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Karon, Phuket: the beach, photo, description, how to get

Karon is a residential area and the beach on the island of Phuket. Located in Karon on the Western coast of the island, between two other equally famous beaches, Patong and Kata.

Personally, we like Karon, developed and at the same time calm: I work two markets, there are shops, plenty of cafes and restaurants for any taste and budget, ranging from local cuisine, European and Russian ending (which for us is very important), bars open until three in the morning and the abundance of accommodation facilities. Besides Karon has a convenient location: walking distance from the beaches of Kata and Kata Noi beach (our favorite beach in Phuket), also famous landmarks such as Big Buddha and the viewpoint Karon view point; there are direct public transport to Phuket town, to shopping center Festival and St. As we were able to observe prices on Karon beach one of the most affordable on the island, and the currency is one of the best.

Karon Beach

There are two beaches kata: Small Karon - kata Noi (Karon Noi), located in a small Bay and hidden from prying eyes and, in fact, the Karon beach (Big kata). A small Karon is located to the North along the coast from Karon beach and is separated by a Cape. On a Small Beach too, white sand and crystal clear sea, only the beach itself is modest size and infrastructure near the beach are scarce, but the distance from the Small to the Large beach is about three kilometers.

In this article we will focus on the Large Beach, or Karon beach.

Karon beach (Karon Beach/Karon Beach Hat) is one of the longest beaches of Phuket. This sandy beach is among the most popular and in demand among tourists.

The length of the beach is more than 3 kilometers. All three kilometre beach strip covered with fine and soft touch of sand from white to light yellow, depending on the weather and activity to sunlight. Although Karon beach is very popular, every year it attracts large number of tourists visiting Phuket as a tourist trip or on your own, however, thanks to the longest beach strip, even in high holiday season, on the beach you can find a relatively secluded place.

The beach is quite clean and comfortable. Sometimes on the beach walk vendors, barkers and photographers, offering photography in Phuket.

Most of the hotels, cafes and restaurants as well as entertainment, located closer to the Northern part of Karon beach, a ring. In the southern part of the beach hotels are smaller, but this part, in its beauty and infrastructure, we personally, like more.

North (left) and the Central part of Karon

Almost in the center of the beach there is a small green area with a pond - Karon Park, where a bright spot stands a local landmark - the Golden dragon (Dragon Karon Image)

South (right) side of Karon

Karon beach is known for its "singing sand", that squeaks underfoot when walking, vaguely resembling singing. Such noise is created due to the high content of quartz in the composition of the sand. The sand on the Beach is really cool, but not unique, for example, on the Bang Tao beach, the sand is also "singing", not so intense and loud, as in Kata, and for this you need to make the effort with his feet, but still "cheeps".

Shade and deckchairs on the beach

Near the beach is a strip of vegetation, here and palm trees, under whose shade, on the grass, placed a lot of tourists. We did not like to hide thus from the sun. The fact that the grass is inhabited by pesky ants and other small insects, they are certainly harmless, but some inconveniences still provide. A thick abundance of greenery near the beach is in the southern and Northern parts of the beach, in the center of the greens more scanty.

Palm trees and the trees cast little shade on the sandy beach, however, to take a seat in the shade and on the sand, must try, or come early in the morning.

For the most part a sandy beach strip natural shade not. In order to shelter from the sun, you can rent sun loungers and parasols. Two sunbeds + umbrella cost 200 baht/day.

Infrastructure Karon beach

Beach medical center, rescue towers, toilets and shower. Shower - 20 baht. The toilet is 10 baht.

The most developed part of the beach, the one near the ring. Here, in the green shaded area, there are several children's playgrounds and small sports court.

Entertainment on the beach

In terms of beach and water entertainment Karon is developed. On the beach itself you can play beach volleyball.

To fly over the sea by parachute; to drive on water on jet skis; ride the banana or tablet, etc.

The water in the sea

Karon beach is a public beach that is good and beautiful in summer but is the cause of large waves and dangerous undercurrents in the rainy season (roughly from June to September).

In the resort season (winter), sea water is quite calm, clean and very warm. Sunset in the sea sloping and flat, the depth comes pretty quickly, which is good for swimming. However, even in the winter, there are light waves, which are formed on the bottom of the pit. Such pits are not dangerous for adults, but for little babies in waves, and immediately after, you need to watch carefully.

Even in high holiday season warn the rest of the underwater currents, they are extremely rare and they are not strong, but it was best to look where you're going to swim. If you look closely, the course can be seen from the shore. If you got over, you should not attempt to paddle to shore in a straight line, boats against the current, so you only lose power, it is better to sail away from such (right or left), and when vyplyvet, already paddling for the shore and, most importantly, not to panic, but if lost a lot of energy, feeding signs about helping people on the shore.

We noticed that sea water is "upgraded". This happens about every two weeks. In the second half of the day climb a small wave, and in the morning the water is clean and clear, a little cooler, and then two weeks the sea is again calm, this time again warmed and polluted, then the process repeats.

Swimming in the sea, occasionally you can feel something sting. It's not painful, just slightly unpleasant. Say, such feelings causes the plankton.

Night life

Night, or rather evening, life on the Beach is present, but it is not obtrusive and more reasonable than, for example, in Patong, at the same time on the Beach, not so boring, as, for example, on the beaches of Patong or Kamala. In this regard, of course, Karon is perfect.

After dark, Phuket comes quite early, the streets of Patong come alive and the beach empties. Numerous vacationers walk near the sea, sitting in cafes and restaurants.

When the sun begins to set over the horizon, the beach is crowded, everyone waits in anticipation of the sunset. In Karon, like many other areas of Phuket, the sun sets over the sea and when a bright fireball "falls in water", that creates the stunning beauty of the spectacle. And the fact that the meeting of the sunset on the ocean itself.

Promenade the streets of Karon

The bulk of all entertainment venues are concentrated in two main streets and adjacent streets. The liveliest part is that closer to the ring: first street runs along the beach and is also the waterfront; the second lies above the first and around Karon.

Ring of Karon, there is a historical monument "Carousel" - Karon Beach Roundabout

On the waterfront, in the centre is passing the road from the beach - walking the narrow sidewalk, and on the opposite side lined up in a row of hotels and apartments (considered to be located on the first line), cafes, bars and restaurants. In the southern part there are a few street machines.

Exit bar in which beer, spirits and alcoholic cocktails, you can try a buckets. Buckets - in the truest sense of the word. Cocktails, international fame and local. A couple of small buckets local cocktail and... started...))

And you have mastered the amount of Super Tank))

Here, close to the beach is Karon Plaza (Shopping sale Karon Plaza). Karon Plaza is a small lively market selling fruit, Souvenirs, beach equipment, cosmetics, some clothes and other small goods. Open daily.

On the market can be expensive to eat at a small Thai cafe.

On second street, extending deep into the island, close to Karon ring, plenty of cafes and restaurants: local cuisine Russian, European, Thai adapted Europeans, etc.

On of off a small street, more like a cubicle, bars where you can drink strong, play Billiards and dance

The restaurants on the Beach, variety of fish, seafood, kebabs, vegetables, soups, salads, drinks and other dishes. You can order takeaway.

Near restaurants, the open Windows, on the ice, and an abundance of fresh fish, seafood and kebabs. Come, choose you name the price and if the price suits you, sit down at the table, at this time you will cook your chosen range. The method of cooking it is also possible to choose on the coals, fried, boiled, with garlic, etc. Prices from one restaurant to the next differ, sometimes very substantially, bargain and drop the price willingly.

There are restaurants offering free salad bars, which is cutting fruit and vegetables as well as sauces, bread and pasta. Such salads can be a meal in waiting for the ordered dishes. Quite conveniently, picked vegetables and fruits, ordered the fish or the sea, a garnish is not needed.

Local restaurants we can recommend:

Small restaurant, located on the left side of the street Patak, before reaching the temple. In the evening the cafe is the queue waiting for available seats. Even the number plates are handed out, approach the bar and take a number.

Two cafes are located next to each other, are located on the same street, just behind the temple, near the hotel Karon Sea Side. In these cafés serving almost exactly the same as in the above, only lower prices. Here, too crowded, tasty, inexpensive, huge variety of dishes, but no queues, as these institutions are not located close to the beach. Local and tourists from the nearby beaches come here for dinner. Personally, we liked the rightmost restaurant, come here often.

In order to enjoy a Cup of coffee or tea and eat a cake or eat it may recommend a small cafe located in the cavern. If you go from the temple above, it is necessary to turn on the street Patak Soi 18 and around the corner, literally in 50 meters on right side you will see this establishment.

Here is a pretty good coffee, coffee drinks and cake. The cost is lower than in other cafes, the cake from 45 baht, while the waterfront is exactly the same - 90 baht. Also here one of the most affordable breakfasts in Karon beach, Breakfast is varied and starts from 60 baht - coffee and toast with butter and jam.

On the streets of Karon beach: exchangers; gift and retail shops, of which there is a lively trade clothing, accessories, Thai cosmetics and other goods; stores 7/11, Bamboo mart, Family mart and other grocery stores. In retail outlets, on the streets of Karon beach you can buy fruit, eat a variety of Thai snacks, local pancakes with a variety of toppings, to eat, right in front of you made with milk and fresh fruit "fried" ice cream, different taste and with a variety of fillings. Or, enjoy a refreshing coconut.

The abundance of Thai massage parlors at every step, the price of the massage starts from 250-300 baht for a Thai classic massage.

Here, on the streets, in tourist offices, offer numerous excursions around the island and beyond. For example, various viewpoints around the island, including the city's main attractions, elephant trekking, excursions to the Islands of Phi Phi, the Similan Islands, the island of James bond, a visit to Krabi or national Park Khao Lak.

When choosing excursions, bargain, price off readily and sometimes more than half.

Wat Karon. Karon night market

Temple Suwan Khiri Khet, Khmer (Wat Suwan Khiri Khet), or simply Wat Karon (Wat Karon) - the main attraction of the beach. The temple was erected in 1895, and then was repeatedly restored, so that now the temple building looks fresh and bright.

The Karon temple is a temple complex located about half a kilometer from the beach, on Patak road. The main building of the complex stands directly, the temple itself, the entrance to which, on both sides decorated with two statues of Thai mythological serpent.

On the temple grounds on Tuesdays and Fridays working away night market (Night Market Karon). The market starts about 16:00 hours. At this time, in the temple the merchants set up tents, of which there is a lively trade.

The bulk of the market occupied by stalls with clothes, bags, shoes, various Souvenirs, oils, beauty products and sundries, mainly oriented to tourists.

However, of particular interest to tourists, and local residents, causing that part of the market where you sell food. Many come to the market just for this. Ready meals on the market are many, and prices slightly lower than on the streets of Karon beach.

Of interest in the area of Karon beach

1. Small Dino Park mini-Golf (Dino Park Mini Golf). The main occupation in the Park is, of course, play mini-Golf. The Park itself is decorated for the Jurassic period, its territory is somewhat artificial small caves, a waterfall and stream, as well as statues of dinosaurs, there is a stylized bar and restaurant.

2. The most famous and most visited viewpoint in Phuket - Karon View Point, which offers scenic views of three beaches - Karon, Kata and Kata Noi.

3. Another outstanding symbol of the Phuket Big Buddha (Big Buddha Phuket)

To visit all these attractions of Karon beach can be like tour groups and independently: by taxi, rented bike or on foot.

Where to stay in Karon

The choice of accommodation in Karon beach is very large and diverse, here are various range of hotels, guesthouses, villas and apartments, from budget to luxury and respectable.

All accommodation facilities on Karon beach and close itself, you can view and book here.

How to get to Karon beach

From Phuket airport and Phuket Town

From the airport, in the daytime, straight to the beach can be reached by minibuses, those you will find at the exit of the airport. The fare is 200 baht.

Public buses first to Phuket Town. From Phuket Town, with the streets of Ranong, the bus "Phuket town - Kata - Karon". The bus drives by two streets of Karon beach, first on the top - MOP, then follows the street along Karon beach. The fare is 40 baht.

Also, always from anywhere on the island can be reached all the way to Karon beach, rent a motorbike or car.

Well, or, what is the most fast, comfortable and easy, you can book a private transfer. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

With Patong beach

From Patong beach you can reach the beach by public buses. Instead. First you need to get on a bus to Phuket town, the fare is 30 baht. And there take the bus to Karon.

To get you to Patong, Phuket city, or that faster, not far from Phuket town to reach the ring, near the shopping center Central Festival Phuket, cross the road and Board the bus to Karon beach.

From the beaches of Rawai, Yanuy and Nai Harn

Via Phuket town. Or, is it faster to go the first and only ring on this route - Kathu. You can go in front of the ring, walk a little forward, turn left and wait for the bus "Phuket town Karon Kata". Or, go for the ring, cross the road and also expect your route.

With other beaches of the island

With other beaches of Phuket to reach Patong by bus through Phuket town.

Aside Karon runs the only bus that starts in Phuket town, Karon passes through and stops at the Terminus located near Kata beach.

Local buses - songteo, it is impossible not to notice the open blue cars immediately attract attention.

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