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Nai Harn beach in Phuket - relaxation surrounded by pristine nature

Nai Harn Beach one of the southern beaches of Phuket, located on the Western shore of the island, between the beaches of Kata Noi and Yanuy. Almost adjacent to the Ao Sane.

At sea water color, salinity, and cleanliness, the beach of Nai Harn is comparable to Kata Noi beach.

For many tourists, this beach becomes the beach of your dreams, incorporate all the attributes of a serene beach holiday. Getting to the beach, you become a prisoner of beauty, under the shelter of tranquility, amazing nature, clear blue sea, framed with a strip of white sand and gentle caressing rays of the sun.

So good Nai Harn beach, try to understand in this article!

Nai Harn beach is really very picturesque. Here all the beauties of nature, in harmony with the unobtrusive and small infrastructure. That's just the underdevelopment of the area to be bored, and you will miss an active night life. Here there are numerous cafes and restaurants, bars and shops, as well as all that more than is present in other, more developed and visited tourist beaches such as Patong, Karon or Kata.

In addition, the kata beach can be a good choice for an extended stay those who to the wintering choose the island of Phuket. Close to the beach not much accommodation that can be rented for long term, especially for little money, but if you have no problem with this, on the beach, you can easily choose accommodation of the appropriate class. At the Northern side of beach nestled 3 - 4 - and 5-star hotels. But for longer stays, likely Rawai beach, located 3.5 kilometres from the beach of Nai Harn. Akupavany Rawai beach and to Nai Harn beach have to get their own. That too is a disadvantage, as people who like to swim in the sea, are unlikely to appreciate the daily journey to the beach and back. Although, for many it's not even a cons and pros. After all, beach holiday, we're going for a calm, clean and warm sea water, fresh air and nature.

The beach of Nai Harn

Nai Harn beach is a closed Bay surrounded by greenery. The picturesque mountains that surround the beach on both sides, combine perfectly with the azure waters of the Andaman sea. All this makes the beach secluded and beautiful.

Since the beach is surrounded by mountains, then, on both sides of the beach, in the sea there are stones, near which the lovers of the underwater living creatures, can swim with mask and snorkel, watching the fish.

The coastline beach is smooth and sandy. The sand is a nice light color, the sun plays Golden notes. On this sand a pleasure to walk barefoot, it is tender and crumbly.

The entrance to the sea flat, depth does not occur immediately. Sea water is clean and blue, making Nai Harn attractive for swimming and perfect for families with small children. We are closer to the beach, even from a distance saw the stunning color of the sea water surrounding the white sand, throwing off his clothes, rushed to bathe.

On the beach many locals, apparently the Thais love to come to this beach on vacation.

On the beach pretty clean. However, around the beach, if you move inland, there is garbage in the bushes and on roadsides. But, around the other beaches of the island, the debris situation is not better.

Right on the beach, on mats, under the suspended canopies, cute Thai girls will offer to give you a massage.

In search of shadows you can rent sun loungers and sun shades, for the price of 200 baht for two sun beds and an umbrella.

In search of a natural shade, is a little bit away from the water's edge and you'll see something on the similarity of the pine trees. This beach stands out against other Phuket beaches.

The right side of Nai Harn beach

Nai Harn beach is not only beach, but also small eponymous town. So, on one beach, Nai Harn is not the end, there is a lake and parks, Playground, Church, cafes and restaurants, shops and souvenir shops.

Lake near Nai Harn beach

Over the road from the beach lies the lake of Nai Harn area. Around the lake there is a walking track where you can see young mothers unhurriedly walking with prams and people involved in sports. There are benches for rest.

If facing the beach, on the left side of the lake there is a small Playground.

In the centre of the lake is an islet on which is a Park - Ko Klang Nam Ban Naihan Park. The Park is a small Playground.

This lake connects with the sea by a channel (river), in which love children. It is this flow that visually divides the kata into two parts.

Park, shops, cafes and restaurants, toilet and shower near Nai Harn beach

In the Northern part of the beach is a small pine Park Hat Naihan Park. About it we already told you earlier, this is where you can find natural shade and shelter from direct rays of the warm Thai sun.

In the Park walkways, street Philipp Spanagel Beach Rd, lined with parked bikes. Here are a few cafes and shops, of which trade is conducted, beach equipment and Souvenirs. There are paid toilet and shower. A visit to the toilet costs 10 baht, soul - 20 baht.

Makashnits with a variety of Thai food: fruit, beverages, rice, etc.

Street Philipp Spanagel Beach Rd intersects with another street, where are also located a few cafes, shops, exchange offices, massage parlors and hotels.

If you take this road along the sea and pass behind the hotel Nai Harn, the passage is free, will see the beautiful view of kata beach and the vast waters of the Andaman sea.

There is also a small cafe, sitting where you can admire the sea and the beach

Moving further, you can go to the secret beach of Phuket - Ao Sane. Not so, of course, he secret, the people on it enough. But the beach on all sides covered in jungle and hidden from prying eyes. No wonder it is also called the beach of the jungle.

Attractions Nai Harn beach

Attractions within walking distance from the beach

Buddhist temple-Wat NaiHarn covering a large area between the beach and the lake.

Near the main entrance to the temple, taxis, tuk-tuks, buses

Attractions close to the beach

It's three observation decks.

The first and most inconspicuous is South beach, on the hill near the beach Yanui. From this vantage point (Yanui view point or, as it is called, Windmill view point) overlooking the beach Yanuy and part of Nai Harn beach. Distance from Nai Harn beach up to the observation deck is approximately 2.2 kilometers. You can walk or ride on a rented bike, moving along the sea to the beach Yanuy.

Promthep Cape with a viewing platform. Promthep Cape, the southernmost part of the island, in addition, above the promontory is an observation deck (on maps labelled as Outdoor View Point) which offers picturesque views of breathtaking beauty.

Distance from Nai Harn to Cape Promep is approximately 3.5 kilometers. Can be reached on foot by following the Rawai beach along the sea. Or is a songteo (local public buses) to Rawai beach, come out better on the fork in the road from the hotel Rawai Palm Beach Resort, and then on foot, breaking the path of 2 kilometers.

Karon View Point, which offers spectacular views of three beaches - Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. The distance of little more than four kilometers. You should move in the direction of the beaches of Kata and Kata Noi.

Where to stay on kata beach

Locations near Nai Harn beach a little, they are concentrated on the North side of the beach is:

- 5-star hotel in The Nai Harn, located on a tropical hillside beach. The hotel offers scenic views of the sea and the beach. It offers comfortable rooms and suites with spacious balconies overlooking the sea. In public areas, free Wi-Fi. Room rates include Breakfast.

- The 3-star All Seasons Naiharn Phuket is located 1 minute walk from Nai Harn beach. It offers rooms with garden views or ocean views, 2 outdoor pools, and 5 restaurants and bars. Room rates include Breakfast.

- Deluxe Villa Rock Pool. It offers 8 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, private pool, Spa area and tropical garden. The Villa is located approximately a 10 minute walk from Nai Harn beach.

- 5 star resort hotel Sunsuri Phuket, located in a secluded area on the North side of the lake. It offers cosy accommodation, 2 outdoor pools, children's pool and kids club. Throughout the resort the hotel offers free Wi-Fi.

- 5-star resort Chivitr Health & Rejuvenation, is also located near the lake, 750 meters from the beach of Nai Harn. Featuring an outdoor pool with sea water, Spa center and high quality Wellness facilities. In all areas there is free Wi-Fi.

The rest of the hotels located a little further from the beach, behind the lake. All accommodation on Nai Harn beach you can view and book here.

How to reach Nai Harn beach

From the airport, on the bus, with a stopover in Phuket town. On the first bus from the Airport to Phuket town drive to Phuket town, then, from Phuket town, with the streets of Ranong, on the local bus (songteo) "Phuket - Rawai beach - Rawai" to Nai Harn end of the line. The fare is 40 baht.

You can also rent a motorbike or car. Well, that's easier, you can book a private transfer in advance. At any time of the day, at the airport, you will meet your driver with a sign, which will be written your name and surname. For taxi is enough to tell us your flight details.

From Kata and Karon beaches

Via Phuket town. Or, is it faster to go on the ring Chalong and wait for the bus "Phuket town - Rawai - Nai Harn".

Photos of Chalong ring

With Kata Noi beach

Walk or drive to Kata beach, a distance of approximately 1 kilometer. And then, according to the instructions above.

From Rawai beach

Direct bus "Phuket town - Rawai - Nai Harn", direct.

With other beaches of the island

With other beaches in Phuket can be reached by bus through Phuket town. From Phuket town towards Karon beach runs the only bus that starts in Phuket town, then passing Rawai beach and buses to the beach of Nai Harn.

The last bus from kata beach to Phuket town start at around 16:00 - 16:30 hours. Stuffed under the strap that ties behind, better to come in advance.

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