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Dino Park Mini Golf in Phuket - teleportation in the Jurassic period

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There are on the island of Phuket, in Thailand, an interesting place, a visit to which will take you to a few million years ago in the Jurassic period of the Mesozoic era. Importantly, during such travel, not to get caught in the teeth of the most terrifying and dangerous animal of the time - Dinosaur.

Dino Park mini-Golf (Dino Park Mini Golf) on the island of Phuket is a small green Park. Overall, it's not even a Park at all, but a Playground for mini-Golf, stylized Jurassic Park.

The size of the Park is unlikely to impress, but the overall atmosphere and decorations will delight. The site is designed so that the walk along the winding paths, passing in dense jungle, is a pleasure. For a while, you even forget that you are on Golf courses and fully immersed in the theme Park.

For fans of the mini-Golf Park has 18 holes, each of which has its own, unique design.

As we have noted above, the Park has a rather modest size, around it, seven in half an hour, and even faster. This Park is well suited for family rest with children. The kids love that, they love looking at the giant lizards and fun running around the Park, simulating the era of dinosaurs. And for adults, a walk in the Park can be good fun, introducing a variety of beach vacation.

In the Park, among the thick tropical greenery, are narrow paths that run through the bridges, an artificial waterfall and a pond in which swimming fish. Here you will visit caves and walk through a volcano, artificial, of course. All the way you will here and there, to accompany the recreated life-size (well, almost natural) copies of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures.

In the evening in the Park includes beautiful lighting and sound effects.

In the cave we met the local inhabitants, only this time fully alive - bats. The first time we've seen bats so close, head big, body small, eyes huge, and the wingspan increases these babies three times. Very cute creatures.

What to do in the Dino Park

The first is, of course, for its intended purpose to play mini-Golf. There is no age limit. One round has 40 minutes. Parks capacity up to 60 people.

Well, and second, just take a walk in the Park, enjoy the views and take some photos.

Dino Dino bar and restaurant

Near the Park is a Playground, also decorated under the tropics and the lives of the characters of the animated series the Flintstones.

Here is the Dino bar, decorated in the cave, the roof of which lurks a dinosaur.

The restaurant and outdoor area, under the shade of the jungle which is equipped with tables and chairs that mimic natural stone.

A picturesque waterfall and pond

The entrance to this part of the Park is free and free. The bar serves burgers (Dino burger), snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. The restaurant serves Thai and European cuisine.

In the evening in the bar area and restaurant is very intriguing and at the same time fun atmosphere.

Hours of work and the cost of visiting a Dino Park

Entrance to the mini-Golf Dino Park paid

Where is Dino Park. How to get

Is Dino-Park at the luxurious hotel Marina Phuket Resort, between two of the most famous beaches of Phuket - Kata and Karon, close to Karon beach.

From Kata and Karon beaches can be reached on foot. From Kata beach you need to go in the direction of Karon beach on the road connecting these two beaches, distance from the centre of Kata beach to the Dino Park about a mile away. From Karon beach you should go South to Kata beach, a distance of approximately 750 metres.

By Dino Park, the only rides the bus "Phuket Town - Karon - Kata".

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