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Big Buddha in Phuket. The hike to the big Buddha!

Big Buddha Phuket - Park of Buddhist monks, located on one of the highest points of Phuket - the top of the mountain Nagakerd, subdistrict Karon.

Big Buddha is not just a statue, but a whole complex, which includes: a hollow statue of Big Buddha, which can be seen from almost all the southern beaches of Phuket; the open area, where, in addition to Thai shrines and attributes, there are several observation areas, featuring practically 360-degree view, including the southern part of the island, Chalong Bay and the surrounding area; and an indoor temple, located on the bottom floor of the big Buddha.

In our opinion, the big Buddha is the most impressive and the main attraction of Phuket.

To visit the Lord Buddha can be one of the many sightseeing tours of the island, as well as their own: by taxi, rented bike or on foot. On how to walk to big Buddha and Kata and Karon will describe below, and while

The Big Buddha, Phuket

On the bottom floor of the complex is quite a large Parking area. Here the tent with cold drinks and some simple snacks. And the Big Buddha statue is located to the visitors back from that place begins the examination of the complex.

Next, you need to go around the Buddha statue on the left side, under the tent with ice cream, drinks and snacks, souvenir shops, places to stay, shrines and sculptures.

Try the coconut ice cream. Very tasty!

There is a monument to the king of Thailand Rama and the magic Gong. Such gongs are popular in some churches. The Thais say that stroking arm, can make the bell sing, but to sing it is only under the hands of a pure human soul.

And here before us in all its glory and power, appears of enormous size white Buddha statue. Buddha statue has a width of 25.45 meters, and the height of 45 meters, concrete structure, decorated with white Burmese marble.

Up to the statue leads to the sweeping staircase. Above only barefoot. Shoes must be left in the first lower level. Not all do, many people go to Shoe, however, to venerate Holy traditions of a foreign country, as well as to show respect for local customs and inhabitants, personally, we believe the first duty of every guest. The concrete slab in the sun get hot that they burn the feet, but do nothing, suffer, somewhere moving dashes, but moving on.

Bottom of the stairs, an observation deck, which offers stunning panoramic views

Walking up the stairs, before the eyes again offers a panorama of amazing beauty

Inside the big Buddha you can also go. Before entering shrines and statues.

Here gift shop. You can buy a souvenir or to contribute to the construction of this temple by making a donation.

From Souvenirs: figures of elephants and Buddhas, different magnets and charms. You can also buy a Golden bell with a leaf, after on a piece of paper to write a wish or just names (their own, relatives and friends) and hung on site.

The construction of the Great Buddha began in the early 2000's and until today is not finished, finishing and interior work. The fact that the temple was erected on donations, and, as we all know, such a thing can be long lasting.

You can also contribute to the construction of the complex that buy small marble tiles and write a wish, desire, names, whatever you want, then this sign used to finish the decoration of the Church. Of course, the inscription marker, will soon fade (erased), and then completely disappear, leaving only the clean marble, but not in this sense...

Inside the Big Buddha, at the present time, there is almost nothing, in addition to ongoing work, and a few statues

Near Big Buddha

In the open area around the Big Buddha is concentrated several vantage points

On the left side of the Big Buddha can see a Buddha image made of brass, other shrines and Buddha statues

Here places to stay and an observation deck khao Nakkerd view point, which offers stunning views of the South part of the island and neighboring small Islands. Perhaps this is the most gorgeous views that can be seen from the site of the big Buddha.

This is the beginning of a narrow winding staircase leading down. During the descent you can see several statues, one of which is a statue of the goddess of earth and abundance to Vasundhara, which pours water out of his hair.

Downstairs, we get straight to the current temple. Here are all of the same Souvenirs, bells, Thai herbs, oils, etc., prices only slightly lower than at the top.

The temple is a journal where you can write the wish to the monks.

In the depths of the temple sits a monk. It can be approached by anyone, sit in front of him on his knees, and he, in turn, bless you and, sprinkling it with water wish good luck and will tie on hand bright braided rope (bracelet) - Holy protection cord SAI sin. SAI sin is the amulet - protection against evil eye and evil spirits. You, while tying with monk rope, do not waste your time and make a wish. It is believed that the wish will come true!

Which hand to tie the bracelet? In this issue there are two versions:

1. The right side of the body is male, left is female, so SAI sin tied to men in their right hand, women - on left.

2. For starters, you need to decide whether you want to get rid of all evil or to attract good. In the first case, the talisman is tied to the left arm, the second on the right side. But if you can't decide, then you can tie two strings, one for each hand.

Next to the monk stands the chalice, and before you go, in gratitude, put the coin in the bowl. As we have seen, basically throw the notes 20-50 baht. It is believed that it is impossible to remove the SAI sin, yet he will not leave you.

For those interested - meditation on the 7 minute

Before leaving, you can throw a coin in each of the 37 bowls, making any wish.

A schematic map of the complex, Big Buddha

Opening hours

Daily from 06:00 a.m. to 19:00 PM. The entrance is public and free.

Dress code

It is still a Shrine and a temple, and therefore not allowed in the beach and too open clothes and also t-shirts and t-shirts with offensive inscriptions and/or images. The shoulders should be closed, also considered indecent to go in short shorts and skirts should ideally be covered lap. If you are dressed inappropriately, at the entrance you totally free will be given a sarong - shawl that can cover the exposed shoulders or legs. Before leaving the sarong needs to be returned.

How to get to big Buddha - walk to the beaches of Kata and Karon

From Kata and Karon beaches, go out on the carriageway of a wide road Patak Rd, passing above the line of the beach bars. Follow this road, Kata beach towards Karon beach and Karon beach towards Kata, the path will be to move the streets up the hill, landmarks pointers "BIG BUDDHA". To these cuffs can also be reached by public bus "Phuket town - Karon - Kata". Way to big Buddha, Kata beach is approximately 8 kilometers from Karon beach a little less - where-that of 6,5 km.

With Karon beach can be rolled on one of the streets Patak Soi 14 or 12 (depending on which side of Karon to follow), and on the Kata beach closer to turn on Patak Soi 12.

Then on the rare pointers will need to go "through the jungle". On the map the road is cut off, but in practice you can walk. The road is first paved, then unpaved but wide and quite comfortable for walking. Along the way there are houses and renting accommodation to tourists.

Further Patak road Soi 14 and 12 will meet, then the road one

Moving along this road, go to the elephant farm Elephant Station. A small farm offering elephant trekking, photo + feed elephants, and also to drive through the jungle on ATVs.

From the elephant farm, turn right, continue on the paved road the road the serpentine, with some of the points which will open up stunning views of Karon beach and the surrounding area.

In this section of the route there are several small cafes, with panoramic views of the same beach of Karon and the surrounding area.

If you decided to visit the big Buddha, he would choose the walking route, I advise you to bring drinking water, wear comfortable shoes and to smear sunscreen exposed parts of the body.

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