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Karon View Point in Phuket: description, photos, how to get

Viewpoint view point Karon (Karon View Point) or Kata-Karon - one of the main and most visited attractions of Phuket. Viewpoint Karon-Kata is very popular among tourists, from this higher vantage point you can fully enjoy the views from the height of bird flight.

This Playground is located on the South-West of the island, close to the beach (behind the beach) Kata Noi, on the hill near the coast of the Andaman sea. From this point of stunning beauty views of the three beaches in Phuket: Karon, kata and Kata Noi and the surrounding area. These types of have become the hallmark of Phuket.

View from the observation deck Karon View Point - Karon, Kata and Kata Noi beaches

View from the Karon View Point - Karon, Kata and Kata Noi beaches

View from the observation deck Karon View Point

View from the observation deck Karon View Point

Entrance to the observation deck public and free of charge, open 24 hours a day. At the observation deck there are places for Parking. The platform consists of several levels, to rise for that can be easy steps.

Parking near Karon View Point

Karon View Point

Karon View Point, Phuket

Observation deck Karon View Point

On the observation deck there are benches and small tables, vendors selling handbags and Souvenirs, displaying their goods on the ground. And for an additional fee you can take a few pictures with the pretty birds of prey. The cost of a photo: 100 baht, if you take pictures on your camera and 200 baht, if local Polaroid.

Observation Deck Karon View Point, Phuket

Viewpoint Karon View Point in Phuket

Personal opinion on the viewing platform kata-Kata

We visited the observation deck following the walk from Karon beach, walked slowly, walking, enjoying the views along the way. It took about an hour of time.

Phuket, Kata Noi Beach - en route to Karon View Point

On the way to Karon View Point

As a result, we have received many pleasant impressions not only from the viewpoint, but also from walking. Lookout Beach is the place which is well worth a visit, stunning views, stunning picturesque nature, clean air and the atmosphere, all this leaves a lasting impression and, without a doubt, the most positive emotions.

How to get to the observation deck Karon Why point

Buses to lookout not walk, so, to get to Karon View Point is possible by simply relying on our own strength.

There are several ways to visit the observation deck Karon View Point:

1. On the bike or car, going from the beaches of Kata or Nai Harn on the road under the room 4233, which connects these two beaches. Along the way you will meet several elephant farms, you can combine a trip to the observation deck with elephant trekking.

2. With one of the tour around the island.

3. Walk from the beaches of Kata, Kata Noi, Karon or Nai Harn.

Distance from Nai Harn beach is about 4,1 km away and Karon beach is about 5 kilometers. Kata beach is 3 km away. The nearest point to the viewpoint - Kata Noi beach, a Hiking path will take a maximum of 20-30 minutes.

Kata beach can be reached by public bus "Phuket town - Kata - Karon". To get to the final stop at the beach (the beach also go to Kata). And then walk out into the road a wide road with Kata-Sai Yuan Rd and follow it to the observation deck. But you'll have to make a small detour and go up the hill. Easier and faster to go through the Kata Noi beach. First, get to Kata Noi beach, after follow the street which goes from the center of the beach.

Here is the entrance to this road with the carriageway of the street near Kata Noi beach

Road from Kata Noi Beach to Karon View Point

Following this road, you will go up to the mountain, first along a concrete road, then the road becomes dirt.

Road from Kata Noi Beach to Karon View Point, Phuket

Without turning, for 10 minutes, you can get out on the road wide road Kata-Sai Yuan Rd, then turning right, to be almost elephant farm - Khok Chang Kata Safari. Farm will be on the left side of the road.

Elephant Farm en route to Karon View Point, Phuket

Following further along the road to Kata-Sai Yuan Rd, after 850 meters you will reach the observation deck Karon View Point. Road comfortable.

Road to Karon View Point, on foot to Phuket Lookout

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