Laem Sing Beach, Phuket - a picturesque corner of Phuket

Laem Sing Beach is one of the beaches of Phuket, which is very picturesque and partly secret, because it is hidden from prying eyes in the dense vegetation of the jungle.

Laem Sing Beach is located on the west coast of Phuket Island, between Surin and Kamala beaches.

There are names of the beach, both Laem Singh and Laem Sing. Both names of the beach are almost identical, the difference is only one letter "h", which is not pronounced in Thai. Therefore, we always hear the sound of "Laem Sing." By the way, the Thais themselves, Phuket is also pronounced as Phuket, and the islands are Phi-Phi - Pi-Pi.

Laem Sing Beach is small and almost hidden from prying eyes.

The beach is located in a small natural bay, where, behind the beach strip, the mountains begin, abundantly covered with tropical forest and palm trees. It is for this reason that the beach is considered a secluded and secluded corner of Phuket.

The length of Laem Sing Beach is about 300 meters.

The beach has light and soft sand, there are also stones and large boulders, both on the beach itself and found in seawater.

The water in the sea is a pleasant turquoise color, and the sandy shore is washed by small waves with white foam.

The approach to the sea is quite gentle. There are places for entry with a sandy bottom, and there are with the presence of stones.

Thanks to the stones in the sea water, you can go snorkeling here.

Above the beach line, behind the vegetation, there is a road connecting the neighboring beaches of Surin and Kamala.

On the side of this road, on the north side of Laem Sing Beach, there is the Laem Sing View Point of the same name, which offers beautiful picturesque beaches both on the beach itself and the surrounding jungle and the Andaman Sea.

You can walk to the observation deck from Surin Beach in 10 minutes. From the beaches of Bang Tao and Kamala to go a little further, but it is quite realistic, the road will take 30-40 minutes.

The beach today and how to get to Laem Sing

Some sources say that Laem Sing Beach is closed today.

However, this is not quite true. In fact, the beach itself is open to the public, and the descents to the beach from the road passing above the beach line, about a hundred meters from it, are closed. Once the descents were paid, and there were parking lots near them. All the beaches of Phuket are publicly accessible, money was taken not for visiting the beach itself, but for the opportunity to walk to the beach along equipped descents.

It is possible that the descents to the beach will be reopened; we recommend checking the information before visiting!

Due to the lack of direct access to Laem Sing Beach, today the beach is quite sparsely populated and "virgin".

There is a Thai cafe near the beach. In high season, sun loungers and umbrellas can be placed on the beach.

You can get to the beach by boat for a fee from Surin Beach. It is also possible to walk from the southern tip of Surin Beach, if you follow the south direction along the sea line.

The observation deck near Laem Sing Beach is open and accessible for free.

How to get to Surin Beach

From Phuket Airport by direct bus, or by bus with a transfer to Phuket Town. First, take the airport - Phuket Town bus to Phuket Town, then transfer from Ranong Street to the local bus (songteo) "Phuket - Bang Tao - Surin - Kamala".

One bus runs from Phuket Town towards Surin Beach, starts in Phuket Town, then passes Bang Tao, then Surin and reaches Kamala Beach.

From Bang Tao and Kamala beaches by direct songteo or on foot. From Bang Tao, the road is close and takes a maximum of 15 minutes, passes over the sea and along the cape. From the beaches of Kamala and Laem Sing a little further.

From other beaches and points of the island with a transfer to Phuket Town.

At any time of the day from Phuket airport and other places on the island, you can get directly to Surin by taxi, tuk-tuks, rented motorbike or car.

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Where to stay near Laem Sing Beach

As such, there is no accommodation on the beach. Guests go and go to this beach, mainly from the neighboring beaches of Surin and Kamala, where they rent housing (hotels, villas, apartments). Or they ride mopeds on the beaches of the island and find Laem Sing.

From the nearest accommodation facilities to Laem Sing Beach

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All accommodation facilities in Phuket (hotels, villas, holiday homes, apartments), including near beaches and more remotely from those, can be viewed and booked here booking

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