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Promthep Cape, Phuket - observation deck of the southern point of the island

Promthep Cape or Promthep Cape is a famous observation deck and the southernmost part of Phuket Island, located between Rawai and Yanui beaches.

Promtep Cape does not end with an observation deck!

Promtep is also interesting monuments and sights; stunning views and a small hiking route leading to the very nose of the cape. The panoramic views that open from this observation deck are not as large-scale as, for example, the views that you can contemplate while standing near the Big Buddha or from the Karon Kata observation deck, but what you see from the Promthep undoubtedly deserves attention, since these are some of the brightest and most picturesque views in Phuket.

Conventionally, Promthep can be called a complex and divided into two levels: the upper one, where there is an area with monuments and sights, and the lower one, which actually represents Promthep Cape going into the sea.

Near the Promtep observation deck there is Parking, cafes, shops with drinks, ice cream, snacks, fruits and souvenirs, as well as a toilet.

Promtep Cape Observation Deck

Picturesque views open from this point.

On the one hand, Yanui Beach and partially Nai Harn Beach are visible, and from the sea side you can observe small islands and snow-white yachts calmly rocking on the waves.

If desired, you can see all this beauty through these binoculars installed around the perimeter of the site.

There are paths running through the territory, walking along which the same beautiful views open up to the eye, only a little from other angles.

After climbing the stairs, we go to the second platform of the Promthep - Phra Phrom Square (Phra Phrom Square).

The square is decorated with an altar, around which a large number of elephants of different sizes and colors are placed.

Also on the square there is a monument to the Prince of Thailand - Admiral Krom Luang Chumphon (Krom Luang Chumphon Monument) and a lighthouse building (Prompthep Cape Lighthouse). They say you can go inside the lighthouse, there is a museum there.

In addition to attractions, there are places to relax on this, the uppermost platform of Promtep Cape.

From this point there are also picturesque views of the Andaman Sea, the cape itself and the surrounding area.

Descending below the Promtep observation deck, you can go to the southernmost point of the cape, a narrow ledge of land going into the sea waters.

Along the way, you can meet these pyramids of stones. Everyone can complement the pyramid with their pebble, for good luck, make a wish or just as a symbol of conquering another point of the world.

From the "nose" of Promthep Cape, which is the southernmost point of Phuket, there is a view of the sea, nearby islands and the main part of the cape.

How to get to Promtep Cape

You can visit Promthep Cape with a sightseeing tour of Phuket, as well as independently, by taxi, rented bike or car.

By public transport and on foot

The beaches of Rawai, Yanui and Nai Harn can be reached on foot in 30-45 minutes.

From the beaches of Nai Harn and Yanui, following the road along the sea line. The distance from Yanui Beach is 800 meters, from Nai Harn Beach a little more than 3 kilometers.

From Rawai Beach, the closest way is from the intersection in the southern part of the beach (the landmark is the Rawai Palm Beach Resort hotel), then along the 4030 road; you can also go along the 3047 road, but you will have to walk longer.

From other beaches of the island with a transfer via Phuket Town by local public bus (songteo) "Phuket - Rawai - Nai Harn". It is better to go out at the very end of Rawai Beach, as soon as songteo passes the beach.

From the beaches of Kata and Karon, it is easier and faster to take the songteo "Phuket Town - Kata - Karon" to the Chalong ring, where you can transfer to the bus "Phuket Town - Rawai - Nai Harn", get off in the southern part of Rawai Beach, and then walk.

From Kata Noi Beach, walk or drive to Kata Beach, a distance of approximately 1 kilometer. And then as from Kata beach.

From Phuket Airport, as well as from the beaches of Surin, Kamala, Patong, Karon, Kata and Rawai, you can get directly to the cape by direct bus Phuket Smart Vis.

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