flow of boats, the tour itinerary (the order of visiting the Islands and lunch on the island 4 or 8) may change. Also pay attention to the small condition excursions: "the Program may be changed due to daily weather conditions"! What does it mean? What happened with us on the tour, namely, during the tour, the waves rose and descended the rain, why the tour was shortened.

A we recommend to bring: sunscreen and hats; the phone, camera. To wear bathing suits. Optional: sunglasses, beach towel, interchangeable shorts and a t-shirt. We have no beach towel, no change of clothes not needed. But a waterproof phone case can be useful.

The cost of excursions to the Similan Islands from Phuket

From 3 500 - 4 200 bat - adult, from 2 000 - 2 600 bat - baby.

Excursion to the Similan Islands

Since the departure for the Islands occurs most often from the mainland, from Khao Lak, then check-out early, to the hotel behind us came a comfortable mini bus at 05:30 am.

Outset, with the weather we had no luck, so photos are few and not in any way convey all the beauty that can be seen on Similanah!

At the pier we arrived after one and a half to two hours. Near the pier, in the office, we were met by a guide, had a short briefing and pushed introductory speech. Further, here, on the pier, we waited for Breakfast, snacks, tea, coffee, sweets, noodles, sandwiches, etc. food.

Sit in the speed boat and race a fun and playfully breaking the sea surface. When the landing took the shoes, on only barefoot.

Our first stop was near island No. 7. Here a 45-minute snorkeling, hand out mask and breathing tube. Marine life, not too colorful, but to see what colorful fish there are. And around beautiful panorama of lush vegetation.

Next stop with landing on the island No. 4. The island is stunningly beautiful - white sand, blue sea and lush greenery. It's beginning to rain.

Here we waited for dinner. Close to the beach was furnished with tables, which organized the dinner: soup, noodles, chicken, fish, vegetables and fruit. I must admit, it was the most delicious lunch of all the tours that we, until now, managed to visit in Thailand.

On the island there are toilets, tents and bungalows. Here, the tourists visiting the Similan Islands a two-day tour, stay overnight, the next day they continue on their way.

We, in the free time to go explore the island. You can go to the second beach for a swim or just wander around the island.

The island is a viewing platform (View Point). The rain intensified and has moved into the tropical rain wall. We, without thinking twice, decided to go to the observation deck. Of everyone the two of us. The path to the observation deck long, in places quite steep. During the movement of the taut ropes that are on the way back came in handy. Overcome the steep climb, tricksters through the stones

and here it is - our reward. The views from this point are stunning. Photos because of the rain, of course, useless, but believe me, even in this weather it's worth it. And what a panorama will appear before you when the weather is nice upload!

The way back was more difficult, the rain washed away the trail, turning the ground into a slippery mass. Feet slipping, the only thing that helped to stay on his feet, it is strung along the track ropes and the wet hands from slipping, so the calluses on his hands we currently earned, her feet were ankle-deep in mud, we were soaked to the bone, but was very pleased.

Next we moored at island No. 9, there was held the second snorkeling, but due to the rising waves snorkeling was canceled.

Sailed to island №8. Here is the landing, bathing and free time. Again, due to weather conditions, the landing was canceled. We admired the island from the boat, or rather the fact that we were able to see through the rain and swam back to the pier. On this island besides beaches and swimming you can climb to the observation deck, where a huge boulder (rock Sail), according to legend fell from the sky. Boulder is so famous that perhaps many have seen the photos of him Similan Islands. The observation tower you can climb, rise more convenient than when we went up to island No. 4, so those wishing to climb there is no release.

Sailed back to Thaplamu pier we took his shoes. Here we were given some free time to eat food all the same tea, coffee, drinks, snacks and sandwiches. Then we sit in minibase and return to the hotels.

What to say about the tour! We were just unlucky with the weather, it happens, not everything in life is "Chocolate". But, nevertheless, we still got great pleasure from visiting the Similan Islands and visit this tour again, hoping for good weather and not a one-day and two - day course with overnight stay. After all, it seems that after shifting all the excursion boats, and you will remain on the island, you'll have time to fully enjoy all the beauty of the Similan, leisurely walk, swim in the clear sea water and spend the night in peace and quiet. What is not romance!

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