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Excursion to the national Park Khao Lak, Thailand - rich, informative and entertaining

National Park Khao Lak (Khao Lak National Park) - the highlight of Thailand primarily attracts attention elegant nature, combines tropical forests, steep cliffs, waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

There is a national Park on the mainland of Thailand near the Andaman sea in the Phang nga province. Park Khao Lak enormous size, its area is 150 square meters and it consists of two parks. In addition to the beautiful untouched nature, the Park also organized tourist and recreational activities. Here you can just relax, walk the trails of the jungle, rafting down the rivers by rafting or bamboo rafts, to test Safari on jeeps or elephants, and Tarzan and fly through the jungle on the roller mechanisms on the stretched between the trees on the ropes.

To visit the national Park Khao Lak can be, both independently and with a guided tour. We visited this beautiful Park with a tour of the Khao Lak Safari, staying on Phuket island.

The tour lasts all day. One day, of course, for such a little Park, in such a short time will not be able to see part of all embellishment, but for reference is enough. Besides, this tour is very rich, partly informative, partly entertaining, and partly even relaxing. One day you will see a lot of interesting things: the mountains, the jungle, the turtles, the Temple-cave of the reclining Buddha, will meet with cheerful monkeys, which eat right out with it, learn how pineapples grow, ride bamboo rafts on a mountain river and try it as common in Thailand, fun - elephant rides. This trip to the Park we fully can recommend to everyone, from small to large. Believe me, it will be interesting!

Excursion to Khao Lak Safari includes:

meeting (pick up from your hotel and brought to the hotel) on a comfortable mini bus;

- visiting the turtle farm.

- river rafting on bamboo rafts;

- lunch at a local cafe;

- stop at a pineapple plantation;

- elephant trekking and shows with the elephant. On request and at an additional cost - swimming with the elephant;

- visiting the temple-cave of the reclining Buddha (Wat Suwan Kuha) and the mountain of monkeys;

- visiting the waterfall, if you want to swim in the waterfall. In the dry season the waterfall dries up, and we attended the tour in the month of March, because the falls were not included.

The tour price also includes: insurance, drinking water, English speaking guide.

Since this tour visited by a large number of tourists, the dispersion flow, the route of the tour may change. Someone first visits the turtle farm, and after riding on elephants and going to the temple, while others first visited the temple, and after going to the alloy and the turtle farm. But the essence of the tour remains the same.

A we recommend to bring: sunscreen and hats; the phone, camera, money for extra expenses. To wear bathing suits and comfortable shoes. Optional: sunglasses, towel, interchangeable shorts and a t-shirt.

The cost of excursions from Phuket

From 2 800 - 3 000 baht adult, 1,800 baht for children.

Tour - Safari in national Park Khao Lak (Khao Lak Safari)

At 07:30 am we were picked up from the hotel and we went to Phuket to mainland Thailand. The road, gathering all tour participants took approximately half an hour.

The first stop was a visit to the turtle farm

The turtle farm is a mini zoo on the territory of which, in addition to turtles, you can see crocodiles and fish, or take a stroll through the landscaped grounds.

The conditions in which animals are kept, leave much to be desired, small concrete pens, which are these cute creatures. On assurances of the guide, the turtles are grown up to a certain age, and then released into the wild, this is done by decree of the former King of Thailand, to save the endangered population.

Output bought coconut ice cream. This is the most delicious ice cream, which we were able to try in Thailand. We found him at the moment, just two places: from a dealer near the farm and the Big Buddha in Phuket.

Our second stop was the river rafting on bamboo rafts

This part of the tour, we remember the most. It's not rafting, there is no extreme, the river of Khao Lak was very calm and quiet. Our group, two people sat on the raft and the boys are Thais, deftly managed with a whole raft floated you down the river. The whole river trip takes 30-40 minutes.

At first, we even got a little upset because the slow alloy, but, after a few minutes in the shower was such calm and serenity. We are completely detached from reality, swam, enjoying the views of the jungle and the silence, broken only by the sound of water and occasional cries of birds. It was truly beautiful and comfortable, in a sense, we even managed to catch Nirvana.

During the floating from the shore, we took pictures, after, offered to buy the photo in the environmental frame, made from elephant of kakashek)). Interesting photos, we such bought. Cost 200 baht for a photo.

At the end of the rafting we met at a little truck

and we went to lunch in the cafe. For lunch, gave the soup, vegetables, fish, rice, meat with potatoes, French fries, Thai spring rolls, fruit and beverages with cookies. Pretty good and quite tasty, especially after a busy first half of the day out in the fresh air.

Next stop was at a pineapple plantation. Here the guide showed us and told how to grow and how to collect the pineapples. It turns out that the harvest of pineapples is very dangerous work. The bushes themselves are sharp and they are easy to get hurt, besides, in the field, there are snakes, including poisonous. Snakes often bite harvesters, resulting in possible death.

Fifth stop is elephant Safari

The first thing in front of us turned around a 15-minute show with the elephant. Little elephant twisted Hoop, played the harmonica, while playfully waving a leg, and then did a few tricks. The audience, especially the children, were delighted, and the elephant walked between the people, holding the cap in the trunk, where everyone threw money.

After the show, suggested bathing with the elephant. Cost 300 baht per person. To swim with the baby elephant we went and just looked at it and took a few photos for you, of course.

Bathing with the baby elephant were as follows: small pond, a natural, in the river, where he made the elephant, then offered to join him to all those who were paid 300 baht. The participants of this action the elephant poured water, rubbed his back, and finally photographed with him. The whole process took 10-15 minutes. It looked, to put it mildly, not very good, the children were delighted.

In the show, and bathing involved the little elephants, they are under a certain age not allowed to ride tourists. Because of their small size and low exercise. The first few years of training a baby elephant needs to get used to his driver, his voice and gestures, so they are trained for shows and swimming, and later, when older, the bones get stronger, and gain experience, send to roll the tourists.

After swimming we all went to the most awaited part of the tour - elephant riding.

Ride on elephants for two people. Landing on the elephant was in a special cabin, where it was convenient to climb in the basket on the back of the animal. If you in flip flops, the shoes have to leave here, but if your shoes tight on the feet, you can go to shoes.

Skating itself lasted about 40 minutes. We were looking forward to, was heard a lot and read about such a memorable and exciting "attraction". But, personally, for us riding on elephants had not made any impression, but on the contrary did not like. More will not go, and the animal pity and courage emotions we felt.

The route Catania passed through the jungle, up and down the hills, and partly across the river, so in addition to skiing, had the opportunity to enjoy wonderful views of the Thai jungle.

When you sit on the back of an elephant, the earth is far enough away, and the basket still swinging if the animal ascends or descends from the hills, you're shaking and talking from side to side. It's not scary, a little painful back, some hilarious.

While riding drovers were offered for a small fee of 100 baht, to take some photos of us riding the elephant,, elephants poured water all by typing it into the trunk, arranged, so to say, a refreshing shower.

On the farm you can feed the elephants bananas, making for some memorable photos. Bananas for feeding it is better to bring here the price tag is decent, a few bananas - from 100 baht.

Next stop is the Cave Temple of the reclining Buddha (Wat Suwan Kuha) and the monkey cave (Monkey Cave)

The complex of the temple of Wat SuwanKuha are: the monastery, the cave with the reclining Buddha, entered into Nirvana and between heaven and earth, and the cave-the mountain of the monkeys.

The entrance to the temple-cave paid. Cost 20 baht per person.

After going inside, you find yourself in the first room, here we see the legendary reclining Buddha and other attributes of Buddhism.

Once this room served as the main temple. At present, the temple moved to structures near the cave, and the cave itself became a place for tourists.

Going further and walking up the steps, you find yourself in a completely different world, there is darkness and mystery. This is the cave of the saints of the apes. Monkeys here are very nice and friendly, surrounded by tourists and snatch treats out of your hand. But still, it's better not to risk and not to try to capture the monkeys or not to go to the muzzle, bite you, then a handful, doesn't need any more injections and spending. Treats you can bring your own or buy bananas from local merchants at a price of 50 baht for a few pieces.

Near the cave there is a toilet and a small market.

Our trip came to an end. We settled in the bus and went home, for hotels. Along the way, about 15 minutes we stopped in a tea shop, which, if desired, you can purchase teas, herbs and other drugs from medicinal herbs. Well, if you buy something there is no desire, just you can taste four kinds of tea, which we did.

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