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Night market on Karon, Phuket

Markets in Thailand, it is not only the place of the transaction retail sale of goods, but also a whole culture. The markets are always full of life, in which local people are directly involved, here they chopada, eat, buy ready-made food home, talking and just having a great time.

Almost every beach in Phuket has its own night market. These markets operate in the open air (also known as the street) in the evening and is intended for walking and small purchases, in the form of beachwear, Souvenirs and other trinkets, as well as enjoying the street food, what is designed for larger purchases.

Night market in Karon beach is also a popular place that is visited by almost all tourists.

The location of the market, how to get

Night market in Karon (Karon Night Market) is located in the center of "tourist" beach, in the temple Suwan Khiri Khet, Khmer/Wat Suwan Khiri Khet. The market is called a market of the temple Karon/Karon Temple Market.

To reach the market in Karon beach is easiest, going from the ring up the street Patak (Patak Rd.), passing through numerous cafes and restaurants, all the way to the first turn. On the turn, on the right side of the road, and the temple will be located. Past the market, passing a bus on the route "Phuket town - Karon - Kata".

Karon Night Market, Phuket

Job market

Night market in Karon is open every Tuesday and Friday. Begins its work, when the heat subsides, the exact time of the beginning of the market there, depending on weather, if the sky is cloudy then the traders can start work earlier if too hot, then a bit later. The first tents appear around 16:00 hours. Full-fledged market starts from about 16:30 - 17:00 hours.

Most tourists visit the market after dark and on the beach already is nothing to do, it is 19:00 hours.


In the temple the merchants set up tents, of which there is a lively trade.

The main part of the market is occupied by stalls with clothes, bags, shoes, various Souvenirs, oils, beauty products and sundries, mainly oriented to tourists.

Night market on Karon

Karon Night Market, Phuket, Thailand

Night Market Karon

But of particular interest to tourists, and local residents, causing that part of the market where you sell food. Many come to the market just for this.

Ready meals on the market are many, and prices slightly lower than on the streets of Karon beach. Just for that, at least once, but to visit the night market in Karon is definitely worth it.

On the market a variety of vegetables and fruit as kilograms and sliced in small packages. By the way, the price of fruit in the market was more expensive on the streets of Karon beach, we found the fruit cheaper. But coconuts are cheaper.

Night Market Karon, Phuket

Night Market Karon, Phuket, Fruits

Fruit at the night market, Karon

Karon Temple Market

Juices and fresh juices

Karon Temple Night Market

Choose a Cup of fruit, and you of content will make fresh juice, however, add crushed ice from a large VAT. Not too attractive-looking ice and water. We preferred to buy fresh fruit.

Karon Temple Market

If you prepare and then sell snacks and skewers: meat, fish, sausages, soy and meat balls, skewers of tofu, etc., a great variety. Fried shrimp and other snacks.

Karon Temple Market, Phuket

Food at the Karon Night Market

Food at Karon Night Market, Phuket

Prices at Karon Night Market, Phuket

There are large shrimp on a skewer, at a price of 15-20 baht. Many confuse them with real shrimp. We have repeatedly heard people standing near shrimp said: "Wow, what are shrimp so cheap and, let's type". Stop! It's not shrimp! This is a common crab sticks, made in the form of shrimp. Also in an inexpensive Thai rolls with shrimp, put the crab sticks.

Prices, Karon Night Market, Phuket

Prices, Karon Night Market

Market smoked fish, chicken, ribs, shrimp, eggs, donuts, pancakes, French fries, salads, rice with various fillings and other snacks, as well as all sorts of Thai soup, the name of which we didn't even know

Night Market at Karon, Thailand

Chicken at the night market in Karon, Thailand

Street food at the night market in Karon, Thailand

Karon Market, Thailand

Karon Market

Karon Market, Phuket

Rolls. These rolls taste very fresh. Inside cooked rice, all the stuffing is on top. It can be anything: fish, eggs, seaweed, shrimp, octopus, caviar, salads, crab sticks... the variations are numerous. The cost of one roll from 8 to 10 baht, soy sauce and wasabi included. Come, take a plastic container and draw in it how many and what you want rolls, then you will count them and pay based on the number. If you take 10 - 11th as a gift))

Rolls at Karon Night Market, Phuket

Famous Pad Thai noodles. Here it will prepare your eyes, with the portion of noodles is always worth the queue.

And much more can be found at the night market in Karon. Come, see, try, indifferent and definitely do not leave hungry!

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