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Phuket - island, a popular resort of Thailand


When choosing a hotel in Phuket, you first need to determine the beach.

It is from the beach and the hotel will depend on all the rest.

Best and popular beaches in Phuket located on the West coast of the island, many of which are included in the list of the most popular beaches of Thailand (Naithon, Bang Tao, Surin, Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata, Kata Noi, Nai Harn, etc.).


On the island there is an international airport.

Phuket airport has two terminals - one for international, one for domestic flights.

To get from Phuket airport to the hotel and the beaches in several ways: - public bus; - minibus; - taxi /shuttle; - car.


Phuket is currently one of the most popular winter destinations among tourists. And it's no wonder Thailand is so popular, during the cold gray months, when the home is below freezing or rains, Phuket opens its arms to the sun, warm sea, wide sandy beaches, abundance of greenery and ripe juicy fruit, fresh seafood and a large selection of accommodation with a friendly smiling hosts.

Tourists are increasingly choosing as a holiday in Phuket is not package tours and prefer to travel independently. If you are one of them and is considering a self catering holiday in Phuket, you will need to know a few things.


The Wat Chalong temple or simply Chalong is the most visited, largest and most famous Buddhist temple on Phuket island.

Chalong temple is a pretty impressive body temple complex, in which there are: several buildings, a garden, a small fountain, Shrine, crematorium, bell tower, gazebo, shopping and souvenir shops.

The Buddhist temple complex, which we can see nowadays, were not initially so, in time, the temple grew, and it appeared all new and new buildings.


Promtep Cape or Promtepsky Cape is known as an observation deck and the southernmost part of Phuket, located between the beaches of Rawai and Yanui.

However, the Promthep Cape, it is not only an observation deck, Beach is a lot more!

The beach is also interesting monuments and attractions; stunning views and a small Hiking trail leading to the nose of the Cape. Panoramic views from the observation deck, not as extensive as, for example, a species that can contemplate, while at the Big Buddha temple or from a viewing platform Karon-Kata, but what I see with Promtep, of course, deserves special attention, these types of the brightest, most colorful and one of the most beautiful in Phuket.


Big Buddha Phuket - Park of Buddhist monks, located on one of the highest points of Phuket - the top of the mountain Nagakerd.

Big Buddha is not just a statue, but a whole complex, which includes: a statue of the Great Buddha, which can be seen from almost all the southern beaches of Phuket; the open area, where, in addition to Thai shrines and attributes, there are several observation areas, featuring practically 360-degree view, including the southern part of the island, Chalong Bay and the surrounding area; and an indoor temple, located on the bottom floor of the big Buddha.


Karon is a residential area and the beach on the island of Phuket. Located in Karon on the Western coast of the island, between two other equally famous beaches, Patong and Kata.

Personally, we like Karon, developed and at the same time calm: I work two markets, there are shops, plenty of cafes and restaurants for any taste and budget, ranging from local cuisine, European and Russian ending (which for us is very important), bars open until three in the morning and the abundance of accommodation facilities. Besides Karon has a convenient location: walking distance from Kata beach and Kata Noi beach (our favorite beach in Phuket), many famous sights such as Big Buddha and the viewpoint Karon view point; there are direct public transport to Phuket town, shopping center Festival and St. As we were able to observe prices on Karon beach one of the most affordable on the island, and the currency is one of the best.


Shopping center Central Festival - the largest, most visited and probably the best shopping center in Phuket.

If you're relaxing in Phuket, decided poshopitsya, you should definitely visit this Mall.

Central Festival attracts both locals and many tourists. In the Mall you can buy almost anything, ranging from small trinkets and jewelry, to clothes, shoes, food and goods for the home.


Phuket town (Phuket Town) is the capital and largest city of the province of Phuket, located in the southeastern part of the island.

Many tourists come to Phuket town, primarily for the purpose of transplantation, traveling around Phuket by public transport, as many go to shopping. But, we would recommend to stay in town and explore its streets. Here is something to see, because Phuket town is much more a Thai city than the coastal resorts. Here parks and small squares, Thai and Chinese temples, interesting architectural buildings, museums, Old and New town.

Conditionally the city can be divided into...


To visit the national Park Khao Lak can be, both independently and with a guided tour.

The tour lasts all day. One day you will see a lot of interesting things: the mountains, the jungle, the turtles, the Temple-cave of the reclining Buddha, will meet with cheerful monkeys, which eat right out with it, learn how pineapples grow, ride bamboo rafts on a mountain river and try it as common in Thailand, fun - elephant rides.

Besides, this tour is very rich, partly informative, partly entertaining, and partly even relaxing. This trip to the Park we fully can recommend to everyone, from small to large.

Believe me, it will be interesting!


The easiest way to visit the Similan Islands tour. Excursions there, as one day, and with overnight Similanah.

Day trip to the Similan Islands includes:

- transfer from (to, on the way back) of the hotel to the pier in Khao Lak on a comfortable mini bus;

- depart by speed boat to island number 7;

- visit island No. 4 with lunch. Swimming, free time;

- snorkeling at island No. 9;

- visit island No. 8. Swimming, free time.

The tour price also includes: insurance, snacks and drinks at the pier, soft drinks on Board the boat, life jacket, mask and snorkel for snorkeling.

All excursions accompanied by English-speaking guide. The cost of the tour...


Viewpoint view point to Karon or Kata-Karon - one of the main and most visited attractions of Phuket. Viewpoint Karon-Kata is very popular among tourists, from this higher vantage point you can fully enjoy the views from the height of bird flight.

From this point of stunning beauty views of the three beaches in Phuket: Karon, kata and Kata Noi and the surrounding area. These types of have become the hallmark of Phuket.

On the observation deck there are benches and small tables, vendors selling handbags and Souvenirs, displaying their goods directly...


Excursion to the island of Phi Phi includes:

- transfer from (to, on the way back) of the hotel to the pier on a comfortable mini bus;

- depart by speed boat to the Bay (the beach) Maya Bay where they filmed "the Beach" with Leonardo Di Caprio. Swimming, free time;

- visiting the beach of Koh Phi Phi don for lunch buffet. Swimming, free time;

- visit the Islands of Kai, swimming, free time; snorkeling; visit the Viking cave and lagoons of the Saw; a tour of the beach monkeys.

The tour price also includes: insurance, soft drinks and fresh fruits on Board the boat, life jacket, mask and snorkel for snorkeling.

All excursions accompanied by English-speaking guide. The cost of the tour...


Almost every beach in Phuket has its own night market. These markets operate in the open air (also known as the street) in the evening and is intended for walking and small purchases, in the form of beachwear, Souvenirs and other trinkets, as well as enjoying the street food, what is designed for larger purchases.

Night market in Karon beach is also a popular place that is visited by almost all tourists.

In the temple the merchants set up tents, of which there is a lively trade. Of particular interest to tourists, and local residents, causing that part of the market where you sell food. Many come to the market just for this.

Ready meals on the market are many and the prices are somewhat...


Overall, the hotel Karon Sea Side is quite good, small and clean. Of course there are nuances, for example, in the reviews they write that check-in was not working toilet or air conditioning. But during the first call about the problem, the room immediately changed. The bathrooms can be recaptured either split tiles, small defects can be detected and in the rooms themselves. But we believe that all of this stuff, on the chipped tiles do not pay attention.

At the same time, the hotel has advantages: rooms free safety Deposit box; refrigerator, in which, when housekeeping put two bottles of drinking water to the volume of 0.5 liters; you choose when you will undertake housekeeping; free Wi-Fi, beach towels, and shampoo and liquid soap.

Price, service and rooms...

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