Karon View Point, Phuket (Karon-Kata View Point)

Karon View Point or Kata-Karon is an observation deck in Phuket, which offers some of the best panoramic views on the island.

Viewpoint Karon is one of the main and most visited attractions of Phuket Island.

The Karon-Kata observation deck is very popular among tourists. It is located on a hill from which you can fully enjoy the bird's-eye view. This place is also popular for meeting sunsets.

This site is located in the southwest of the island, near the beach (behind the beach) Kata Noi, on a hill near the coast of the Andaman Sea.

From this point there are stunning views of three beaches of Phuket: Karon, Kata and Kata Noi, as well as the Andaman Sea and the jungle. These views have already become the hallmark of Phuket.

View of the hills and jungles of Phuket. A Large Buddha is visible in the distance

The entrance to the observation deck is public and free, open 24 hours a day.

There are parking spaces near the observation deck.

Stairs leading to the gazebo at Caron View Point

There are benches and small tables on the observation deck, merchants sell bags and souvenirs, laying out their goods right on the ground. And for a fee, you can take several photos with birds of prey.

Personal opinion about the Karon-Kata observation deck

We visited this observation deck following on foot from Karon beach, walked slowly, strolling, enjoying no less beautiful views along the way. The journey took about an hour.

As a result, we got a lot of pleasant impressions not only from the observation deck itself, but also from the walk.

The Karon observation deck is the place that is definitely worth a visit! Magnificent and voluminous panoramic views, stunning picturesque nature, clean air and the atmosphere itself leave behind indelible impressions and, without a doubt, the most positive emotions.


Below the Karon Observation Deck, if you follow Soi Leammumnai Street, there is a panoramic restaurant "Heaven Restaurant & Bar" from which picturesque views also open.

Near the restaurant there is a beach Rock Beach Swing (Rock Beach Swing), which can be accessed for a fee. There is no beach for swimming here. The place is a photographic location on a rocky and rocky shore with various bright objects on and near which you can take Instagram photos. There is also a bar.

How to get to the Karon View Point

You can get to the Karon observation deck with sightseeing tours of Phuket, by taxi, rented car / bike or on foot. Public buses do not run here.

By rented transport, you should move along the 4030 highway connecting the beaches of Nai Harn, Kata and Karon. There will be several view cafes and elephant farms along the way, so you can combine the trip with elephant riding.

Walking from Karon, Kata and Kata Noi beaches

The distance from Karon Beach is about 5 kilometers, from Kata Beach - 3 kilometers. The closest point to the observation deck is Kata Noi Beach, the walking path will take a maximum of 20-30 minutes.

Kata Beach can be reached by public bus (songteo) "Phuket Town - Kata - Karon". You should get to the final stop at Kata beach (from Karon you can also go or go to Kata).

From Kata Beach, then on foot you should go to the wide road Kata-Sai Yuan Rd and follow it to the observation deck. But we'll have to make a small detour and go uphill. It is more convenient and faster to go through Kata Noi Beach. First we reach Kata Noi beach, then follow the street that departs from the center of the beach.

Street photo

Following this road, you will go uphill, first along a concrete road, after which the road will become unpaved.

Without turning off, in 10 minutes you can go to the wide Kata-Sai Yuan Rd (4030) roadway, after which, turning right, you will find yourself almost at the elephant farm "Khok Chang Kata Safari". The farm will be located on the left side of the road.

Following further along the Kata-Sai Yuan Rd road, after 850 meters you will find yourself at the Karon View Point observation deck. The road is convenient.

The distance from Nai Harn Beach is just over 4 kilometers. It is more convenient to walk along Soi Naya Street, then go to Kata-Sai Yuan Rd (4030), turn left and follow to the Karon observation deck. Along the way you will pass a couple of elephant farms.

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