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Kemer is a desirable resort in Turkey


We rested in Kemer several times already. Therefore, this article decided to combine the available information about Mediterranean resort town of Kemer. The article will tell you about the hotel in Kemer on all-inclusive, the sea, the beaches, the city, the prices, entertainment, tours, attractions, and other details and features of rest in the Turkish city of Kemer.

Kemer, Turkish name Kemer resort city and port on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, center of the homonymous district of Antalya province.


Famous tour Demre-Mira (Limira)-Kekova is among the most visited excursions of Turkey.

The tour includes: visit the ancient city of Myra, the Roman theater and rock tombs Limyra, the Church of St. Nicholas, lunch and yacht tour to the sunken city off the coast of the island of Kekova.


If you haven't been in these Turkish baths, then you have lost much!

Currently, the entire territory of Turkey, in almost every town or village, you can find the Hammam.

Hamam is not just an unusual and fascinating process of evaporation, and, according to doctors, a beneficial effect on overall health.


We were in Kemer twice and both times went on a diving excursion. Unfortunately, there are no photos from the first dive, so we will describe the second dive. Although the first dive was more interesting and informative.

In order to visit sightseeing diving in Turkey, it is not necessary to be a professional or have any special skills. All that is needed is only good health and an irrepressible desire to dive into the depths of the sea, and, of course, a few tens of dollars in your pocket.

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